Friday, September 25, 2009


Alright ladies and guys. You have been patient enough and I am sure that by now you all thought I had forgotten about my special Celebration Give Away. I had not forgotten and it has been heavy on my mind. Just not enough of me to go around these days.

Yes, Mom has a house but still not the way she wants or needs it to be. Still some work and tweaking to be done. I will be going over on Sunday after church to get her done as much as I can physically do myself. Then the fine tuning and organizing is all up to her.

The second celebration is for Alex. You remember my post early July about Alex needing a heart transplant and the doctors had to check him over to see if it could even be done? Well I am happy to announce that Alex does qualify for a new HEART. The question now is whether Alex will decide to do it. There are so many details and this will be forever. It may or may not take as well as a boat load of other risks involved. So it is up to him and the ones above to decide his fate at this point on. We are celebrating either way and it is a chance for Alex no matter what he chooses.
so with all this wonderful news a Give Away was in order. I have two items for the two celebrations in my life.

These are what I call my Vintage Petites. They are old fashioned Noise makers. Each one will come with a matching set of (3) tags. They are made from antiqued papers and lots of other paper trims and goodies. They make lots of noise. So much fun. remind me of some of the goodies I got as a kid. Inspired by those memories. Shipped to the lucky winners. These are very neat and the details do not show up in the pics. They will signed to you from me. A few other goodies will be tucked inside but that is the secret part and can't tell ya. *Giggle*

The rules are simple... follow my blog and post a comment to this post. You get one for entering. If you are already a follower.. You get a extra entry. If you post this to your blog then you will get three entries. If you receive my updates already you get one for that as well. To be entered in to my update list you need only ask and give me your email address.
Pretty simple and good luck to you all.

Date this contest runs. From Sept 25- Oct. 2 2009. On the night of the 1st I will announce the winners. I want the lucky winners to be able to enjoy this before Halloween.
Back to work for me.. Blessings,Pea

New Goodies

Some Old Fashioned Noise Makers. I call them Vintage Petites. Just something for a little corner. Each comes with 3 tags and I will be listing them on etsy tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I know you all have waited patiently for a new pattern and it is finally HERE

Bing is finally done. I love the way he turned out and I HOPE and I stress HOPE to release one more halloween pattern this week for all you lovers of Halloween. I am working on it. Keep checking my friends. Thank you for being patient with me.

I will be MIA for a wee bit longer. Trying to get me ma settled still. A HUGE task. Stuff still everywhere but we are making progress.

Have a wonderful week.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

~5 Little GIVE AWAY Prizes~

Hello Everyone,
Awhile back I looked on Bone Heads Studios blog and low and behold she was giving away a sweet little prize. MY OH MY be still my heart. A wee Bone head of my very own? Well you know I just had to jump on that.
.There is a catch however!!! You had to inturn give away 5 little prizes of your very own. So after much debate as to what to give away I have finally had enough time to create 5 more little magnets like I made for Jenny Of Wonders of Whimsy. Each one is created by me.
#2 and # 5 are taken and have new moms. Thank you ! still have 3 more to give away!

The first 5 people who post here will have their pick of Magnets as in order of posts. These are heavy and will hold up well. I have a favorite and almost kept it but ya know we artists rarely keep our own work. *Giggle* Besides I simply do not have any time these days. Still trying to get things done and helping Mom has taken all my spare time for creating and sleep. LOL


NOW FOR THE RULES... please read carefully as this does get passed on!

Now YOU can receive a treat from ME! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and I will send you a surprise!

However, you must know that it will then be YOUR TURN to do the same. Re-post this on your blog with a link back to MY blog and send your treat to 5 people. Your prizes may be ANYTHING that you wish to give and can be very simple.

Marie said that the whole premise was a simple gift for 5 people, with an emphasis on simple.

I hope that the next 5 won't be as slow as I was....

Okay my friends, Dollie and Potato soup don't make themselves.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Oh I have been a very busy Pea, yep pretty worn out and spent at this point. Mom's new house is starting to look more like a house then a ship wreck! LOL Now my house is a whole different story. You see Mom clearly has tooo much stuff. So what ever she didn't want has been coming here for the moment and my little house is already full. So many trips to the Good will it will be this coming week.

I haven't done much creating lately and have to shift in to gear. My show is sneaking up on me and so far I have very little inventory. So I will be MIA for awhile longer I am afraid. Mom should have her tags this week on her car so that should help.

I was in my first TDIPT swap for fall and what a fun thing it was to do. I was lucky enough to get Susie of Susie Designs and boy did I get a wonderful painted piece. I just love it to bits. I have it hung up and have been enjoying it every time I go the studio. Not to mention a wee bit of cake, a neat handmade tag, a wee bit of fabric and huckleberry Jam. Daddy and I always got that every summer on our summer trips to Oregon. I miss him so, but know he is at peace and it makes it a wee bit easier.
I loved everything I got from Susie. Her painting is BEAUTIFUL and she sculpts too! Here is my piece from her.

Look at the details on the side. OMG!

Look at all the yummy goodies! My Oh MY!

Now for Susie I made a few goodies. A big witch in black and sweet tart colors. I think she turned out neat. She has a look like she is up to something... LOL can't imagine why she got that *GIGGLE*. We do have one thing in common though. I only have one dimple and so every once in awhile I give a doll a dimple too. Just one. Just like me. LOL

I also made Susie some tags,picked up some trims, her favorite candy and a few other goodies just for fun. It was all fun and I must say that I can't wait to do it again just need a wee bit of time. LOL

See her little Dimple? I just love it. Tee hee

here is the all the goodies that I gave Susie. I think the candy was her favorite. LOL

I have so much to show you will have to do another post tomorrow of another swap I was in. Far behind as always.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Magical Merlin Shaker

I finally finished a new piece. This is my Merlin shaker for pfatt Marketplace. It will be up and going on the 10th which is Thursday.
I don't know how I have managed to get anything done at all with all the work at Mom's house. yes, 13,000 LBS takes awhile to unpack, put down and shift from one room to another. I am a professional Stuff shifter as a good friend calls it. LOL
Mom has unpacked just about everything and the woman at 73 is still going strong. Hubby went on Sunday after me to turn down the hot water heater, drill some holes in the ceiling for hooks for lamps and check on the lock that wasn't working right. He is such a blessing to me right now as he has taken the load here at this house so that I can help MOm. Tomorrow she wants to get 28 things done. WHAT? I don't think so but I will do my best to get as many as possible that she would like done. Gonna be a lot of driving I have the feeling. Good Night Nurse! LOL
I have to hit the hay so I can be up and ready early my friends. Momma don't like to wait.
Have a wonderful week until we meet again. Soon I hope.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My 200th Post

Oh my it took me awhile to reach this point and I am actually surprised it came this early. As you already know I am not the best blogger although I do try my friends.

I am a naughty Pea, I have been given several awards and haven't posted them. My friends I am so sorry. I have been so busy with D Mother that I haven't had time to post them. I will this week my friends but I am too tired to even think this evening.
You SEE my MOmma got a HOUSE HERE! YEAH! that is one piece of good news.
You can see her house in this picture and her there at the door. Isn't she cute? Also a big pain in my @ssets but I love her dearly. LOL
Lots of stuff as mom can't part with anything. She went from 1900 sq.ft to 1100 sq ft and wonders why it won't all fit? LOL
Oh this is a joy though as now I know she will be just 20 minutes from me and 10 minutes from hubby's work.
I spent the night last night so I will be glad to go to bed. I think I will head there now.
Thanks for celebrating with me and forgiving me for my lack of posting. Now you know why, I had to paint and clean the homestead before she got there.
Have a wonderful week and I will post soon I hope!