Friday, July 31, 2009


Oh Poor, poor Mr. Peabody. I am completely smitten with this guy. Sorry honey but this guy won't yack back! LOL

I feel very fortunate to have a Angel whisper into my ear every once in awhile. The wind beneath my wings spoke to me just 2 nights ago with this little creation. She told me I must HURRY and work harder then I have in awhile. Well I listened of course. But who wouldn't?

This is Beau. He is dressed in his finest to try and impress the ladies with his charms. I don't think he will have too many problems.
He is short and stocky but hey that is fine too. Just a little easier to hug to him. LOL He measures 16 inches tall.

At the moment I am torn as to what site to place this charming fellow but I am sure that he will tell me soon.

Now for a bit of fun. Can you guess what Childrens book inspired this piece? I don't know of a single person that hasn't read at least one of this Authors books.
The FIRST person to guess correctly wins a PRIZE!

Have a wonderful evening now back to work for me. I have a new pattern or two coming out.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Tee hee, I am so excited. I like to collect art from other artists but like most of you this is fun and has to come last. Limited budget and all like most of us starving artists.
I recently purchased this piece from Lance of Crescent Hill Designs. This is the cutest little thing. He did such a wonderful job. So much detail in such a tiny little guy.
If you get the chance you must purchase one for yourself. I promise YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY. You will fall in love with his humorous soul that speaks through his art.
Now I have to get the frame painted to house this guy and he will be hanging in my studio to give me a does of a daily giggle.
Thank you Lance. Buddy you rock.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tut Tut wish it would rain...

My friends it has been so very hot here the last few days. Temps above a 100 for my little neck of the woods. Pea is melted and just about a puddle on the floor. LOL

I did manage to work a wee bit last night after it cooled off and worked till early this morning. It was so much cooler and tollerable. I have a small window AC but hate to use it much as the power bills go through the roof. I have it on now as it has been off for awhile.

I couldn't resist making another Mummy shaker. I had so much fun making the first one and well I just wanted to see if I could do it again. I am very happy with how he turned out and think he looks just as good as the original. He makes me giggle.
He will be going on the Arts of Fluter site for the 1st of August.
I have many projects going and the CELEBRATION STARTS NEXT WEEK! I have so many things to announce. I know you all have waited patiently but hang in there just a wee bit longer. I promise it will be worth the wait.
Off to work now that it is cooling off a bit. Have a wonderful week and remember to check back soon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


What wonderful day it was today. Bright and sunny. I spent it with my eldest son, his fiance' and my dear daughter.
Jake and Kat picked us up for a very special occasion today. You see my Jake was reenlisting into the A.F reserves for 6 years or until his active duty paperwork comes through. We pray that is soon. So I witnessed him taking the oath to protect us all once again. It was a very proud moment for this old Mom. The Colonel even thanked ME? for helping our son to do this. I thought that was very nice of him. I told him I had no choice. He was gone the second his Dad placed him the cockpit of a F-4 when he was a wee lad of only 3.
If this wasn't enough excitement for the day. Our dear son then took us all on a tour of the Jet you see above. Inside and out. It was so wonderful to see and have him tell us all the things he does. There is a little hatch at the very top of this HUGE plane and they call it the birds eye. You see the top of the plane and all the engines from there. He let us peek out of it and then told us he frequently walks on the top of the plane. OMG? What? That scared me but said they wear safety lines so it they fall they won't hit the ground. You can't believe how big this plane is. Let us put it this way. A 747 looks tiny in comparison. Even showed us where the troops jump out and how they pack the airplane. It was so neat. My Dear Hubby and Dad used to work on this plane as well. So very neat to know about. So it meant all the more to me. Each doing a different job but Jake told me everything each generation did.

I didn't think it would happen today due to the Rodeo as they call it. It is where planes/crews from all over the world and states come and compete for the best crew. My hubby's unit has won several times while he was in and he still has his coins. They give them a coin with the date and best crew. This test is for war readiness. Everything from timing to, emergency service to take off and landing. Very hard judges. It is a honor to be part of this crew. In a few days Jake will know how his unit( his dad's old unit) will fair. I hope they win. Like Father, like son.

I decided after all that we needed to celebrate. so I took the clan to dinner at Red Robin. We had wonderful food and all had Raspberry/watermelon Spritzers. No alcohol although I thought about it! LOL

So that was my excitement for awhile. back to cleaning the house and a bit of dolly making.
Have a wonderful week. Ya never know what you might do next. mmmmmmmmmmmm what could I do to top that? Could be fun finding out.. hee hee

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I like to write poetry. It is in my blood you could say. My Father was a poet, inventor and a fixer of everything. He didn't get to raise me but his blood runs thick in these old veins. He died shortly before my birth. So his poetry is all that I have of him.

Like many things I have to be in the mood to write. It strikes me with no warning and leaves just like the breathe from my body. Clay works is the same as well as painting and collage work. These things do not come easy to me as some of you think. I refer to them as whispers. When one arrives that I like I am grateful and relieved. It sometimes feels like a itch that I can't quite reach. It is meant to be here, but the timing has to be just right as well as my mood. That is the hard part. LOL I am often so wrapped up in so many things that it pulls me away from the whispers. When I finally get to sit down it takes over.
This poem I am about to share was quite a few years ago. I think about 5 in fact. I had made a very eerie make do. I can't find the pictures although I know they are here somewhere.

It is time to be thinking about Halloween items and this poem just might inspire you to create something. Happy Haunting my friends

Friday, July 17, 2009

Blogging is a wonderful thing

Here in blog land I have met so many wonderful people and artists. I have formed new friendships and am still trying to get to know a few. So many thoughtful, caring people come here when I post to read the dribble and daily rhymes of a artist. Someone like many of you, struggles with the multitude of hats, kids, pets and art to juggle. The daily lists of chores and the travel in zippy little cars can take over. We can not respond as quickly to the comments and well wishes as we would like to. I for one do try and respond quickly but I can not spend all day on the p.c.. I am a one woman band of many and girls I do it all. I have to. No choice. Mr. Peabody works long and hard hours on his feet with a disability. When he walks through the door the body, pain take over and he sits until he goes to bed. Yes, he could do a bit more but ya know sometimes our men can not find the motivation needed. We have all had days like that. SO that leaves me. Nope, don't like it but it is what it is. Now you are probably wondering what the point of this dribble is....

A few days ago another artist honored me with a award. I am terrible at these things. I never get them posted in a timely fashion and other then the run on excuses above there is no reason.;)

Sweet Sandy of AwtemNymf gave me the wonderful award and this is what sweet words she had to say about me.

6) Whimsical Endeavors - Lots of sweet patterns. A friendly lady. So crafty, creative & inspirational! Her dolls and needle sculpting is amazing! I love her Halloween stuff *of course*

I feel honored that she thinks well of me. She is a sweetie and you should go visit her blog. She is bright as cherry punch.

Now to pass this lovely award on to some very inspiration blogs. There is so many to choose from so I will only choose 6 this time. I can't be writing all night. My hands would quit on me.:(

Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who:
~ inspires you
~ makes you smile and laugh
~ or maybe gives amazing information
~ a great read
~ has an amazing design
~ and any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing!

The rules of this award are:
* Put the logo on your blog or post.
* Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing!
* Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.
* Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.

1. Laurie Hardin of Money cat studios-
Laurie makes me giggle. She is hysterical, sweet and a very talented gal. Her artwork comes to life. It has so much depth to it, amazing, and I haven't even seen one up close and personal. One of these days.;)

Sonia my sweet from Dark Ravens Nest
She is a awesome, artist lady. So inspiring, cheerful and the best cheerleader any artist could ask for. Near and dear to my heart.

3. Candy of Howling Moons
Candy is one of those gals that it is truly a pleasure to know. Very giving of herself to others. The kind of person that puts everyone first and herself last. Talented sculpture, Mother, daughter and friend.

4. Angie of Love the prim Look
Angie and I have gotten to know each other a bit over the last few years and it is a pleasure. She is a fun gal that is also giving of herself and others. Especially to our four legged friends. The kind of gal that is always rooting for you during the ups and downs.

5. Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy
AND Allie Cat Rescue

Jenny is a super gal that gives her time, love, money and devotion to our fur babies in the Colorado area. She has spent countless hours chasing kitties, taking them to the vet and up all night helping them through the worst. I think Jenny is a Hero to our kitties. I am inspired by her love and selfless acts of kindness. Thank you Jenny

6.Renae of My little Raggedy blessings
Renae is a new friend but a very kind and giving friend. Always there to cheer us on and also does the most beautiful images and shares with everyone. I look forward to getting to know her more. I am sure it will be a pleasure.

7. There are many more friends I would love to pass this on to but they don't have time for posting right now. You know who you are and are loved for you being you.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Silly

Oh what fun I have had for the past two days creating this little guy. Meet Mr. Bone Jangles. LOL Just a silly bone head shaker. Yes, he has a bell on his funky top hat. I love the curled sides of the hat. He kept asking me if his make up was good? Now I know what you are thinking but, this guy is a entertainer. We all know that they wear make up on stage. He is ready to go about charming his audience. Loves to sing and tell Knock knock jokes... Now isn't that silly?

I will be listing this charming fella on eBay tomorrow evening. Click on eBay to go there.

I am off to work again. I have lots of things to get cracking on and that CELEBRATION is getting VERY CLOSE! Paperwork is the HANG up....
Have a wonderful week

Friday, July 10, 2009

That just might work...

I don't know about you guys but when it comes to shipping items and the ever rising cost,- (despite the fact that Dh works for the Postal Service) I try and get my hands on as many of those little bags of air as I can. So I started thinking of ways I could do the same thing. The cost is the factor. Little bags would be too costly. Then it hit me, why not use balloons!!! They are cheap, I have free hot air- LOL and that would work. Only fill the balloon as much as needed. Could fit in there with the dollies and still be protected and light weight. Much lighter then paper anyway.

So what do you all think? I am excited and am gonna give it a try. I thought we could all use a cheaper way to package our item, so that is why I am sharing.

Have the most wonderful day. Gotta go clean up the house again. I wasn't even home and it is a mess again:(

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Golly Be Jolly

I have been a busy girl again. Got my groove on this week anyway. LOL
Some of you might know that on Pfatt Marketplace we are having our annual
~Jingle Time July~. A wonderful array of Holiday offerings. Everything your heart could desire for the Holidays and beyond. Not to mention free prizes from some of the best artists in the business. Be sure to check it out July 10th at Midnight.

As most of you may have noticed I don't get many full dollies done. I have had so many things the past 8 months in the way since Mom needs me now more then ever. So for me to get a full dolly done is something to squawk about. I am tickled beyond giggles about this little guy. He is so very sweet and pictures don't even come close to capturing what I see in that face. Head to toe just adorable. Now how often do you hear something like that from me? LOL

Well my friends I do have to run. The house is a ship wreck and I have to get it cleaned up as it is driving me batty. LOL
I will have something new for you to peek at soon. So stayed tuned to this channel. LOL
Have a wonderful week making memories.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I would personally like to Thank all those past and present that have fought to keep this Country FREE as the founders of this Great Nation had planned. We have been bombed,invaded, shattered but never BROKEN!

This Country is strong and will remain strong. We believe in each other and our troops. Please say a prayer for them today as they may celebrate elsewhere.

May you be warm, loved and have a full belly. Be safe and Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Oh I have been up to no good again... No, no, not throwing myself about but planning and playing with witches in the studio... Oh if the walls could talk or if you could hear me chatter to myself you might just run for the HILLS! LOL Just kidding but having a bit of fun for sure.

What is more "witchie" than a TWO faced WITCH? There is two sides to every coin and I couldn't resist doing it again. Last years piece was so much fun why not? Of course it had to be a bit different. Smaller in scale and a box this time so you will have a place to stash a few secrets. I love boxes of any kind. So when I get a idea where a box involved, I get excited. It makes me think of all the uses it has and all the things it could hold.

This is the fourth addition to the Hallowed Haunting collection.
You can find it HERE.

I have listed my HERA witch on ARTS A FLUTTER. She is still available. Pictures do not do these pieces justice. If you have any questions please holler.

Well I have so many things in the works. Later this week we will have a celebration I mentioned or hinted to you, so stay tuned kids as you get to get in on the party. It will be so much fun. Promise!
Off to work I go. Egor is waiting to fire things up so I must scoot before he burns the house down.LOL Have a great Holiday Weekend and be safe!