Saturday, April 30, 2011

A happy thought

Hello everyone,
Doesn't this image make you smile? I decided while running errands with Katers today that we needed cake. Not just any cake mind you, a DQ ice cream cake. YUm oh YUM!
It is the first smile on my face I have had all week. It was a delicious smile.;)

Last night while in town after visiting shortly with Mom at the hospital, we stopped by one of my favorite stores~Michael's, they has a sale. Really? tee hee. I picked up a few dollar stamps and this puppy called my name.

One can never have too much storage in the studio. I can't create but I can decorate and organize. Great deal at 40% off making it about $50.00 from $90.00

Now mind you both of my thumbs are bandaged, wrapped and hurting like um- well fill in the blank;). I forgot I was so handicapped and thought I could still put this together. HA HA! Kater's to the rescue again. What a great kid. She put the whole thing together even though she was hurting from her 14 mile hike the night before.( LONG STORY) let us just say they got a little lost at Wildcat Lake Trail Head- note- at night. LOL
It is still empty except for the top. I put all my glimmer mists, sparkle mists and color washes in there. I don't have a lot but i had outgrown the space I had for them.
I am still trying to figure out the drawers. I think the extra scissors, tapes etc will go in there. It will sit right next to my chair for easy access. YEAH!

Mom is doing a little better in some areas and bad in others. her oxygen level is down from 70 to 60% so that is good. Walking around the unit twice, so that is good. She is very confused and forgetful so that is not good. I just don't know at this point. Seemed very upset the otherday and was the nurses were earning every penny of their pay checks. LOL They begged me and Katie to stay but she was getting very agitated with us so we thought best to leave before her blood pressure went up. Shortly after my eldest son Jake and his fiance Caty visited. Giving the nurses a chance to work on other items.

My finger is not so good. I see the doc again on Monday. It is still really infected and they removed the nail last week trying to save it. New meds, hope they work. Soaking in peroxide makes it look like a little volcano swelling up to blow. I won't lie when I say I am scared to death!
that my day. Hope yours was a good one. I am off to bed. I hope to go to church tomorrow. I miss my friends.
make lots of memories

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my first video

Here is Part ONE
Part TWO

Haven't really figured out the editor yet but hopefully soon I will figure it all out!
More videos to come I promise.

Have a peek at my post from earlier today below this one.

She's a tough bird!

beautiful Picture of Mom and Daddy before he passed away. Oh How I miss him.

Momma, came through her surgery alright. She did fine and was about 8 hr surgery. Went pretty easy the doc said. She is off the ventilator but not breathing deep enough to heal her like she should. Pain is the monster she is fighting. Meds make her sleep. So they are trying non narcotic drugs. She has the mask on, to keep enough oxygen to her lungs. She has to be awake today to forced to cough. I can only imagine the pain that would be. OUCH!

I received the sweetest card in the mail last night. Perfect timing. The day Mom has surgery I get this darling card from Tracy of Tracy's Treasures.

She said she just wanted to send me a sweet smile it did. It is darling. Matches my phone too! LOL

I go see the doc tomorrow for the thumb. I hope we are done but to be honest I don't think it is. So I am guessing at this point we have more antibiotics to deal with. YICK! I am tired of this game and ready to be done.
I am going to go see Mom this afternoon. Her puppy Brynn is with me and not really happy to be here and not at home. I will take her picture and share later. She is so sweet but misses her Mom. I sure hope she can handle living with me and my brood for 6 weeks? Has no choice but she does love Mike,Jake and me to bits. So that helps.
Make it a great day everyone.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tracy's Mini

Hello Everyone,
I finished Tracy's Mini, she received the goodies box and all is well. I am so glad that she liked everything. Was so sweet, she cried she was so touched. Awwwwww now isn't that sweet?
Here is my favorite page from the album. The dress forms are also journaling tags. The charms are sterling silver.

I tried uploading my video and haven't been able to yet. Then again I am trying to get things done before Mom's big surgery on Tuesday. It is coming quickly. I had a mini melt down today. Just still so sick and trying to deal with the stress of it all. This old Pea is falling apart. I just want to be well and I don't see that happening anytime soon. I heard that on average it takes sometimes 3 months to get this out of your system:( That would mean I still have one more month to go. Oh Lord I hope not.

I will try and figure this youtube thing out, in the meantime you can see the mini through Tracy's eyes. Here is the link

I am trying to get some sewing done. Deadlines will be here again before I know it.
Have a wonderful day everyone. Cancer cards to come soon.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A treasure for Tracy

Hello Everyone,
I feel like I haven't been here in a month. I had appointments for Doctors for either Mom or me every day this week. The next two weeks are exactly the same. I am not kidding:/

So I signed up with a pay it forward swap with Miss Tracy of Tracy's Treasures
Early this year. For two months I have been working on this Mini album for her and gathering goodies. I am happy to say that it is done. Yay!
That poor girl has been so patient and helpful. You see I have only made one scrapbook my whole life. This being the first by scratch. Meaning cutting it all by hand etc.
A bit of trial and error. I can't say it wasn't a challenge, it was. I can't say I didn't learn anything, I did- LOTS! In the end I am happy with it. I hope she likes it. My little heart and creative soul are in there.
I made a video. My first. But I don't have a clue how to do youtube yet. That will be another day. This goes out first thing MOnday Morning to that address Tracy. I tried, I just came short by about a hour:{

On to my day. I slept in. Almost 11 am. I so needed it. The new meds are a pain in the butt. They leave me hungry as there are all kinds of diet stipulations as to what I can't have. Doesn't leave me anything but veggies and lean meat. No bread or cheese? OMG I think I will die! Which if I eat those foods dangerous blood pressure is what happens~ really? How did I get so durn lucky? LOL
Did I mention that it lowers my immune system and makes me anemic. UT-OH:0 I have a cold now and already anemic. This could be scary. So trying my darnedest to be good. A real stretch for this ol' Pea. LOL

Did get some Happy Mail to brighten my day. Just a few supplies but perfect timing as I was able to use some of these beauties in Tracy's album. Yea! Pretty bling makes me feel better. Here is the loot. From Blue Moon

Here is a new kind of stamp I tried. It is silicone on heavy foam. Interesting. No really it is. Stamps beautifully though. From a company called La Blanche. I really love their antique feel to them and used one in the last page of my mini.

This image should be fun to color with Copics? Right Tracy and Marlene? LOL
Okay girls.I am going to drink some hot tea figure out how to not starve to death and hit the hay early. I am toast.( oh I wish I could have toast:{!!! Hope to create a little while tomorrow since I can't do anything else.
I am not posting my video until Tracy gets this package and posts her. I don't want to spoil all her surprise fun.
Have a great weekend and Take care of yourself. I know I have to take my own advice huh? LOL

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Picture Day

Hello Everyone,
Today was just stunning and so I ran towards town to get some nature shots. A breath of spring was showing off herself this afternoon and I wanted to capture it, if I could. I am not a master at photography but I do honestly try. Here is my favorite shot above. I call this Lace 2. To me the blossoms and branches remind me of a lace doily.

More shots of the apple trees. I took 111 shots today and only about 7 didn't turn out. That is much better compared to what I usually take and delete.

Have you ever seen a tree with curly hair? The curls on this bark reminded me of just that. Curly hair. Title of the pic Curly haired Tree.

My last photo for today. Is this one. I just love this shot as well. I am proud of these as these are probably the best shots I have ever taken.

the title to this is Natures Lace.

So that was my day. First day in three weeks have felt good and now I have a huge headache. I have to finish up a few things and then to bed early.
Have a great weekend.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

This weeks card

Here is my cards for cancer, for this week. I really like this one. I had never kissed the image after coloring with markers. So that was something new and fun. I love the blue and brown combo. Two of my favorite colors. Almost did my Studio in those colors but at the last minute realized that I wanted to take the path less traveled. I know I haven't showed you all it yet. I have to wait for warmer weather to finish up a few furniture pieces before it will be done.

On to my day. I think there are Trolls hiding in the studio. I have so many things missing and there is no other explanation. So it must be trolls. Of course they are sneaking off with my brand new charms for my mini along with my metal doilys. LOL

Finished up two more pages to my mini today. I am hoping it will be all done tomorrow. I can't wait to see it completed.
Until then my friends.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A snails Pace-Mini Album Sneak Peek

A snails Pace, spring sure has taken her sweet time showing up but this is a real sign it is finally here. Green grass we have through out the year here so don't get too excited. Our grass is green all months except for July/August( I don't water it) We are on a well. I water the flowers but not the lawn. We don't really have a lawn anyway thanks to Pilgrim scratching:(
This is a big Banana slug. Isn't is cute~NOT!

Miss Tracy likes little bitty things- maybe this baby slug will make her go awwwwwwwwwww? LOL sorry Tracy couldn't resist.

I have been working at a snails pace on this mini album too. Although at this moment it doesn't seem like a MINI album. LOL
I am happy to say that I managed to get two more pages done today. I am nearing the end. YEA! I am hoping to have it done this weekend. I don't know- still trying. Here is a peek or two at my favorite page so far.

As you can see I did a sewing theme on this page. I got the Tim Holtz Texture Fades embossing folder pattern and stitches. I love it. I applied this texture to a piece of color core paper in black and red. My Minds eye is the paper background. The flower is a trim from the Lost and found collection. Some of Tim's ruler ribbon and more Lost and found buttons. I LOVE this page. I think it turned out so sweet. Quite a few tags. Some are die cuts from the Lost and found collection and some are handmade from the paper collection. The center of the flower is a brad, it was yellow. A little dab of paint and ink took care of that;) So do you think my friend will like it? I sure hope so. I have put my heart and soul into this little book.

Here is the whole page. The sewing texture fade made a mini book. It is so cute. I put lots of journaling spots in this mini album as I know she loves to journal.
That is it for now. Maybe in a day or two I will have more to show you. I have some work to do.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.