Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creative Sunday

Okay, okay I know I am supposed to be cleaning.;) Well while cleaning( honest I started out that way) I came across this gray folded card/envelope in one. I think Tracy from Tracy's treasures showed us how to do it? I had made a few extras when I was trying it out. This one was one of them.
I do like the way it turned out and the inside spot is my favorite part. It has butterflies on the paper so I thought this was sweet.

I owed a dear lady a Thank you Card and saw this and thought I should do that. I was like a kid playing hooky from school. I couldn't help myself. LOL SO I played instead. Paper is in my blood ya know? LOL
Well at least I have something to show you for my Sunday. I have internet now. THANK GOD! I have so much to catch up on. I did set a challenge. So I must stick with it.
Well that was my day. Nothing exciting just being naughty so back to work I go.;)
Have a great Monday.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Okay, who ordered that?

Yes, way behind this time but totally out of my control. Not really sure where to start this post.
Can we back track just a hair? Sunday was my birthday and it was a fine, wonderful exciting day. My kids were here and my youngest son( Ty and his fiance Cassie) are kidnapping me on the 5th and wisking me away for paper crafting and a massage!! I know how lucky am I? I am so very blessed I tell ya.
My Momma was a sweetheart and bought me a new big toy. She bought me a cricut expression and about 6 cartridges to go with it. WOW is all I kept saying.
The sad part is.... I haven't opened it yet. I know, terrible huh? You will understand why here in a minute. Well at least I hope so. Okay so no excuse but I will try;) ha ha
So the plan was to straighten up the studio and get it all set up to play. HA! Um car broke on Monday. So off to the dealer it goes. Oh boy oh boy. Big $ick it is. So now we wait on parts and the pending dollar doom of that.
In the mean time the internet decides it wants to play catch me if you can with a connection. Um- 3 hrs later I can post to facebook only. grrrrrr.
So I keep breathing and drudging along. Wednesday is the day I share with Mom. I take her grocery shopping and we have lunch. She was extra ornery this week. Embarrassed me half to death a few times, but I know as I child I did my fair share. Still breathing.
Did I mention that the washer/dryer are making terrible noise and the fridge pees all the time. LOL Okay that did it.
So I went to my room and made a even bigger mess! It was what I needed. I took out my frustration onto the paper. I actually took 3 sheets of icky paper and ripped the devil out of it- or the devil out of me. Either way I felt way better. While creating I broke one of my favorite tools. Sooo needless to say I am glad tomorrow is Friday. They are coming out tomorrow to fix the internet which for the moment is working. huh?
I did however get my card for Cancer done for the week. Whoo hoo!

So I did something good. A lovely gal in the midwest is getting this one. A dear friend that is near the end of her journey. The inspiration to do the cards for cancer.
Need to make a guy card and a birthday card for my b.f.f. Now I am staying in this weekend. Cleaning that studio( hee hee again) and I told the family they are on their own for food and water. LOL
See you in a few days. Well internet permitting that is.
Have a great weekend.~Pea

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The chocolate devil made me do it

Everyone that knows me well, knows that I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas! Especially when cake is involved.
The other night I had the kids take me to Costco for a quick trip in to pick up my cake and a few other things. They have the best chocolate mousse cake on the planet.
I brought it home and in the fridge it went. I opened the fridge later that night for some tea and it was calling my name. The Devils food that is. LOL
Sooo can you guess what happened next? A picture is worth a 1,000 words they say.
All I have to say for myself is.... YUM!
LOL Have a good one.;)

Happy, Happy,Joy , Joy~ post one of two

Happy,happy, joy, joy to me. Tomorrow is my birthday and this weekend has been a whirlwind of celebrating. Friday night with my eldest son and his lovely fiance for dinner and a movie.
Today was a wonderful yummy lunch and appliance shopping with Mr. Peabody. He only has one day off a week so today was it.
We went to red lobster for our seafood fix. It was so good and then we went to look for a new Fridge, and stove. Oh boy.

Hubby bought me a wonderful gift! I have wanted a scissor sharpener for ever. But a electric one as the hand held ones make my hands hurt something awful. Suzi used to sharpen them for me every Saturday when we got together.
He also purchased some copic markers for me. I got 4 of them today and they are awesome. I have a few more coming and can't wait to play. Oh I have to so much to do and play with.

So that was my day and it was wonderful. I hope your day is just as nice.

Friday, January 21, 2011

yep, I got behind and new card

So to make up for it, I will do two posts in one day. Plus the one tonight.
I made this card for a lady with cancer in Colorado. Just something fun and happy. I used stickles on the chip boards but you can't tell. I think it turned out pretty cute and I hope it brings a smile to her face through the pain she is in. Poor thing.

On to my day. Today I went to my nail appointment. Then to dinner and a movie( True Grit):) with my eldest son Jake and his fiance Cat. I love these kids so much. Cat sent me a message on my phone yesterday that was so sweet I have to share it with you.
Cat wrote-" I want you to know that I am thankful for you and all that you do for me and Jacob. You're wonderful support for us and you always have helpful advice. I couldn't ask for a better Mother in law. You are one of a kind and I love you."

Now if that didn't make you tear up I just don't know what to say. I am so very lucky with the girls coming into my life. blessed.
I was busy yesterday. OMG It was a day on the phone calling repair shops, ordering parts, setting up appointments, cleaning, laundry, recycling ya know the list. I didn't get to get everything done and that is why I haven't posted. I was trying to get it all done before this weekend. I did not so tomorrow morning I will be finishing up a bunch of little things.
I got to make a card for my brother. He broke his arm and now can't work. I am sad for him.
Well off I have to go get some things done if I am gonna post twice tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Take Two!

When I was making this card yesterday,

I so wanted to add more, do more and really make it like I would love to receive it. So after posting it last night I went to work and did just that. Now look at it. This card I LOVE! It speaks to me and it reminds me of home.

The fog at the base of the trees reminds me of morning in the fall here. It isn't brown but you get the idea. So now I have my card for cancer to do and I am done playing until I finish my room. Hoping to get it done before next Monday.
Have a great day tomorrow.
Many blessings,Pea

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Color Challenge Card

Over at Moxie Fab World they are having a color challenge contest.

The challenge is to make a card with only these three colors. I don't have a lot of supplies but I did manage a card.

I am trying to force myself out of my normal little box. So I took on this challenge- didn't procrastinate and completed it in 1 day. I wanted this card to be masculine. How did I do?

Paper crafts new magazine has lots of color challenges and I plan on trying a few more. JUst for fun mind you.

So what challenges have you made and met? This is just one of a few but ya know, I have to admit it was fun.
Have a great day Pea

Bazzill cardstock in Twig,smoky and french vanilla, Stamps trees inkadinkado, sentiment from MSE-nature speaks set, Inks- tim holtz- weather wood distress ink, and papertrey ink-vintage cream, embossing powder-La Mode- vanilla, Tim Holtz for Sizzix texture fades embossing folder-woodgrain, Tim Holtz memo pin,tiny brads-E.K. Success.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Love Notes

Inspiration can come from anywhere. I was visiting a friend of mines blog recently. She was posting a sweet story about how her 15 yr old daughter once in a while would leave her parents special, sweet "love notes". Not only is the fact that this is a teenager do this, inspiring. Just so happens to be the title for this piece.
If you have ever had a teenager you know that getting them to say something that doesn't sound like a grunt or huh is amazing, let alone getting them to leave you a love note. LOL
So Tracy, Kristy thank you for your inspiration!
You can see Tracy's Blog here

This piece was this months for TDIPT
Click on the word TDIPT above to view this items details.
I love how it turned out. It is two sided and comes with 2 note cards and little love cards. It will hold your note for your honey to see.
I showed it to hubby and he said it was sweet like me. AWWWWWWWWww how nice to hear that from him.:)

Now the studio is a disaster again. LOL Oh well back to cleaning it tomorrow. Right after one more mess. Keep watching, more goodies soon.
Have the best Holiday Weekend.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A day late.. and a dollar short

Isn't it always the case. I should have updated last night but I was so busy on the computer that I simply did not have the chance. Plus I couldn't help myself I had to do a bit of creating.
Ya see I am already behind.:( Oh well only one day hopefully won't make a habit out of it.
The good news is I am almost finished with my project and the snow is almost gone as well.
Getting out today was nice for a change. Feeling a bit like a caged animal. I hate being trapped.
Right now I have a yellow lab on my right and a fuzzy kitty on my left. They are sooo jealous of each other getting attention. Kinda hard to type with them both flipping my arms up to get a pet.LOL Can you tell that Pilgrim is a little camera shy like his mom? LOL Bootsie hates it even more then I do.

Well the dishes are calling my name. I guess they only know my name. Why? Why they can't they call on the other names in the house? NOt FAIR!
Have a great weekend. I will be back soon with pics of creative things.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Our little world received a bit of fluffy frosting today, in the form of snow. I had to venture out with my new camera. I couldn't help myself. I really am enjoying taking pictures now. I don't know why I just do. If they are not of me anyway.:p..
This is my favorite tree on the property. One of two remaining blue spruces. We had tons of them but when they came in to survey the property they took down a dozen or more.:(. I love this old tree. Right out my back door almost.

Made some real headway on the studio last night. Had a migraine yesterday and went to bed. Rest was all I needed but didn't think it would require quite so much of it. Took a 5 hour nap. That did the trick but then I was up all night. At least I made some progress.

Tracy of Tracy's treasures is challenging herself with quite a bit so my challenge this year is to try and blog every other day. I don't know how long I can keep yammering on but I will do my best. LOL I also took on the challenge to take more pictures. Life is a journey and we should record this journey of ours. So this is my task and so far my joy. Thank you for tagging along. Studio pics and new items coming soon.
I have been listing a few goodies on facebook so if you are in a market for doll or baby clothes and who knows what else will turn up, then pop on over and peek.
thanks for tagging along.
Many blessings,Pea

Saturday, January 8, 2011

It is official!

It is official! I am a hoarder!
Do you have any wool? yes, Sir. Yes, Sir 2 big buckets full. LOL
Oh my gosh buried treasures. Most of it is from Anne of Crowing about Primitives. I have to add that her wool is so very nice.
I knew I had a big bag and some in a tubby but had no idea that it was this much and the bags have been released of all the air. My big rear is good for something. LOL

I got a few more organizers things yesterday and the shame of it is, I don't know what to put in them. Ha ha. But I am sure it will find it's way out soon.
Hope you all have a wonderful day. We are at day 9 and not done yet. But I must add that 4 of those days I wasn't home until very late in the day.

So back to the dungeon. I must get more done. Feeling overwhelmed at this point but it is all part of the process.
Have a great weekend

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Buried alive!

I have been organizing the studio for over a week but it seems much longer than that.
It is going well but so very time consuming. When I moved into this room, I simply painted, moved all the furniture and shove it all in. It didn't work well but I was simply too busy to do it right. So now is the time to get it all straighten out. In the process I have found some buried treasures, things that I have simply out grown, and the things that are way beyond expiration. LOL

Trims, trims and more trims. They are wrapped on chipboard and so far I love this.

I am nearing the end~I hope! I still have furniture to paint and a chair to recover as well as find some curtains. I found some I really like but of course they were OUT of stock. It is a long process but I am excited by the changes. I am filled with inspiration and want to get creating. The day for that can't get here soon enough.
I will have more pictures soon.

In this drawer we have Sticker overload!