Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Dance

My Cancer card for this week. I love this one. Simple and sweet.

Yes, I am doing a little happy dance at the moment. We got my Mom's CT scan and Carotid artery tests back. All is well. There is some blockage on the artery but at a minim area that they won't do anything about it yet. So that is bad and good. Only two more doctor appointments to go for her and two for me. Oh boy. I am tired of Doctors but ya know ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

We are almost ready for a give away. We need 5 more followers and we reach 200. I think we will have a give away. I have been getting in some brand new goodies as part of the give away. This is one of them.

remember I made this card with the punch.

This is just one of the prizes we will have. I have some brand new Pink Paisley stamps to give away too! Just released.
Okay I have to go play now. Bed time will come early tonight. More Doctors in the morning. ICK! Thanks again for all the prayers and happy thoughts for Mom!:)

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Welcomed Distraction

A fitting title for this post. Creating something is a welcomed distraction. All day on Sunday I played with inks and paper. I am still trying to finish that mini book for my on line friend. I have other pending deadlines coming up besides Mom's surgery and so I need to get this done and sent off. I finished up two pages on Sunday.
Sometimes I would like to smack myself. LOL I come up with some difficult ideas and then I get mad at myself when they take either too much time or turn out to be too complicated. I had a project yesterday that ended up being both. In the end I made it even more complicated by adding more paper. It did turn out. Not perfect but then again what is perfect now days. Sure not me.
Miss Tracy of Tracy's Treasures has been coloring with Copic Markers. She mastered that so now has gone on to coloring with the Distress inks. I love them both but feel I know what I am doing with the inks. Here above you will see a image I colored for the front of a card. I am wayyyyyyyyyyy behind.:( I think it turned out pretty good. Not perfect but that is okay. Nothing in life is.

On Saturday we had My eldest son and his Fiance' Caty over along with Mom for dinner. We had a lovely time. Mr. Peabody made chili for all of us except Mom. I had cooked some meatloaf for her as she can't have spicy foods. Hubby made a huge batch of chili and there wasn't even a full bowl left for his lunch. Poor guy, but just goes to show ya his chili is awesome.

Mom loves the game Sorry. I personally can't stand this game. I like Uno instead. I had Mom bring her game over that we got her for Christmas this past year. Jake, Katers and Caty played Sorry with Mom and I played Uno with them all. It was fun and Mom kicked our butts on both games. Can't get used to the new deck though. I miss the words being on it. LOL
So that was my weekend. I have more appointments this week with Mom and next week too. I am taking her back to the Hematologist to make sure the anemia is still under control. Don't need anything else added to the mix. Thank you for the prayers for her.
Hope you all have a lovely week.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Ouch, I had to go to the Doctor today. I have one of these( above) on my arm. I had a tetanus shot. Oh they hurt the next day. I have a cut on my finger that kept getting worse. I have been playing doctor with it for 2.5 weeks. I knew this morning that it was cellulitis. Which is blood poisoning or the infection that leads to it. So for the next three weeks I get to take a few pills that make me feel yicky but do the job.

Now onto the rest of my day.
We( MOM) had the ultra sound of the neck today.( carotid artery) They are looking for blockage that could lead to a stroke. I don't have a clue but there were some areas that I questioned. Didn't look or sound right. So now we just wait. Hopefully someone will call us next week and give us some results on all these tests.
I came home and took a much needed nap. Now I have to scoot off this and make meatloaf for Mom tomorrow and chili for the rest of us. We are having a small family dinner with two of my kids and their others. It will be a fun evening and I think Mom and I could really use it.
Hope you have a great weekend.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

I wish I had this mug. I am trying to follow this very sound advice but it is difficult at the moment. Doctors, doctors, tests and more Doctors are the focus right now for my poor Mom. The news yesterday wasn't what we had hoped for. We have a battery of tests to complete over this week and hopefully by next week we will know more. I pray we will hear some good new for a change. So the above phrase is all I am trying to focus on and Mom, while she falls apart.
God Bless her broken heart.
Hug someone you love today.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Past and Present

Hello Everyone,
I totally forgot to share the card I made for my Son Jake's birthday on the 12th so that would be the past part of this post.
Here is the card. I used the owl punch from Stampin Up. I really like this punch. It is so cute. I received the stamp set that goes with it for free;) Gotta love free.

The next card is for my cards for cancer project. I loved the colors that Marcia chose for this card. It is pretty simple but I think that is why I like it.

Marcia says she isn't big on techniques. I personally love new techniques and gadgets.
I made this at the card party I went to along with with a few more to come. It sure helped to free my stress level a bit.

On to my day. I ended up doing a crash and burn session last night. I have been so stressed I can't sleep. On friday I ended up staying up until 7 am! I got up on Thursday morning at 9 am. So from 9 am on Thursday to 7 am on Friday. So last night early to bed I went. Crashed on couch. Woke up around 10 am this morning and running ever since.
I got to go pick up part of my Stampin up order! YEA! I wish all of it came but in a few days she says.
I also received a few copics in the mail. Along with the new paper that is supposed to be the best for copics.
HERE is the LINK
I haven't tested it yet but anxious to try. So I have something to play with this week.
Off to get some play time. Have a wonderful Sunday

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ever have one? I had one all day. You see a sweet Canadian Cutie code name Tracy's Treasures send me some happy mail in the form of wonderful goodies. Along with a handmade card and a grin from ear to ear.
Tracy thought that I could use a bit of cheering up after the last few weeks. BOy did it work. I perked right up like a flower after a good rain storm. It is funny how someone who has never met you could know you so well. I must be transparent or something. Never thought that I was that easy to read. LOL

Will you look at this loot! My oh my, what treasures from the treasure maker. LOL
I got that Canadian scrapbooking mag she chatted about. It is wonderful girls. I can see why she loves it so much.

Tracy made me a few treasures as well. A beautiful big post it note holder, there is the mini bitty one there as well. These will be awesome for my desk as I am a list maker.

Oh the charms. I had teased her about the charms and here she sent me three, YES THREE! Girls the pictures do not do these beauties justice.

of course she sent me the little butterfly one, knowing how much I love butterflies;)

Tracy was kind enough to replenish my supply of hand crocheted flowers and butterflies as well. Tee hee. I love using these on my cards. They take ink so well. Or just as they are~pretty.

Speaking of pretty cards. Look at this one. Isn't that neat? Again with the butterflies. She knows me so well. LOL
Tracy, you put the biggest grin on this Irish face of mine. Touches my heart seriously. Thank you so much hon. I love everything and am so touched that you would do this. I will treasure everything, especially our friendship!
Big hugs,Pea

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A creative catch up

Hello Everyone,
With mom needing me more now these days and My sweet God Mother Sylvia passing away my cards for cancer fell behind. I missed two weeks and I feel terrible. I just couldn't do it and I should be okay with that, but really I am not okay with it.
I went to a Stampin Up Party and we made a few cards. This was just what I needed to get caught up and so I am. We have another one next month too so I will be able to make a few more. This will help out a lot I think. At least I know I will get a few made if things get super busy with mom.
So This card is far from perfect. We were rushing through these things like you wouldn't believe and I am not a fast mover in creating. I can be but not often. I take my time in creating. I do like the feel of it though.
The inside reads"In knowing you are loved."

I went to Mom's today. We skipped the grocery shopping today. Thank goodness. My freezer can't fit one more thing( this is good I know).
I ended up taking her to get her dog food. She can't lift the 40 lb bags anymore. Then to Walmart to run in quick and get her sweet-n-low. She didn't go in cause her hip was hurting her too badly today:( Then I took her to lunch to a little coffee shop that sells crepes. Yummy. We had a chicken/bacon/Chedder Cheese/whole wheat crepe with ranch on the side. Yummy and good for you. Well sort of;)
Came home and didn't feel well. Headache. Took a 4 hour nap and that was my day.
I hope your Thursday is wonderful.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dare to Fly~ Chalk board~ Mixed Media

Okay so I did get in some creative time.:D. I have just updated my TDIPT PAGE
This is a mixed media piece with a chalk board. I love this piece. It is a piece of art with a useful purpose. That makes it twice as nice in my humble opinion. It was a lot of fun to create. I am looking forward to playing some more. I have quite a few projects lined up including a doll or two. I just didn't want to paint faces when I was feeling blue.

We had a visitor in the yard today. A bunny rabbit. I guess he came by to see if we are ready for Easter and if we deserve a basket of chocolate? LOL
We have left our front part of our yard rather natural with the woods. Don't really know how to do it yet? LOL So he was just sitting out there eating some fresh grass. I was able to take this shot from my front window and use the zoom on my camera. I love that camera. He was about 40 ft away from us at the window.
Please Mr. Rabbit, could you leave me another caramel filled egg? LOL

So that was my day. I worked the other day on my cancer cards and have five done so far. Whoo hoo. More on that tomorrow.
Have a wonderful Tuesday my friend.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trekkie invasion!

Ha ha, My kids and I are all sci*fi nuts. We love it. My dad got me hooked on it as a kid. I grew up with Star Trek and Star wars and all that kind of stuff. Mom wanted no part of it, so this was another thing Daddy and I shared. Of course I was the cool Mom cause all the kids hung out here to play this stuff. LOL
Today was my Eldest son's birthday. Jake turned 27 today. Don't ASK how OLD I am! Anyway his fiance got him this shirt, her the top and the tickets for a weekend at the star trek convention this summer. He was like a little boy. So very happy/excited.
If that wasn't enough his future MIL got them tickets to the Star Wars exhibit at the museum this May. How sweet of her. She loves Jacob, very rare for a MIL to put so much thought into a gift for the SIL.
Not only that just look at this homemade sauce. She made a salad and cake too. It was so delicious.

Here is sweet Janet working hard in the kitchen. A amazing Lawyer for the Capital Childrens Court as well. I admire this gal a lot and her daughter is very much a chip off the old block.

Last is the trekkies again. I can't help it. They are too cute.
happy Birthday Jake. I hope all your wishes came true!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little birdie told me


I submitted my bird art from Pfatt Marketplace to Brave girls for their daily truths news letter.
They send a newsletter of uplifting notes to each person that signs up for it. I thought oh what the heck. I did it last night before I heard the news about Sylvia.
They notified me today that they featured it. THRILLED! This was a little smile from Sylvia from heaven I am sure. She was my biggest fan/supporter.

Thank you for your sweet emails,texts and messages. It is appreciated. I am hanging in there. Taking a nap or two and just vegging while I try to heal. Not doing much. I told hubby I just need a few days. He is being very sweet and understanding. He loved her too. We all did.
Thank you all again my friends.
May you have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today is a very sad day for me and my family. My Sweet God Mother Sylvia Maddux Acrey Passed away this evening. Peacefully, I am thankful for that. Her pain and suffering are over. I am content in knowing where she has gone, no longer in pain. The void that is left where she was here on earth is HUGE!
She was the sweet Mom to my dear best friend Sue. The wind beneath my wings. Both the kindest souls I have ever known.
I will be lost for awhile I am sure.
I miss her terribly. Until we meet again dear friend.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

a page peek~ My Mini

You all know I have been creating a mini for a on line friend. Oh Gosh it has been fun to throw myself into the paper, tape, glue and being inky. LOL Not great for my manicurist Jennifer might say on Tuesday.LOL I do have a good excuse as to why I get them. Not just a spoiling thing.

So onto my Mini. I now have 4 pages, 15 journal spots,10 tags, and 16 photo spots/mats. Wow and there are only 4 pages done so far. That includes the cover and inside.
I just love the elements as they came together. many of these items I have had for a while. The sweetness tag I got last year. I added a little lace stickles to it for a bit of sparkle.

The butterfly tag has a photo mat on the back. This tag is part of a collection from my favorite paper company-My Minds Eye. I just adore them. I haven't seen a paper by them yet I don't just love.:) The flower is just a few layered together. The pearl brad is brand new from M.M.E..

Just a few collage things in this corner. I love how this little tag makes me think of paper dolls and my friends daughter. Don't know why but it did. Maybe the dark hair? I used one of these in Kris's mini album too. Funny it was a redhead which we both are. Just now realized that. LOL
See the butterfly in the top left corner? It is painted with glimmer mist and outlined in stickles. I had fun doing this.

So this is the whole page. I adore this Prima paper( another favorite paper/stamp company of mine) and only sheet I had with this print. Oh well. Use it before it is outdated. It isn't like I don't have more paper and it was my last sheet;)
I kept it fairly simple for two reasons. The previous page is over the top with stuff and the paper is already busy so I didn't want to over do it. I see some albums that you can no longer see the paper. A page or two okay but every page? no, not like me to do that.
I do hope if my friend peeks( I know she is I see her popping in) she likes this page. I love it but I don't know if she will.
Okay well back to work for me. I have to go clean my mess. Have a wonderful Sunday ladies.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I AM A Brave Girl!

Yes, I am a brave girl. Have you heard about it? It is wonderful and uplifting. Got .my apron and mouse pad today Put a smile on my face.

They are very nice. I love them. I worked in my apron today and it brought me a smile.
We each need encouraging words spoken to ourselves each day. Sometimes the things we tell ourselves are not nice. This can no longer be allowed. We need to learn to retrain ourselves to say only nice things. How is it as women we can uplift everyone in our lives. Our family and friends and yet we say terrible things to ourselves. Things like you can't do that, or your hair sucks today. Oh my butt looks huge in these pants. I hate my thighs. Or You can't go back to school. Too old, you will look like a fool among all those kids. HOG WASH I SAY!
So let the schooling begin. Remember where ever you are today. You are ENOUGH! You are who you are supposed to be at this moment. Enjoy it.
Have a wonderful day and check out their blog.
It just might change how you feel today.:)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A flourish or two. Before/after

I decided a few nights ago to go throw myself into the studio and see what mess I could create. Let me just say there is a huge mess in there right now. Looks like hell unleashed in there to be frank. Not funny but really one big MESS!
I did manage to make a little productive mess though. I worked on the cover for my friends mini book.
This is the first mini book that I have done without a blank premade to start with. I have only done one other mini in my life. So all trial and error. I just hope she likes it. I am really loving it so far. Here is the before shot.

Here is it after

So tell me what you think? I painted the glimmer mist on the letter. That way I would have more control of where it went. I really liked this technique. I will be using it again.

On to my day. Mom has decided to get a second opinion. I am happy she is doing this. This means she is considering the surgery. I spent the night last night so we could go see the new Doctor. Unfortunately Mom wrote the directions down wrong and we ended up lost. Came home and had missed the appointment and had to reschedule. I think from now on I will be handling the directions and writing the phone numbers down. Mom is a little stressed( understandable) and not thinking clearly. So I am trying to help as much as I can.

I hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by:)