Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today would have been my Dad's 77th birthday. Hard to believe this is the second birthday since he has been gone. Seems like a life time without him. I miss him so much. Watched the weather a few times just to seem close to him. He loved the weather. No one was allowed to talk when it was on.

Worked some more in the studio. I have a lot of organizing ahead of me but liking what I have done so far. How to make it all work out best. Have to get a little spot clean so I can make a card for my God Mother this week.
Back to the studio. Only have 3 days to get it done. Tomorrow will be gone with Mom all day.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a wonderful Christmas

What a wonderful Christmas we had. We all made out like fat rats, good food, good people. Just joy from start to finish.

My favorite gift was a camera I had asked for from hubby. This is it....

Here is a link CAMERA

It is wonderful and took the shot above which I call Pea Prints. LOL I am no pro but taking better quality pics I think. I do love it.

My second favorite thing was a frame with all three of my kids pics with their fiances with them. It is beautiful.( sorry no pics of it yet)

Today was a fun day. Katie( my only daughter 19) and I went shopping. Dropped her off at the mall for her shoe fix and I headed to Michael's for mine. Whoo hoo. Tonic scissors, a zyron, a bit of paper/sticker fun,rubber stamps, some Tim Holtz goodness and another 4 drawer cubby from Mom's cash treat. I need more storage. I think I will get a few more pieces and then should be done. I spent all my money and Katie still has some of hers. Yeah, they always spend all of yours. LOL
We met up for lunch, ran a few more errands, pharmacy for hubs meds, dog food and all the fun stuff. Then headed home. Dropped Katie off at her fiances house and headed home to put the cubby together. I can't wait to fill it, trust me I can already. LOL
So that was my day, hope you had a good one as well. Got to scoot. Thunder and lighting with our very heavy rains. I am gonna need to find boots for webbed toes here pretty soon.;)

Friday, December 17, 2010

I was goofing off

Some days are like that. I get a bit stressed out, I am sure every mom can relate. So my distressing tool is pictures. I was having fun editing these and laughing at all the combo's I came up with. I am getting the one of our dog printed for hubby for Christmas. I love the red nose. It just made the picture and Pilgrim was pretty good about posing.
The other picture is our eldest son Jake and his fiance Cat. They are adorable.

I hope to have some pics of the decor in a day or two. I have to run to town tomorrow for one more gift! I am pretty close to being done. Stocking stuffers and one more for mom. We be done.

Monday, December 13, 2010


TDIPT swaps are the best. We had our annual Christmas swap with a secret Santa theme. I love my new Santa( shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell Santa baby;) Dear 2 Stitchin Lynn sent me all this wonderful goodness.
I got the loot girls just feast your eyes on this...

Where oh where do I begin? OMG, did she put the biggest smile on my face and the largest beat to my heart...
That box seemed never ending.
Funny story, I had to run a few non fun errands today. I stopped by the post office hoping perhaps that I had a goody. I got my pink slip and the smiles began in hopes of the anticipation that may await me.
I got the box, looked at the name and scared the hank out of all the people there including my dear clerk, Becky. I squealed with joy! Then ran off like a kid in a candy store with a 20 dollar bill. Announcing for all to hear, Christmas came early for me this year.
Swooped into the car and hunted for something to open my prize with. I had a military can opener on my key ring. Yep, that is what I opened it with. I couldn't get it open fast enough.
The tissue, the ties, the smells were too much for me to handle. The tears started to well inside me as I knew this was going to be a joy my tender heart couldn't handle.
Each package so lovingly wrapped in white and gold. It took my breath away. The trees, candle tarts, candies, small santa box,snowman pocket with sweet annie and candy canes. Note pad,snowmen ornaments will be heavenly on my tree.
Then came the stitchery. Oh my stars. It is wonderful. I adore it. Each stitch taken to perfection. When I grow up I wanna stitch like that.. LOL
Just look at this beauty. Her little card and note matched it. How sweet is that?

Last but not least is the wonderful Santa book box. It is wonderful. Perfect for my home. I want to use it to display my G.G. Grandmother's feather tree that she raised the geese, dyed the feathers and made the tree. It is very old as it was made before my Great Grandmother's birth in early 1800's.
Tucked inside that box was a angel ornament. The tears started to flow at that point. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Joyful tears. It reminded me so much of the wind beneath my wings.
How can I thank you enough? Where does one begin? I don't how, but these simple words. Thank you so very much Lynn. You put a smile on my face and tugged at every string of my heart.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Treasured View

I am very lucky that my Mother's family saved so many wonderful family items. Most are small things but being poor and especially after the depression they learned to hang on to everything. I have most of it! LOL

I saw in a magazine recently where they used old aprons for the window treatment for the kitchen window. So I rushed to the old china cabinet, going through the drawers of linens and found one of Grandma King's aprons. Grabbed a few tacks and there she is. The front panel is a huge pocket. Grandma wore a apron everyday of her life. All of them had huge pockets for paper,pens, eggs, flowers and all the other things she gathered on her humble farm. She loved to write letters and cards so that would be the reason for pen and paper. She sent a card for every holiday there was. Spent a fortune on birthday cards for everyone she knew. One of my fondest memories was when I received sweet cards from her.
I think she might think I was crazy hanging this apron instead of wearing it, but I do wear one when I do dishes and work in the studio. SO I guess that is one tradition that I have kept going.

Have a wonderful week. Off to add a bit more Christmas charm to the old homestead tucked in the woods.
hugs, Pea

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today was my Mother's 75th birthday. We had a great time. I made her a meatloaf, brussel sprouts,baked tators and Lemon Chiffon cake. Yumm Yumm
I bought her a pair of grey pearl earrings to go with the necklace she has. As well as a set of dishes as she complains not enough of them and they are hard to find. I got lucky. Took her to the jewelry store and we spent 2 hrs in there. LOL they were repairing a chain.
Then we came home had dinner and played the board game "SORRY" her favorite and I hate it. She won again as always. LOL But she had a wonderful day and that is what is important.

Boy am I tired. I was in the kitchen from 11 am yesterday till 2:30 am this morning baking, cooking, dipping and I am done for the moment. I think I will go and sit and relax for awhile. How much ya wanna bet, I fall asleep within the hour? LOL
Have a wonderful week. I be cleaning tomorrow and finally put some spirit into this place.