Tuesday, June 30, 2009


With so much going on and the list keeps adding I have done the only thing I know how with so much heaviness on my mind. Thrown myself into my studio- head first. LOL

The problem is when you throw yourself head first into something you usually end up with a bruise. Well I got a migraine instead. Sooo I took the heavy meds that leave me feeling icky from the after effects and we won't go there, but the good news is the headache is gone. Yeh! This was one of those that had me in tears and walking like I was hit by a truck. Alas it is over and we can safely and gently move on.

I did manage to get one piece done and have the second with just a few touched to finish and it will be complete. Only about 30 more to go. So many things started and so little time.

This is Hera the Witch, she is so much fun. I really like how she turned out. She has personality that is for sure. Best step lightly. LOL She is the second piece in my Hallowed Haunting Collection.

Where or how does it escape me? I haven't been able to figure that one out. Well Mom called about 30 times today. This and that and well just needed to hear my voice I think. I wish I was closer so I could help her with everything. One day soon I hope.

We won't have word on Alex's tests till later this week I believe. I hope the wait isn't too long. The waiting is the hardest part of it all. The unknown can drag on like a slow fire. Just burning the surface and leaving embers unattended. They seem to drudge up all kinds of thoughts and most of which we should not think. We humans tend to lean towards the worst instead of raising our eyes to the heights of the heavens with hope and love on our lips and minds. This is what I am trying to remain focused on at the moment. There is still hope until stated otherwise. This is what I plan on hanging onto. That and the support and prayers of all my friends and family.
Thank you for being part of my journey and Alex's as well. He is a amazing human being and I wish I could be more like him.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hello Dear Friends,
Let me introduce you to Alex. He is being a big goof here. Alex is a beautiful, bright, gentle, young man. He is the son of my Very Best Friend in the whole world. He is 17 years old and has lived more in this short life then most of us can imagine. You see Alex was born with 15 heart defects.

The only human being on the planet with all 15 and the only person to live with 6 of the most dangerous and live to tell about it. The right side of his heart has been wired, looped, changed and added to do the work for the whole heart. His left ventricle was small and basically non functioning. Alex has lived through 3 open heart surgeries, a stroke at the age of 5 that left him with some paralysis and a pacemaker at the age of 13. Yet, looking at him you would never know it.

The time has come for Alex to need a new heart. He has had all they can do to the one he was born with. The pressure his heart is pumping is causing his lung, liver and arteries to burst holes into them leaking out oxygen. They have all been repaired and this is no longer a option. Alex need a new heart. The next two days are critical. He will under go a battery of tests for the whole two days. His body, mind and spirit will all be tested. After these tests they could simply say (((NO))) he can't have a new heart and that will mean after all this fighting, struggling, and heartache we will loose him.

Alex has a circle of family and friends that love him. They include Mom and Dad, 3 brothers, a 7 yr old sister and a nephew. Not to mention my family and I- his extended family as well. I am asking for prayers, happy thoughts or well wishes. What ever you believe, if you could keep this young man at the top of your list I would appreciate it. It is a fight for life, to the death. We can't loose him yet, He has come too far and has helped so many kids like him in the process. He has been the test patient. They have learned so much about a childs heart because of Alex and saved a few because of it. There is still more to learn. He has much to do in his life. He wants to make a difference beyond what he already has.

So for the next TWO DAYS please keep him in your thoughts. Thank you from Alex, me and his family. He told me he loved me today and he hasn't said that since he was about 3 so you know he is scared. We all are.

go hug your kids. How lucky you are. Blessings,Pea

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NEW~Listing on Ebay

I placed my sweet little Skeleton Witch Shaker~Dot on Ebay this evening.
She is so very sweet. The second piece to my Hallowed Hauntings collection. I am going to have loads of fun with this collection. I am dreaming of another collection that I will be starting work on very soon. Are you excited? LOL I know I am.

I am also preparing for a surprise in the works. You will have to be patient with me. I have to wait so you have to wait...

Mom started her journey home yesterday. Will keep you informed on the house situation. She did something typical for her today. She was so excited to get home to her sweet, beloved doggie that she forgot and left her suitcase at the train station. A two hour drive kids. Sooo she has no clothes and has to run back tomorrow and get it. Silly woman. Mom missed her sweet foot warmer and couldn't wait to see her. These days her only companion. I teased her and said she didn't share any more secrets with you this trip. She replied" well I guess next time I will have to pull out the bag of tricks". LOL Oh good Lord, do we really want her to go there? LOL Might make ya run for the hills.

Today was a bit warmer. Nice and sunny day and thank goodness NOT TOO HOT! I hate the heat. So grateful for every warm, sunny day.

I guess that about wraps it up. Not much new except working on some new goodies. Got to get back to the studio for a bit of fun.
Be sure to check out Dot on Ebay.

Have a wonderful week.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time just seems to roll right by.

June 19th, 1982 seems like a blink of a eye and yet seems like more then 100 years. How can one date hold so much time in a blink of a eye? How did the time whiz right past us? Did we spend so much time making a living that we forgot to take time and enjoy some slow motion?
27 years ago, my Husband- Michael and I were married. I remember the post last year and it doesn't seem like it has been a year already. Then again it doesn't seem like June either. I have been going full steam ahead for so many months that most of the moments in my life lately are simply blinks of a eye. I remember waking, having tea and toast. Zooming about like a mad hatter and then laying my ragged head on the pillow for a bit of slumber one more time. The good thing is I still get to wake to the beauty around me and love in my heart.
Michael is a wonderful man and has so many qualities I admire most in people. I am blessed that he puts up with this short, tempered( ha ha) redhead. I always tease him and tell him I am worth it. LOL

As we planned our lives together,I knew the day would come when our children would grow up. Be finishing high school and moving on to college, marriage and children of their own. I also knew that one day my father would leave this world and I would be caring for my Mother till she was a 100 and still full of it. LOL I just didn't expect is so quickly.
I look back on my life and remember special moments but the everyday has fallen to the back of the memory banks for a moment when peace comes upon me like the fog. Sliding in slowly until nothing in sight remains but white mist. The mist has been replaced at the moment by the ever ending clicks of a ticking clock, running errands, spending hours in a zippy little car, chasing dog food and houses. I am craving solitude, a strong cup of tea and a sewing machine. That moment in time will have to wait. I pray it comes soon.

My heart is restless and over thrown with guilt. Guilt for things that should be done and yet unfinished. Guilt that my poor husband has fixed himself dinner everyday this week. I haven't even seen or hugged him in two days. Guilt that tomorrow as I celebrate another year of bliss with my dear Husband, my Mother grieves for hers as this was the day they met. Guilt that I can not make the things happen for my Mother that I would like to happen in a timely fashion. I know I have no control over the housing market and if I did they would all be cheaper- I tell ya that! LOL At least for a week or two. Yes, I know I shouldn't feel this way my friends but you can not change these feeling sometimes. I am not looking for pity just spreading words onto a page. My mind and hands want to write and so this is the task at hand that I must complete. With that being said I think what my heart had to say has been spoken. So I will flip the page.

I hope I haven't sent you into a coma from complete boredom. I will have some news and maybe even a celebration to share where you could enjoy the excitement more then expected. So stay tuned my friends. I have the tea pot on and things are stirring about. Now that I cleared some of the cobwebs and gathered dust off the old cellar, maybe I can get Egor to fire up the electrodes and zap some life into the random body parts laying around the house. mmmmmwaaa ahhhaaa! See this is why your mom tells ya to pick up after yourself! LOL
Have a wonderful weekend. Don't worry I will be back to stalk you soon.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Way to GO, Katie!

Well Folks last Saturday our Daughter graduated high school. We couldn't be prouder of her. She has become very bright, sweet and caring young woman with loads of promise to offer this world. Her plans are to join the U.S. Air Force early fall and study law enforcement. Her dream is to work with a special victims unit. Katie has a passion to help those that have been handed a wrong so great that it is life changing. She told me one day, "I can't change what has happened to them, but maybe I can make a difference to where they go next." Pretty deep for such a young woman.
Pookey Bear we are all so proud of you and we know that you will make a difference. You already have to us! Love you dearly.

Now I know some of you are wondering how the house hunting is going. NOT good at all.
We lost out on the really mint, cute house. Out bid, over budget and that was that. Spent all day and ruled out 7 of 51 before we got out the door due to area. That stinks because one of them was a sweet looking little house from the outside. Another one was perfect size but a short sale- DARN! Incase you don't know, a short sale is where the seller asks the lenders if they can sell the house for less then owed. It is a exercise in frustration and so was the entire day. The banks don't answer you for up to 6 months hoping to get more money. If they don't like the idea of it, maybe they could simply say NO!

One house was great neighborhood but crappy house and personally I think the agent that listed it is on crack! LOL Falling apart and wants a fortune for it. Others were worse. In two trips we have eliminated 19 due to area. Viewed this trip 28 , last trip was 22. Bid on 4 houses total between two trips and it looks like she will have to return. Said it will be the last time. We won't even try again after 3 rd trip. will stay in Montana by herself and folks that can't happen. How will I sleep at night? WOn't sleep let us just say that. I will have to commute and that will be very difficult. If you are a believer and pray we could use all that I can get at the moment. Our Agent said he would call if something came on the market but with the 1 st time buyers credit, the houses are selling in her price range as fast as they come on, they are gone the same day. Very frustrating. So we really do need a house. To make it even more frustrating she will not sell her house and move in with us till she finds a house. Won't put her house on the market until she has a home purchased. Yes, stubborn as a brick. Won't budge, break or bend.

I haven't been able to work at all this week. I really want to get into the studio and create a little something but hasn't happened yet. I hope to get to play for a wee bit tomorrow. She is leaving she says on Thursday if she can. I think more houses will come on market during the weekend. I just have that feeling and she will miss out. I am gonna try and talk her into waiting till Tuesday.

okay everyone it is very late. I am buttered toast and ready for bed.
Have a great week and I will update you when I know more.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Whew~ what a day

Hello Everyone,
I have been a busy girl. Besides the graduation stuff and Mom being here house hunting I was also helping my eldest look for a diamond. I am happy to announce she said YES! I am very excited. We all adore Kat. She is a sweetie.

I managed although I look back now and wonder how I got anything done but managed to get a shaker done.

This one is called Dot. She is a sweet little bewitching Skelly. How cute is that? I just love her and she so makes me giggle. Silly thing

I know this is short, but I have to email the agent and get to bed. Have to be up at 6 am and if you know me I am not a morning riser. This early crap is killing me.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The real fun begins

Hello Everyone,
I know I have been absent but have good reasons. Momma rolled into to town on Friday so it is rocking and rolling for the house hunting again. She has me a bit worried though but will just have to wait and see how things go over the next few days.
We had Senior Prom last night. There were suits to adjust, borrowing a dress as the one planned no longer fit my poor daughter. Finding special undergarments to work with a halter dress and so on.
Then there was shopping for presents for upcoming graduations and such but I will tell you that secret later. They might be watching.

Did I mention that I was getting ready for the updates for the websites too? WHEW! I am wiped out. I still have one project to complete and gonna see if I can beg for a wee bit more time. Just not enough hours in the day...

This little painting is inspired by Suzi Blu and I think it is adorable. I love the colors and how it turned out. It is available for sale at Arts a Flutter

As well as this little fairy wand. It is also a mixed media piece. I enjoy making them. They are a lot of fun and give me a break from the sewing machine.

I also completed a dolly for Wsoapp
She turned out so sweet looking. Her skirt is made from a vintage wedding dress sleeve. Not at all what this dolly was supposed to be. Started her about 2 months ago and had to redo her twice as what she was supposed to be someone had the same idea just a few days earlier. So changed directions completely and I can't say that I am not happy about it.

I created a pretty little box as well. I love this box as it is so different from anything I have ever made. Kinda makes me think that my creativity is returning. Just a little at a time. Still have a lot of work to do but seem to be getting there.

So as you can see I have NOt been sitting around enjoying the weather. Although I will get to see more of it over the next few weeks driving each day.
Hope all is well with you my friends. Have some fun for both of us!