Friday, January 27, 2012

FREE Copic storage

 Yes, It is free to me! My Best friend's ex gave it to me years ago. I used it to store my glues in for about 12 yrs or so and worked great. It still holds a few bottles until my small collection of copics grows. Yes, It is small but it will get there in time. LOL

It will hold 20 markers in each square so that is a grand total of 480 markers. Since Copic keeps adding to new colors this works perfectly!

Okay have to go do some housework  :( Blah but it isn't getting done by done by the naughty fairies. LOL
Have a great weekend. I just might be back with the showing of the studio. Crossing my fingers.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

first project for 2012

 I couldn't take it any longer, I had to create something... LOL
 So I came across this image i had colored at Christmas time and decided it would be perfect the winter swap I am in. I had the blue background page already inked and colored as well. So I threw it all together and this is the end result. I really like it even if it is colored pencils. I didn't have all the Copic colors I needed to do this in those.
 I love these stamps, some of my favorites. In fact I think they are the ones I am most drawn too. LOL

  I used a different dimensional on this card and not crazy about them. they are foam squares by scotch. blah. they pop up unevenly.
Then I had to do the inside like Arlene of butterflykisses does. I love how she does her cards. Here it is.  It does make it looks special inside.
 So at least I did something this month. LOL Now back to work/play with me. See ya soon with a few videos. I was tagged in the "your favorite things for 2011" ya all know this list will be long. LOL

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another storage idea

 Hello Everyone,
 I have been plugging along at the studio. Spent most of the day yesterday and some of today continuing on with the organizing. It  finally looks like I have done something. LOL One side is clean. LOL

 I just finished with the die cutting area and this is what I did to the spellbinders, Paper trey Ink and My favorite things dies. I love them all but wanted one place to put them all. I had to store the Memory box dies inthe old CD wallet for now. I need to purchase another large one but kinda snowed in at the moment. See video for details. LOL
 I have vowed to have this done by Saturday and I think I might actually get done tomorrow. We shall see.
 Have a great night and see you with the reveal soon!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just a wee peek

 Into my trim organization. Amy from Worker4ever123 requested a video on how I did my trims. So I did that this morning for her. It is only that. You will see that I am clearly a hoarder!! LOL I bet most of you knew that. I am still doing trims believe it or not. They aren't done yet and this is DAY THREE! OMG I didn't even know how many I had :(. LOL So guess what I will have in lots of projects this year? YEP! Trims you guessed it. LOL
 Have a wonderful week everyone. I will try to up date the blog again on Tuesday. More peeks.

Friday, January 6, 2012

THE word for 2012 is ...



  1. The action of organizing something.
  2. The structure or arrangement of related or connected items.
 So that is what I have been doing! The studio is where I started as I am a year behind on this. If you remember last year I started this and had to stop to take care of Mom during her surgery. She is better now so the New Year brings with her new HOPE*. Hope to be able to get organized and Simplify my life in the process.
 I took this picture last year as I had started organizing my trims/ ribbons. For two days even through 5 hrs of now power with a flashlight I organized my trims. Yes, Tracy of Tracy's Treasures said I was very dedicated. Yes, I am. I am going to get organized once and for all! I need this like I need more scrappy stuff. LOL It will become my addiction for the time being.  I need to know what I have so I can use what I have to make room for NEW. LOL Yep, vowed to use it and not hoard it any longer. I am not saving it for the kids any more.

I am proud to say that so far I have emptied 12 big tubbies, 4 little ones( holds like a big pair of boots) and have 2 tubs to sell and 2 lawn bags to give away. WHEW! In one weeks time that isn't bad.
Today I unwrapped 75 spools of ribbon onto 12 sheets of chipboard. each cut into 4 pieces. so it is a lot of takes up a lot less of a foot print of space. Loads of space saving. I organize them by type of ribbon. Not color  or size. As I add restock I will do it by color but for now simply by type. grosgrain, satin, glitter,organdy, rick rack, seam binding, vintage, velvet , Halloween, Christmas, ruffle and lace. I will do a video when the whole room is done. I am gonna be done this Month. God willing and the creek don't rise. LOL Mom always says that.
 So back to work for me. Lots of changes going on and you might see a few here on my blog.
 Have a lovely weekend.