Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Out with the OLD and HELLO to the NEW~

Wow time sure flies anymore. Must be because I barely sit still for more then a few minutes. I am so very tired. Have been dragging for what seems like months. I think I need a pick-me-up and a bit of CPR. Ha ha! Maybe just simply some sleep for more then 4 hours might be in order. A crash and burn session as I refer to it.

Christmas went off without a hitch. The kids all showed up, Mom made it here as well and it was a lovely Christmas eve dinner. Quiet and easy. We had prime rib,taters,gravy,and a host of other goodies. Christmas Morning my whole family here at the crack of dawn for presents. We all made out very well. Santa was broke but he sure knows how to get a deal out of those elves. LOL

I for one am ready for the refreshing start of a NEW YEAR! I love that I get to swipe that slate clean, shrug off the crap from last year and put on some new duds along with a new view. Most folks lay themselves thick with, I am gonna do this or that. A list of must do's and well in the past I was one of those kind of people. Not that it isn't a bad thing to set goals. For me setting goals is always a good thing but too many at once for me personally becomes like everything else - a TASK! A nasty four letter word that is a lot like the other nasty four letter word -WORK! LOL Now we all must do what we do on a daily basis to keep things going but the older I get the more I hate those nasty four letter words. I like four letter words like ~REST!, SHOP, and my favorite would be CAKE!...

So this year I have lots of "IDEAS", I would like to put to the front. I honestly don't know how many will come about as I really struggle sometimes with the get up and go needed to complete so many tasks. I am not a lazy person, but loose my steam with so many distractions. So this year at the top of my goal list is the to fix the steam issue. Which means eating a wee bit better. I started this two weeks ago and so far I do feel better. Still very tired but that is a iron issue and I can not take vitamins with iron as I am actually allergic to iron. Iodine as well and they almost always have that in there too. Good for ya, just not me. So I have to eat a wee bit more greens. Had some cabbage last night- I know most of you are going YUCK- I love it. Good thing too cause I need it.

Changing the old sleep schedule might help as well. This is the final goal for the time being. Again I can't do too many at once so 2 is my limit. Besides being my favorite number. It is actually only one thing. Feel better- so two changes hoping that it helps me feel better. I am sure once I have mastered these two I will move on to others to increase my feeling better attitude.

What are some goals that you have set for yourself if any? I would love to cheer you on in this. So be sure to let me know. Support is the number one key to success they say. I have my kids and friends from church cheering me on here. It is good cause I am sure there will be days when I will need it.

Just wanted to say HELLO, tell you what I have been up to and wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2010 is the best year for you EVER!!!!

May you be blessed

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Okay, I admit it. I have been in a bah Humbug mood for most of the season. I have had a lot of *STUFF* lately and it has put me into a bad mood. One continue Witch session. Just the same usual stuff that most of us go through but all at once. When it rains it pours and lately here it is coming down like buckets. I am not telling you this cause I want you to feel sorry for me or say Oh poor Pea, I am saying this so that you know there is someone out there that goes through it besides you. I know it isn't really comforting but sometimes just having someone to relate to, makes bull crap seem less like the bull crap it is really. I mean it has been so bad that I don't even have the tree out or nothing. 2 little decorations from dear friends and that is it. How pathetic is that? Talk about a Scroogette huh?

So my dear daughter K.T. knows me well and this isn't the usual mood I am in for the holidays. She knows that usually I am the one practically shoving the Christmas spirit down the throats of unsuspecting victims who manage to get in my path. LOL. Passing out a host of goodies and good cheer to those in need.

K.T. decided that some change in scenery was in order. K.T ,her boyfriend and his Mother had made plans to go to the Point Defiance Zoo for what is called Zoo Lights. K.T. asked Jame's Mom if she minded if I came along. I have always wanted to go and well my hubby can be very lame and does not wanna go. Kathy said she was driving and anyone could come. I was very excited to be invited and so looked forward to it. It was colder then frosted Dingle berries but sooo worth it.

A total of 6.50 to get into the gate. The gas and toll for the bridge. Still under $15.00. less then a Movie for 4 people.

Oh my stars. It was so pretty. They has music going and there were a few more people then I like but still manageable. We got to go into the aquarium as well. It was ~warm~ in there and that was a nice break from the cold. I will share those few pics tomorrow.

Just look at that lovely green and purple tree. That was my favorite. They had Mt. Rainier , the rivers and sound mapped out in lights. Even animals. We did stop by the gift shop and I had to buy a ornament to remember my trip. I chose a snowy owl in glass as it reminded me of my dad. How he loved the birds and listening to the owls we have here at night. Not snowy ones but I liked that ornament best. Daddy would have enjoyed that as well and complained about the power bill. LOL Another reason from my Bah Humbug. I have been missing him quite a bit. I guess I am taking over where he left off somedays. Been just one year since his passing. Still seems like a fresh wound with salt to me.

The end was perfect. It gave me a new sence of hope. A gentle reminder that this too shall pass.

Go and check to see if your local zoo does this. When I google it, there were many choices of zoos. Great for the kids too but bundle up. Baby it is cold out there.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Creations

I have been playing in clay again. I have had so much fun with it. Please go take a peek and tell me what you think...?
Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday MOMMA!

My Mom turns 74 tomorrow. Isn't she a hoot? I hope I am kicking butt at that age too? LOL
It has been a rough couple of Months for her. I am hoping things settle down now that her kitchen is almost remodeled. I am going to get her and her little dog and we are having the kids over for her favorite Fried Chicken. She says mine is the best. I don't know about that since she taught me how to cook it. But the point by be that I AM COOKING IT! She hates to cook. She is so darn good at it too. I am not fond of cooking although at one time I was offered a scholarship to become a chef. WHEW~ Boy am I glad I rethought that one... Not for me. There are always dishes too. LOL

I have listed some more lights in my EBAY. Just click on the word ebay and it will take you there. I will be adding more goodies this week so be sure to check back.

I am off to do some last minute things for tomorrow. Actually have a lot to do but that is the way it goes.
Hope you have a wonderful week. Blessings,Pea

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Guest Artist

I hope you all survived Black Friday. I did barely. I didn't want to go out but had to do a friend a favor that has done a lot for us.... So out I went and it wasn't pretty but did get what I was after for the most part.

I am honored to say that Sara over at The Primitive Gathering asked me to be the featured artist for this month. So nice. I slaved away* Wink* in the studio creating a new clay piece. I love how this little guy turned out. The snow drifts on the side is my favorite part.
I hope you will check him out and my other goodies. Click HERE.

I am in the process of finishing some items this evening and hope to update again in a day or two. Until then have a wonderful week and be safe- it is scary out there. LOL