Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Olde Bitty's

 Every once in a while I will have a surge of ideas streaming  through this old pea brain of mine. On one such occasion I had written down a few ideas knowing that the fall creating season would be upon us soon. It amazes me how fast time just flies by. I had written down the idea of the Olde Bitty Sisters and knew it would be perfect for fall. Well bats are always perfect for fall. LOL
  It is funny how a idea can take on a whole new direction of it's own. This isn't exactly what I had seen when I thought of them, but I love them even more. These little gals crack me up! Each with their own quirks and personalities. These were my offerings on Earlyworks this month

The eldest of the crew. Her sister's refer to her as Large and in charge with a snicker or two. Batilda, doesn't think she is bossy at all, she refers to it as Organized.
 The middle sister would be Beatrice. She is the fastest flyer of the three as well as having the shortest temper. Her sister's tease her and call her Beat. She can easily knock you for a loop with her speed. Fly by's are her specialty.
Lastly the baby of the family would be sweet, shy Blanche. Don't be fooled by that sweet face. She is a sneak! Being dark gray, Blanche has an advantage. Just when her sister's are about to chomp down on a lovely grasshopper, sweet, sneaky Blanche flies by and snatches it right out from under their noses.
When I started on the web many, many years ago, with some long lived and short lived selling sites. I started out but telling stories. I had the privilege to get my second start on The Speckled Hen site, run by Sonja Sandell of Hickety Pickety. She gave me so much encouragement back in the old days. Something I have kept with me and has gotten me through some rough spots in creating.  I had Crow Soup to follow, Folk Of Art, Ranting Raven, Pfatt Marketplace,WSOAPP and  TDIPT to name a few. It has been a privilege to sell on all these sites.  With Each site I have taken different directions and found a story or two to tell along the way.

I am finally returning home, or so it feels. I have remembered who I am as a artist, where I started. The roots of the matter. I started out this journey with many creations but Mice and Bats were at the fore front. So I have bats in my belfry LOL or brain and will be designing a few more. So exciting!
 I sit on our porch in the evening and watch our bat friends swoosh over my head chasing those nasty mosquitoes. I am so grateful they take care of them for me.  They are so inspiring, the swiftness of them reminds of  dark angels.

My time creating has been VERY limited.  We have a new family member. A pup by the name of Dolley. She is a sweet, sweet girl, but will require quite a bit of training.  They are a busy breed. So most of my day and evenings has been training this little gal. I have months more to go before she will be where I want her to be. Good thing she is sharp as a whip.

It's lunch time. Best get some training time in before I feed the pups.  Make a happy memory