Friday, July 15, 2016

~Fairy Frog Mother~

The gardens are bursting with color and activity this time of year. It is a most magical kind of summer, for you see this is the year the Fairy Frog Mother appears. Oh, don't get me wrong she's always around just not seen to often. This kind of magic requires a open heart, a soft giggle and a dance in the moonlight or two.

The Fairy Frog Mother is my latest pattern. She measures 13.5 inches and is bursting with personality. Not to mention she cracks me up. LOL

Her trusty wand, her nearly invisible wings and that hat, only add to her whimsical personality.  For more details  and information on the pattern, please visit  my Etsy shop.  
May she bring a smile to your face, and a tug at your heart.

Now I must get going. Fairy Frog Mother and I have some mushrooms to discuss. Have a blessed day.

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