Thursday, July 26, 2012

What I didn't do

 Have you ever had one of those days that you got so much done that it feels like there isn't anything you didn't do? It was one of those type of days for me.  Got a couple base coats on a canvas, ran to the dump and got rid of all of the cardboard. still have at least 2 more runs to make:( I recycle a lot. I was there 45 minutes.

 Then I came home, spray painted 2 magazine holders. Trimmed and potted a plant. Wrapped a couple packages and got those to the post office, took pictures, did the dishes, ran to the store, laundry, paid bills and the list really does go on. LOL Just one of those super busy type days.
 Last night I finished up this tag. I love the tone of this one.
okay here is the color version.
it was inspired by a pinterst image from well that was the link on the pic. I have not checked it but I wanted to give credit. It was such a stunning picture/tag I had to do it.
 Have to hit the hay early as taking Mom to the doctors again tomorrow. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

a few projects.

 First off I made another photo/memo holder. I love how this turned out. Couldn't have made this if I didn't hoard a tart mold. *wink*
here is another view
 For our Christmas in July celebration over at here is the link HERE!

Next up would be my dressform Tree topper. Inspired by Miranda edney and Charlene Gibson as well as the cage was inspired by a antique I saw a few weekends ago.
I love the simplicity of her. I think she could go into any decor and any style of tree. I kept her very fuss free so that she would maintain her vintage appeal.

Here is another view of her.
 My last piece to share today is a canvas tile. I made this as a challenge for Limor's july video challenge. You can check that out HERE!
here is another view of this piece
These pieces were tons of fun. I am working on a couple more. I will be posting them soon. If you want more details of these pieces. I have videos up of all three. Here is the link for the tile.
thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Monday.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sunshine is more work!

 Have you ever noticed that when the sun is out there is more work for you to do? Well here anyway since Sunshine with no rain is a luxury. LOL with a average rain fall of 298 days a year that doesn't leave us many sunny days. We hit the Motherload this week. So far 3 days in the 80's and I am loving it. Wait... more work. Yes, cause the lawn is 12 inches high, and the weeds are even higher. So mowing, weeding and don't feel like I have touched it yet. Then painting. We have been waiting to paint and now we finally have the sunshine to do it. Quite the task but will be so happy when it is done. I am painting some furniture and a few other things.Lots of painting projects the list is a full page. Just hoping the sun holds out and no rain or all our work will be ruined.
 I leave you with a pretty picture. One of my favorites. Just one of those pictures that makes me happy.
 See you with more project peeks soon.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


 YAY! I finished it. I have been working on and off on this mini for months now. I just don't think when I am doing them and when I start to think about it I get blocked. So for a person to not think about crafting and just do it, no stress can be involved! HA HA! Stress is my first name, middle and somewhere in the last 2. LOL I just have a lot of other influences that can make my life more stressed then it should be. So it took me a bit longer then it should have or I wanted it to.
 I used all prima papers for the album. I used Nature Garden, Printery and Almanac. I love how they all flowed together for this. There are girly pages, distressed pages and just fun pages. The cover is super girly but I love that.
 I did a video if you would like to see that? The link is here
thanks for stopping by! Have a happy and safe 4th! remember our troops.