Sunday, April 1, 2018


Happy Easter my friends. I hope this post finds you full of blessings, full bellies and new memories.

You are probably wondering about my title to this post.  That particular phrase is something that shoots out of my mouth often. I can honestly say gingers are not known for long patience and it couldn't be truer than for me. I am not very patient at all. Like nanoseconds can be too long. *Smirk* Especially if it is something I have a great passion for like my art.

As you know from my last post I have started a journey down the rabbit hole and into the clay sculpting world. It isn't my first skill nor my first time but by my eye, you would think it was. Yes, I do know we are our worst critics. I have been struggling with this very thing. I am very critical on my work and if I am not happy with a piece I will not showcase or sell it. The real issue is I have been overly critical.

My parents were both artists. My brother can draw anything. I didn't find my niche until much later, although I tried everything. Clay or pottery was my first love in high school art. How fabric actually came into play was my best friend wanted a cloth doll. I knew how to sew, so I set out to create a doll for her. I later showed her how I did it. That journey is precious to me and something I hope I never stop living. Now the tricky part is to grow more in both cloth and clay, both of which seem like I am brand new, my first day.
 Doing is in the growth. This has been said to me, more times than I can count. I guess there will be a lot of heads in my future. Not sure I want all those eyes staring at me though. * laughing* So we may leave some to using their other senses. I hope they don't break anything while trying to find their way around.

I am headed out to make a few more memories.  Love the holidays and my family time. It recharges my soul.
blessings to you and yours, Pea