Sunday, November 10, 2013

How many times have I said it ?

That I am a bad blogger! LOL Yes, I am but again this is my blog so if I feel like it, I can and if I don't then I don't. Honestly though 9 times out of 10 I simply forget. It has never been a part of my daily routine like coffee or showering. Like Tracy over at Tracy's treasures. She updates everyday and feel bad, honestly bugged when she doesn't blog. Then again hers is much more a document of her daily life. A journal perhaps.
That is how this started out and I will still keep it as such. To share my person thoughts, friendships, and as always my creations. After all that is how this thing was supposed to work. Me, well I think I can sum it up simply by one little word "LAZY"! Yes, I have been just plain ol' lazy about blogging.
 At one point it wasn't fun anymore and felt more like a chore. I didn't feel that way today so here ya go. LOL
 Hey, at least I can laugh at the simple truth. Life has been crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I have created nonstop since the end of August. I mean like everyday I am doing something. Even today managed to create two Christmas cards. Yesterday I worked on a project but didn't get it done. It still isn't done but in the stage of ugly and hopefully will not be that way when I am done. LOL If it is, well then in the trash it goes. Not many end up there but some do. Just how it is. So I thought I would share with you a few of my last projects. I do hope you enjoy.
 Maybe I will see you again soon. Don't hold your breath under water or anything, but we shall see. LOL

A lace book with needle felted heart on front. Laces inside were from the hoard vault. There is a video on my channel. Whimsical Endeavors

Another wool sewing bird as I simply love making them for special people. This one went with the Lace book to Brigitte.
The card I made to go with the set. MME lost and found 1 blush paper. Using up what I have. Was so happy I did too.

A clock inside a paper mache heart, inside a birds nest, inside a  large metal "L". It is awesome. I love this piece. Titled "love nest". Made it for a friend of mine. Part of her swap and she loves hearts and clocks.
also a video on my channel of this piece showing more details.
 Next I worked on a few Halloween projects. My neighbor and friend was having a birthday party for her foster daughter. This poor kid had never had a birthday party. Long story but we went all out for her sweet 16th. Thanks to MME for their wonderful Halloween party kit. I heard some folks got these for $2.00 bucks last week...!? WOW Yea, I paid 10 for mine :( oh well it was worth it. Almost killed the stack.
 Okay well I think maybe I will show you the rest next time. This post is already long enough. I know many don't read it, but ya know I always do and check it. I don't want to read 9 pages in one post. LOL Not of myself anyway.
 Have a great week.