Sunday, June 3, 2018


As I sat outside just a few days ago enjoying the sunshine, I had a wee visitor. She came softly and landed on my table beside me. As she gently walked about, she gave a slight pause. I swear it appeared to me, as if she was looking me straight in the eye. I heard a wee whisper"Bee Kind" and off she flew.
 This is how our dear friend "B.Kind" came to me. Inspiration is everyone, one just needs a slight pause.
A pause was so what I needed at that very moment. It was funny actually. I was frantically working on another doll when this last minute, and I mean last minute lady arrived. Nothing like a little pressure. I'm sarcastically laughing here as I say this. I knew at that moment it was where the Heaven wanted me to go.  Funny how that happens but in the moment not funny as you scramble your assets together to get it done on such a short deadline.
 I suppose that the end result is really what matters. Not the finish line, but the finishing.
This lovely lady has found herself a home, I think it's time for another porch ponder to see who my next guest might be.
Until we meet again, May you be blessed


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