Thursday, November 22, 2007

FEE ELF the Christmas Light Inspector #25

Oh the joys of dolly making sometimes. Most folks have no idea how some designs just fight you tooth and nail. At every turn with this little elf she was most naughty. What a difficult birth this one was. LOL From the painting to the lips, to the dressings, She didn't like any frock I presented her with. Rejected just about everything. I had to consult another designer to get ideas that miss Fee might like. Now that she is here she is tuckered and frazzled looking. I win! LOL Thank you my friend for HOLDING MY HAND!!! YOu know who you are!!! WINK*

Miss Fee can be found on ebay. I do hope that you get a smile and tug at your heart as even though she was difficult she is so very sweet and tame now.
Have a Very SAFE and Happy HOliday making Memories.