Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ink Storage Solution Solved! YAY!

 The biggest problem I had of late in the studio was ink storage. It was a pain in the ( insert word of your choice) to dig through a drawer! I hated it. Well hate my be a too strong a word, but I disliked it to the point of no return. LOL
 Having to dig made me not even want to use the inks on the bottom and I rarely did because of it.
 Now for the solution.

This is the" Elite" from Stampin Things click link HERE. This is one of two pieces I have of theirs. Here is the other.
 This is the "Topper"  and it fits so wonderful on top of the Elite. Just perfect. I have room to grow *wink* and trust me I will* wink again*.
 These two units hold all my stamp pads of many kinds. They hold stampin up & markers. The Memento,Hero Arts, Ranger Adirondack , distress inks, all the reinkers to any ink.
 The tray on top holds a basket with my ink blender items, my ink spinner and a few other needful items stamp/ink related. Here is a picture of mine in my studio.
See how nicely everything fits? I just love it. The quality is really good. I mean they are so sturdy. They hand make each piece and they spin. I did a video on it.  That is here.
 They carry more then just ink storage and I am looking forward to getting a few of those pieces as well. Great storage pieces that are well made here in the good old U.S.A. are hard to find. Their prices are great and the amount of storage you get compared to others well they beat it hands down. I did lots of research before choosing this company. I called Sue and she was so nice and so very helpful. Just a peach of a woman.
 I am as happy as can be with this solution. Go check them out if the old drawer isn't working for you either. LOL
 So off to do some more organizing. Getting there, slowly but surely. I want to do it right and be done for good:)
 Happy day to all

Thursday, April 4, 2013

More projects and a video

 I did 2 more projects. I have been working on this first one for about a month on and off. I knew what I wanted to do, but had to work out the kinks. It takes me a little while to work it out. Especially when I am so so tired.  Taking care of mom is a full time job. LOL

 This is a old portfolio from the 30's.
this is side A, yes there are two sides. Love that:)
this is a photo frame side created from the original mat that was inside. I didn't do too much as I feel sometimes the projects are so big that they distract from the beautiful pictures that it may hold.

Here is a close up of the details. The chain leaves are my favorites.
Onto side "B"
 It is a pincushion. I love it. Created from a box lid. I had so much fun.
here is a close up. You can really see that crackle. I love the martha stewert crackle paint.
 So I think I need to hit the shower since hubs is home and go to bed. Just totally wiped out again. I feel like I am been working 12's again. OMG.
 I will share my last project tomorrow. If you like you can watch the video on all 4 projects below.
 Have a wonderful night.

Busy, busy, creative girl

 That would be me the last few weeks. It seems I go through spurts. I am really good at getting stuff done for a few weeks and then I hit a low point again and can't seem to find time to get anything done.
 I like it better when I post often and have lots to share. If you came today to see projects I have some.  I know shocking huh? LOL

 The first is a 5 minute card. I can't ever remember making a card that only took 5 minutes. Until now. Seriously that never happens. I really like it though and wish more of my cards came together this quickly. Then again I did no stamping, no inking and just used the pretty paper. Easy Peasy they say.
 The card measures 5 x 5.
 And for the inside
Just more of the wonderful papers. See told ya very easy.
I did a wee bit of stitching on the front two panels on this one. Distressed all the edges. But no ink. Really was hard to resist. I wanted to see if I could do shabby chic. I don't think this is there yet, but like going to go into cold water. You go in a little at a time. LOL

Project #2 is a tag
This is also shabby chic. I do love how it turned out. For a sweet lady who has breast cancer. So sad for her, but had to send her a little smile. I hope this  makes her smile.
 I think this is very pretty. I love the image and the leaves, OMG the leaves. I used acetate and cut them out with a sizzlet die. Then I stamped with white stazon ink. Love it. Will be doing this often. Love the softness of the white.

close up of this pretty

I am beat, beyond beat. So tired I could sleep for a week. So for now I am going to close here. I have 2 more projects to share and that will have to be tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by:)
Many blessings,Pea