Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like

A Christmas MESS! LOL
 I have been working on gifts for family and friends and the studio is a certified disaster. LOL
 Every year I say I won't let it get this bad and yet it does.
I made this little guy for EarlyWorks and he has been packed up to head to the Midwest to his new Mama. He is made using a Primitive heart pattern. I added a cute wire mouth, top hat and heart but I like the simple design of the pattern. It is nice to create from patterns every once in a while. Gives me a break from  designing. Just a nice change.

 I will be taking a break for a few months while hubby is on holiday vacation. I am looking forward to the time off and just enjoying family. Sprucing up the old homestead with a bit of paint. Might even pick a new color for the studio, who knows? Been thinking about it. It's time for a bit of a change. Want to add a bit more softness in there. January is always the month where the studio gets a thorough cleaning and a change or two.  Always a adventure when it comes to that. LOL

 Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We shall be hosting this year. It's our turn. My lovely sister in law has done it for many years and I think she needs the night off. LOL
 Be safe and we shall meet here again sooner or later. LOL

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jeepers Creepers

They say inspiration can come out of anything, from anywhere. They are not kidding! LOL

 So true for this piece in particular. You see I scare easily and my better half is a quiet, sneaky, prankster. HE LOVES to scare me and I am shall we say, JUmpy. Especially since I have a little bit of hearing loss. Another factor is I am afraid of spiders. The little freaks creep me out. Well most of them. There are a few that don't. The inspiration for this piece came from all of those things. With a twist or two of course. My husband does not look like a skeleton. LOL
 However he loves seeing me jump when I see him with a fake spider! Now you throw in a guy who hunches over when he is sneaking up on you, has a big cheesy grim and there you have it. LOL
 This is one of those pieces that was a challenge. Trying to get the look I wanted, I kept working at it and it all came together.  I am a ginger kid so a challenge is something I am stubborn enough to  keep working at. I do not give up easily, although I have a box I refer to as the doll crypt, full of doll body parts that just didn't work for the project I am working on. In fact this head was one of those pieces that had been too small for another project. HA!
 You can find all his details here as he was for my Early works post.

 So what is next on the agenda. Well a clean house would be good. LOL Actually isn't too bad but enough to bug me. So best get to it. Have a great week

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Olde Bitty's

 Every once in a while I will have a surge of ideas streaming  through this old pea brain of mine. On one such occasion I had written down a few ideas knowing that the fall creating season would be upon us soon. It amazes me how fast time just flies by. I had written down the idea of the Olde Bitty Sisters and knew it would be perfect for fall. Well bats are always perfect for fall. LOL
  It is funny how a idea can take on a whole new direction of it's own. This isn't exactly what I had seen when I thought of them, but I love them even more. These little gals crack me up! Each with their own quirks and personalities. These were my offerings on Earlyworks this month

The eldest of the crew. Her sister's refer to her as Large and in charge with a snicker or two. Batilda, doesn't think she is bossy at all, she refers to it as Organized.
 The middle sister would be Beatrice. She is the fastest flyer of the three as well as having the shortest temper. Her sister's tease her and call her Beat. She can easily knock you for a loop with her speed. Fly by's are her specialty.
Lastly the baby of the family would be sweet, shy Blanche. Don't be fooled by that sweet face. She is a sneak! Being dark gray, Blanche has an advantage. Just when her sister's are about to chomp down on a lovely grasshopper, sweet, sneaky Blanche flies by and snatches it right out from under their noses.
When I started on the web many, many years ago, with some long lived and short lived selling sites. I started out but telling stories. I had the privilege to get my second start on The Speckled Hen site, run by Sonja Sandell of Hickety Pickety. She gave me so much encouragement back in the old days. Something I have kept with me and has gotten me through some rough spots in creating.  I had Crow Soup to follow, Folk Of Art, Ranting Raven, Pfatt Marketplace,WSOAPP and  TDIPT to name a few. It has been a privilege to sell on all these sites.  With Each site I have taken different directions and found a story or two to tell along the way.

I am finally returning home, or so it feels. I have remembered who I am as a artist, where I started. The roots of the matter. I started out this journey with many creations but Mice and Bats were at the fore front. So I have bats in my belfry LOL or brain and will be designing a few more. So exciting!
 I sit on our porch in the evening and watch our bat friends swoosh over my head chasing those nasty mosquitoes. I am so grateful they take care of them for me.  They are so inspiring, the swiftness of them reminds of  dark angels.

My time creating has been VERY limited.  We have a new family member. A pup by the name of Dolley. She is a sweet, sweet girl, but will require quite a bit of training.  They are a busy breed. So most of my day and evenings has been training this little gal. I have months more to go before she will be where I want her to be. Good thing she is sharp as a whip.

It's lunch time. Best get some training time in before I feed the pups.  Make a happy memory

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Earlyworks Merchantile

 I love me some strawberries. I also adore pinkeeps. So what better thing to do than to combine the two?
 Not just a ordinary strawberry though, something a wee bit different from your ordinary strawberry.
Olde Parchment berries.

My latest offering for Earlyworks merchantile. Olde parchment Berry Pinkeeps. I just LOVE how they turned out.
These pretties were made from a script fabric and black flannel tops. They were aged to a warm  Olde World tone. Ah, perfect. I love the variation in the warm brown tones and black script from this lovely fabric.
The color plays well with almost anywhere you happen to tuck one or two!
They were stuffed with crushed walnut shells, so they are made to keep those needles sharp.
The largest measures near 12 inches and wee one, just a wink shy of 10 inches.
My lighting was not the best this morning, I think it was simply too early yet.

 I'm off to start my day. I have some pattern printing to do. Man do I love what I love do. Have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Off Kilter

 Weeks go whipping right by and I  thinking to myself I haven't blogged! Where does that imaginary thing called TIME, go? I know it exists but it always seems to be out of my grasp.

 Have you ever watched a jellyfish? I mean for a long period of time? If you watch them for a short period of time, you will see them moving up and down. It is almost angelic. If you stand and study for a longer period of time, you will see that they start to move in a half sideways manner. Almost like they are worn out and simply swimming off kilter. Like a drunk trying to make his way, but no alcohol involved.
Lately this is exactly how I feel. Just a little off kilter, chasing that time we all chatter about.

My focus is on many things all at once. Not that there is anything new there. I have always been a person to handle many tasks at once.  Mentally organized, but you would never know that  by my pantry! LOL
I am always 10 steps ahead of myself in my mind. The problem is trying to get my body to catch up. This gal doesn't move like she used to.  Something I am working on.  The lists and plans are growing and I am not moving any faster. So, I guess it's time to take up walking again. Yep, just added to the list. LOL

 Speaking of lists, I am working the purging of things in my studio. Lots of things to go out the door. I don't know how I collected so much? Scratch that I do, but I didn't realize how much I have collected.  So I am keeping only what I love. I decided on that last year and it really helps me to decide what I really want and will use.

 I have a special order to complete, so I best get to it while the house is quiet.  I get to play in some paper tonight.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Peeking through the clouds

 Peeking through the clouds is warmer weather. I can smell it in the air. On Saturday it was 68 degrees. Yes, only one glorious day but I know more are on their way. Buds are showing here and there. The tree frogs are croaking again. Ah, how I love the Pacific North West. I know too soon the spring rains will be here for 3 months. It is one of the downfalls of living here. The peek of spring is worth it.

 With spring comes the urge to refresh the house and turn the chaos into something more manageable. I have decided to change a few small things in the studio. Rearrange my work space, my drawers can be much more functional than they currently are.
 The house is still arranged from the holidays. The decor is long since gone, just a few days after Christmas but the annual arrangement is still in place. I am a creature of habit that craves change. I don't know if it is from the 27 years of world traveling with my husband in the military. Or just me loving the adventure of something new? All I know is that it is time for a bit of fresh air inside and out.

 In between all this fresh air rearranging. LOL I need to create a few paper projects for up coming birthdays. I am making things quick as I have to get the studio back to function mode. Onto bigger projects. I need to pick out some paint colors. I want to start painting the walls and a few pieces of furniture as well when the weather warms up. This is a good size home, with high ceilings so this will be quite the task. Good thing hubby is tall and my daughter in law is 6'2 as well. Perhaps I can bribe her with pot roast to come help? LOL

The songs of sleep are creeping up on me.  This old gal must get to bed. The day waits for no one as Daddy used to say.

Saturday, January 17, 2015






 Ah it feels good to change things up a bit doesn't? Normally I take the month of January off to refresh, clean and organize the studio. Guess what? I didn't have to clean and organize this year as I finished the studio late last year. That is a big whoooopy! I love it. It only takes me 10 minutes to clean my space even if it looks like Hell hit it and came back for seconds. LOL
 I can get everything in it's place in just a wink, where before it seemed it took days.
 I am currently working on the rest of the house at a very slow pace I am afraid. I know I will get it done. I want to free up my time to spend it with my hubby. Besides housework sucks. LOL The less stuff out, the less cleaning I need to do. Or so is the plan.

So with the newly found freedom I was able to create a new piece, and a pattern as well.
 Romeo is a wee darling little mouse. All needle felted. Perched charmingly on top of a mushroom. When we lived in Germany, these mushrooms were everywhere.  I always knew I wanted to create one.  I drew my inspiration from our walks among the Black Forest floor where many of these mushrooms had taken up residence. Ah, what great memories.

here is the Link to my store

I am having a sale. Use the code NEWYEAR and recieve 20 % off everything in my store. If you don't use the coupon code before checking out, no discount will apply.

I have some laundry to change over, yes just a normal girl here who does her own laundry. LOL
 Have a wonderful and blessed week.


Friday, January 9, 2015

A three letter word

Every year instead of following the tradition of laying down a list of new year's resolutions, I choose a word.
 I find for me I tend to pile on too much into these lists of things I want to do. I get overwhelmed and just move on. I get bored quickly, as my mind is always in overdrive.
 So for the past few years I assign myself a word, just the single word as my focus. No matter what else the list may hold.
 I found this to be the most freeing thing I have ever done.  It also helps me to remain focused on the things I really want to do.
 I do make lists, a plan for the year,business, home and personal. Short term lists. Things I can cross off quickly as completed.
 The list of words I have used in the past few years are

These words are very simple and I am sure you get the point from each one.
This year my word is


 I want my eyes to focus on the utter Joy of this life! Life can be hard and bitter as the winter chill, but your eyes don't have to focus on it.
 I choose Happiness and Joy. I know there isn't a magic pill that will make every moment in my life happy. I am not naive. I know that spit happens and sometimes comes in the forms of storms. This is just part of the roller coaster of life. That doesn't mean that I won't have bad days and want to pull the covers over my head and the day that brought the storm. It simply means that I choose to find the joy in everyday I possibly can.

 There is joy to be found if you choose to look past the spit storm. Grab a rag and wipe that up!

The picture you see above is of a simple joy in my life. That iron was my great grandmothers, The scissors were my Mother's first pair of sewing scissors, the buttons were her Mother's and the metal number 3 represents my three miracles. My Children.  It really is the little things.
Hope you find some joy this week.