Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Monday

What a great day! Beautiful sunshine. A bit chillie but sunshine just the same. Getting lots done. Including two items ready for my WSOAPP selling blog. I will be listing them this evening.

The first is a snowman door hanger. It turned out oh so nice. Just love it. May have to make one for me. tee hee. Frosty measures 18 inches and comes with a hanger on the back to hang on your door alone or in your fresh greenery wreath.
I am listing it for $40.00 with free U.S. shipping. Delivery confirmation will be included.

The second item is a wool Penny stocking. I stitched this entire piece by hand. I love the old fashioned feel and look to it. It measures 15 1/2 inches long. I am listing it for $25.00 with free first class U.S. shipping. delivery confirmation will be included.
If you are interested in either of these pieces you can email me at
Back to work my friends. Lots to complete today. 7 days and counting till my show.
blessings, Pea

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hello MY friends,

Working like a mad woman and feel like I am finally getting stuff done.

Just dropping in to say Hello.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends. Back to work for me.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well I am sure that you all will be happy that I had no packages arrive today! Bummer but the way it goes.* Wink*

I did however get somethings done. I made this wreath and have another one just like it about ready. I am also making the snowman version. I love how it turned out but have to scrounge through my own personal stash of greenery. :( I am out.:( don't like that one bit. I think this one is cute. I hope they do well but alot to them the way I did it.

I must get going. I received my oil order finally, so I must get busy with room sprays. Wish my fixens came in but that isn't gonna happen till monday. Did I mention that I hate waiting for supplies. LOL

Have a good one my friends. Got lots to make. More pics tomorrow. stay tuned.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Can you say S*P*O*I*L*E*D*?

Okay I admit it I must be spoiled and reallllllllllllllly spoiled to have my customer send me not one gift but two this week. I got my Ready Teddy Go and Company and I adore that but I guess it wasn't enough for my friend Alba. Just look at the sweet card and packaging. How very nice. It was wrapped in orange tissue and a gingham bow as well, but I ripped through that to get to my prize. LOL

She decided that I needed a new pinkeep and emery too. It came from The Daily Pinkeep on Etsy Just look at this sweet wool pumpkin and emery.. Isn't that darling. I am afraid to use it even though to not to would be a dishonor.
Her stitches are so tiny and just as close to perfect as one can get being handmade. Real even and tiny stitches at that. The gal that made it really has her nitch with needle and thread. A emery leaf too, how cool is that. Not many of us have them any more and I didn't have one with all the sewing I do. Nuts I know.

so Alba and Arnold. Thank you again. Everyone that receives a surprise from YOU IS spoiled that is for sure. Now off to get something done. Gonna be using my pinkeep today.:)

Sunday, October 19, 2008


OMG my friends. I could just PEA- tee hee my pants.... LOL
Yesterday the post man delivered a package. A SUPRISE package. Ya see I am blessed with a customer that has become my friend. She is very good to her friends and well she BOUGHT me a present! Can you believe that? OMG, so anyway she went to a show and this little crabby carrot made her think of me... Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I do have carrot orange red hair and make shakers. Is she trying to tell me something? LOL If she is I am playing dumb! LOL

This clay sculpture is from Terri, she sent it herself. How cool is that and there was a special note from my friends.

A special gift to you from Alba and Arnold.
Have a spooky Halloween.

Would you just look at that bitty little shaker. OMg I love this piece but that shaker-( I make so many of them) that little shaker cracks me up! Tickles my fancy. I love this piece but that shaker makes it something extra special.

I have to admit I have been like so many of you lately down in the dumps due to ebay and such. I guess my friends knew this would bring me joy, a giggle and love. Just what the doctor ordered my friends. Thank you so much. It cracks me up and reminds me not to be a crabby carrot any more. LOL

I spent the whole day running around errands and yesterday before my sweet surprise arrived I was a very crabby carrot. LOL My DH was playing with the dogs and broke my tart burner again. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I had this cool stoneware one that looks like my german pottery. A birthday gift from a friend- Yeppers I have the best friends. Anyhoo Mike had broke the top on it. I liked this one cause I can place it on the wood stove and not have to plug it in or use a candle. it heats up from the fire. Well it took me months to find a top that would fit in it and the color. I did, took it out a hour before he broke it. MEN! Why is it always my stuff that gets broke? Never the kids or his. I was so durn mad that I threw a tubby across the room. I don't ususally do that but I knew it would make me feel better. I was thinking about throwing dh but he is a bit heavy for me.

So now to hunt down another stoneware tart burner. You see if it isn't stoneware it could crack under the heat of the wood stove. If ya see one let me know. I know that they are pricey so maybe I might make Dh pay for it. LOL

Have a good one my friends. Going to bed early for church tomorrow. Another day and nothing done. UGh but I will show ya something by monday hopefully.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quilt Give Away

Lizzy Anne of Pigs and snails is giving away this beautiful quilt. As a sewer I know how much time went into that blanket. It is stunning and LOVe the pattern as well. I know that my chances of winning are slim but we can dream can't we? LOL
Hopefully she will have the pattern for sale to all you quilters out there soon. Thank you Lizzy Anne how very generous and Ya HOOO for the winners!
Have the most wonderful evening.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Jolly Olde Folk Santa

Hello Everyone,
Well I have been putting the petal to the metal on the sewing machine and sewing and creating like a crazed, coffee driven woman. LOL
I have listed a new Santa on ebay. He is so cute and comes with his very own Young Frosty sidekick. LOL


You can read his story and enjoy all his pictures, ***HERE***

I also created this Ornament for my show.

OMG It is 22 days and counting and I don't have my supplies yet? OMG They haven't come yet and I am starting to panic. Just don't expect to see me for about a week or so cause I will be moving like a new hurricane to get it all done in three days if those supplies don't come in.
So my friends I have to edit the auction as I can't spell this evening it seems. LOL
Have a wonderful week.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Most of the day today was fighting another migrain but kids I think we know why? I think I am allergic to Lipton tea. It dawned on me, yep I be slow sometimes- tee hee
that I have been buying lipton for about 2 weeks and I have had a bad headache or migrain everyday for about 2 weeks. Yep done with that already.
So the hubsters is gonna go get me some cheap tea- LOL it is cheapest and I love the flavor, and will see if these things go away. Ofcourse- STRESS couldn'T be a FACTOR???? ;/ hehehe
it is 3:41 And yep still up. So my friends I am off to bed.
Enjoy the view.
Have a wonderful day. I will be sleeping till noon! LOL

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The clock strikes 12 and..

Pfatt marketplace updates. Oh I have some wonderful new goodies to show you. Incuding this clay ornie. Yeppers giving old clay a try too. LOL Please peek at my offerings a pfatt tonight. Just click Here
it will take you there.
Back to work for this dwarf... If this headache will go away. Yep anothe MIGRAIN! UGH.
It must be stress as I have 25 days and counting till the big show.
Have a wonderful stress free evening. Blessings,pea

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

more Mice

Well I got two more Duffy's Made. I love this little pattern. They are so much fun. More mice doesn't surprise me knowing their reputation! Mom always said if you see one you know there are more!! GRIN~ Sorry couldn't resist.
Well off to work with me. A santa is in the works. I have two more creations to show you in a few days. Don't wanna spoil the fun for Pfatt Marketplace so stay tuned. Don't change the station! LOL

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lots to chat about!

Oh my friends I have soooo much to tell you! I have been working like a mad woman on steroids. LOL Just hot tea I promise.

I purchase some sweet turkeys from North Wind star and OMG these little buggers are so cute. She did a wonderful job on them. I got them for fillers for my booth and ordered a few more. Her prices are simply the best on ornies and she ships quick. She also has the best sweet annie. So very soft and sweet. Thank you Lex! Love it!!! Don't they look all cute like this? Lex gave me the idea for this. Makes me want to keep a few and just might.. tee hee

Then today I got my PRIZE from sweet Renee of Birch Berry Farm Primitives
I received two wonderful bars of soap and it smells so yummy! Feels so good on my skin and is just good for everything including stains. Yee haw . Thank you Renee I am tickled I won the prize.

Okay so I have been a busy Pea. I will be updating my Page today sometime with some new goodies. I have a new mouse done and he is oh so cute. Soft in the head did this mouse pattern and I adore it. Quick, easy and oh sew cute. Tee hee.
Thank you Pam. Sweet Duffy is a keeper for sure as that is my maiden name. Oh Love it.

Then I had a wonderful trip on saturday at the craft fair shopping and chatting and eatting. My favorite things besides sewing. So I got a few goodies and heres they are.
The cabinet looks like my FIL made it. It has the buttons on it and he does that to all his pieces. Got this puppy for 38.00 wow what a steal!
two old frames for something- don't know what yet but way cool frames I will paint up cool.

Then I know this light was made in china but it spoke to me but had to have it. It speaks alot about me I just don't thump that around town. The light brings peace to my soul. I love candle lights I have alot of them. This one is going in my bedroom as I want black and tan and some red in there someday.

So off to work my friends. The mice are yelling that they need arms and trims. Such little chatter boxes today. My Gosh, oh and my family said they would like to eat today. What? You need food oh I am sorry you didn't have a reservation! LOL Ha ha Renee just for you.
Have the most wonderful day my friends. You might see me zipping by. Like a white rabbit.
Where is alice anyway? LOL

Friday, October 3, 2008

Christmas Magic

I worked ever so Hard on this piece. It was a labor of love and am happy with the way it turned out. I took a wonderful pattern by Soft in the Head and tweeked it just a wee bit. Gave it a pea's touch. You all know that I can't do anything just the normal way. I have to twist things. ha ha.

This will be going for sale on one of my many websites. Details to follow in a few days.

Well are supposed to get the WHITE stuff. Along with some heavy rains. So I filled the water jugs for all their many country uses. Brought in wood for the wood stove and kindling. Straightened my cluttered house- yuck more to do but hey it is a start ;0

The joys of being a mom in charge of the house.

But I get to play hookie from all the normal things tomorrow. YIPPEEEEEEEEEE I am sneaking off with two friends with bumper shoot in hand and we are going to a big craft fair and hitting all the prim shops. Can't wait! I have to medicate myself to sleep tonight I am so excited tee hee but it will be worth it tomorrow. I will show you all my goodies in a few days.

Have a wonderful weekend my friend.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well I am on a roll. Not even halloween yet and ready to start playing christmas music to get me going... JUST KIDDING!

I finished up this sweet Santa Shaker last night and he is going on ebay this evening. I think he very cool and his head was made from a pattern from Soft in the Head! Thanks Pam.

I have been working like non stop for days and weeks it seems. I am fighting more migrains today so don't know how long my work will last tonight but need to get lots done. I am on three websites now so need more stuff to sell on them. Plus my two coming shows. Oh Boy did I say OH BOY? Yeppers... I am nuts huh? Bet you knew that.. LOL

Back to work for me. Hope to give you another peek this evening of a new item.

Have a wonderful day my friends.