Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Earlyworks Merchantile

 I love me some strawberries. I also adore pinkeeps. So what better thing to do than to combine the two?
 Not just a ordinary strawberry though, something a wee bit different from your ordinary strawberry.
Olde Parchment berries.

My latest offering for Earlyworks merchantile. Olde parchment Berry Pinkeeps. I just LOVE how they turned out.
These pretties were made from a script fabric and black flannel tops. They were aged to a warm  Olde World tone. Ah, perfect. I love the variation in the warm brown tones and black script from this lovely fabric.
The color plays well with almost anywhere you happen to tuck one or two!
They were stuffed with crushed walnut shells, so they are made to keep those needles sharp.
The largest measures near 12 inches and wee one, just a wink shy of 10 inches.
My lighting was not the best this morning, I think it was simply too early yet.

 I'm off to start my day. I have some pattern printing to do. Man do I love what I love do. Have a wonderful week.