Monday, October 24, 2016

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

 Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Now this may make you wonder what one earth. Pea, you are already married. Yes, happily for 35 years this November.

 This phrase is in relation to my work. Sometimes a phrase, a picture, something small like a old key will pop into my head. They are random and seem silly to most but I understand that they are whispers.
 Something old... well that could mean a host of things. Like  a old iron, a book or just about anything aged and grubby.
Something new, well most often for me that is fabric. LOL or in this case floss.
Something borrowed. Now this one is tricky. I don't want to borrow from anyone! I prefer to pull from my own stash but who is to say that I can't borrow from myself and creations from my past. Something like this perhaps has me thinking. He is a sweet little fellow. I  have a idea how to make one similar with just a few changes. Should be fun right?

 Now on to something blue. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Well this Midnight is calling blue has been haunting me. I see it everyday and I just have to do something with it. It is screaming to be stitched.
The tones in this piece are just fabulous and I keep going back to it. Like winters midnight. Cool and crisp, with just a touch of moonlight to show it all off. Pure inspiration for me. Nothing makes me happier.
With that, I bid you a goodnight. Stitches are calling.

Make a happy memory~Pea

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Love~Hate Relationship

 I have had a on going love/ hate relationship with something for years. It almost breaks my heart. It is with this little critter.
Photo courtesy of Google
Now you are probably thinking" How can you hate that?" Well I don't!I love it but it hates me. You see these sweet adorable, loving critters I am allergic to in every form. I can't eat them and am most grateful for that. No taste for it as it makes me very ill. I am allergic to lanolin as well. Now that one makes life very tricky. It is the main ingredient to most lotions and creams that save my very sensitive skin.I have managed to get around that is most cases. Although my Doctor has had to earn her pay.
The part that bothers me the most is the part I truly love. WOOL! I love wool! I love it in a way only a Stitcher can. I love the texture, the softness and the over dyed stuff is truly a addiction I choose not to change. The problem is I am allergic to it as well. It causes such a rash and burning in my hands. It is like that of a burn. It blisters and it just plain ugly. Yet, when I started collecting I was determined to figure out a way to use what I love. My parents thought I was crazy. In the beginning I could only stitch for about 20 minutes before the itch would become more than I could bear.
I am stubborn(go figure~) and so I was determined to find a way to stitch a project with wool so that is wouldn't drive me crazy. There just had to be a way. There is.
 I am sharing this information in case there is someone else out there who like me, has the itch to stitch with wool but the itch is too much to bear.  Even the over dyed wool causes issues. You would think after that process there wouldn't be any hint of lanolin left, but it is a natural grease and it is still there.
 The answer is baby soap. It is the gentlest soap available. It removes the lanolin from the wool. I like Dreft but there are many to choose from. Good old Tide works for some but I wash it twice. By hand being sure not to stretch it. Let it hang dry and call it ready to stitch. I can now stitch for a whole day with no issues. I told you I was stubborn!
 This lovely wool above is my newest addition to my collection. I just love these colors and I can see many happy hours together. That blue I call" Midnight is calling" It is my favorite. Will be a perfect background for something, as to what I don't know yet.

I also got carried away with some over dyed floss. I have every color of floss that DMC makes and yet there is always room for more. These are perfectly prim. They make my heart sing Joy, Joy, Joy! Especially since I already have wool to match.
 I have made a few penny rugs and it is my favorite stitching to do. I use patterns from other designers mainly Needl'love but have a few others. I have designed a few as well but sadly those pictures were lost when my pc crashed in 09. I am not sure but I believe this is a pattern by Needl'love. It has been many years since I made this pillow for a swap.

I did use wool for the leaf accents for a doll or two. These were fun to create. I love the stiffness you get with a little coffee and baking.
 Well, I think I have kept you long enough. Besides Autumn is calling. We are in full glory here this week and I need to take a camera and the pups for a walk. May you have more than one opportunity to make a Happy Memory today.
Blessings to you and yours~