Monday, May 30, 2011

A short break home, a project and video!

Hey Everyone,
Katie went to stay with Grammy for the evening so I could get a 12 hr break. I am feeling sick again as my new meds aren't in yet and I can't afford to be sick while caring for her. So Katie & I decided it would be a good idea for her to take over for the evening. I had nightmares last night and ended up hurting my arm. I will return there tomorrow afternoon. Trying to get a few things done here. Laundry, changing the sheets and all that kind of stuff for my family for the next few days.

While at Mom's I have been working on a small project. On YouTube is hosting a youtube only contest. The theme is "Under the Sea". I like a challenge and pulled some goodies from the hoard pile to use for it. I had a blast with this piece.

Here is the Video LINK

The prize is some of their products. yeah I would like that. I love their stuff.
Here is the link to their website LSG
Their prices are the best out there. Wonderful products and in the U.S. I like that.
I will post several times to the video to share the products I used. There are 40 in all. Yep, nothing went untouched without glimmer and sparkle.
Pictures are posted to the video.
Now what do I make? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Gotta go dig out some goodies. I hope you all have a wonderful week. I will return on Thursday hopefully.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A new project video

hello Everyone,
I came home for a 14 hr break earlier this afternoon. My daughter Kt is with Mom caring for her so I can have a mini break. The kids have all vowed to get me breaks every few days. I don't want to get burnt out or sick again for that matter. My system is still fragile so I have to take care of myself. Even though it is the hardest thing for me to do.
I will return to Mom's tomorrow and will be there for the long weekend. Come home again on Monday to return on Tuesday. Her Dr's appointment is on Wed. I am hoping for good news for her. She is doing better but pushing it a bit far I think. That is simply how Mom is. She is still very tired. Needs to eat more. I am working on that. It is like trying to remove a carrot from a horses mouth after it has been dipped in honey. Good Luck is all I can say. LOL Lock Jaw.

Here is the Video
Altered Fairy

I am putting together a little RAK for my friend here on Blogland. I have sooo much stuff and I thought she could use a little I am not using, being a young Mom on a tight budget. I have it almost ready to but wanted a excuse to play too;). So I created this little project for her. I do hope she likes it. Just something fun for her craft room as she puts it. I might be doing a few more just for fun. Quick easy projects.
Although why does YouTube take 2 hrs of load. Geesh I have HSI.

I am off to play. I only have a few more hours to do some creating before I have to hit the hay. Can't leave Katie stranded with Grammy all day tomorrow.
Have a wonderful weekend. I pray for sunshine so I can mow Mom's lawn which is knee high in the back.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mom is going home

Hello everyone,
Mom is being released tomorrow from the rehab center. Despite all the medical/personal opinions that she should stay for her physical health, but her mental health is keeping her from getting better.
I think they should keep her until Monday but she isn't cooperating so she is being let go. I am feeling so many emotions right now it is all white noise. Scared to death she will get worse, scared she will do too much or two little, scared we will drive each other bonkers. I will have to sit and watch movies with her all day. OLD MOVIES! Black and white B movies. Shoot me! LOL Lots of house keeping to do so at least I have that.
Won't be able to create. That will be the worst part. She gets upset when I bring my stuff cause I need to use her table and I use the whole thing. I will try and take a few things small that I can sit in a small space but know it won't be enough. Or I will forget something.
She will have a nurse come in everyday to check on her. Thank Goodness for that. My prayers are answered for that. 6 months of this has been OUR Journey and I will be glad when we can look past it. Having Mom healed and better will be the blessing.
I won't have internet except for my phone so I won't be here unless I get a break to come home. 2 weeks will seem like a life time, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
Until then my friends, make every moment count.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Michael

Today is a celebration in our home. My hubby turned the big 49 today. WOW where has the time gone?
He hates big deals out of his birthday so simple it is. I went and picked up dinner at Applebee's, a few gift cards to Barnes and Nobles for his e-reader. A CD/DVD Led Zeppelin, and apple pie/french vanilla ice cream for dessert. See told ya pretty simple guy.
He is lounging all week taking time off and catching up some much needed rest. I am sure I can get him to do a few honey list things;).
I know you have seen this shot before but he is shy and hates his picture taken. So this is all I have. One of these days he might let me take a new one.
I am gonna go play in the studio while he watching a war movie.
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

2 Steps Forward And One Step Back

It seems that the days are whirling right past me like a tornado and I seem to be wearing a anchor of some sort. Do you ever feel like that? I do more often then I would like to admit.
Just like this little sparrow in flight is out of focus but all around it is in perfect focus. This is just how I feel. I think it is a little how Momma feels at the moment too.
Good News-Momma is continuing to heal. She needs to eat WAY more. She has lost 13 lbs in 3 weeks. Needs to walk more to build her strength. She isn't happy at the moment and so desperately wants to go home. The doc says a few more weeks. Still a danger of getting pneumonia.

More good news-I am done with antibiotics. YAY! bad news is I am not healed yet. I have 2 new issues. I have eczema. It has been quiet for 4 yrs and now has come back raging. Both hands and both feet. On top of this I have yeast from all the antibiotics and even have it in my right ear. Common for my treatments I was told by the doc. So now we start the steroids and the pro biotics to heal my poor system. The yogurt with cultures is simply not enough. This hurts almost as much as the thumbs did. The cuts under the fingernails is the worst part of it, but I am sure it will be over soon. About 20 more days the doctor hopes. I hope even more!

I have been working very slowly on a project that I hope to share a video tutorial of soon:) I will try and work on it a bit more this evening.
Making a few goodies for some happy mail for a friend here in blogland.
Have a wonderful weekend friends. I am hoping to catch the Pirates of the Caribbean movie with my sweet DIL. That should put a smile on my face.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A few goodies

Okay I admit it I love to shop. Does this surprise you? Probably not. LOL I haven't been able to do much else lately. Glad I am on the mend.;)
I recently discovered a new site and they are right here in Washington! WOW, I am impressed. With their products, their service and their products. Yea, I said that twice on purpose. Tee hee.
This sweet company is called Lindy's Stamp Gang
I actually did something today. Small as it may be, it is something.
This leaf was a free gift with my order. Yes, a free gift. Who does that anymore? Very few companies. They are chipboard and very thick. I ordered a product called moon glow embossing powder. It is the neatest thing since sliced bread. It is TWO COLORS!! yes, two. I ordered the Midnight Bronze Obsidian. It looks black but the bronze shows through after embossing. It shows bronze in one light and black in another.
The other items I purchased were the starburst stains. These are a color with a sparkle in another color. Very neat. Kinda like your other mists sprays but better I think. You can get these in dauber tips or sprays.

Moon shadows are a mist with a sepia tone first and the sparkle shows through. Very aged looking but only works in lighter papers. Not black.

Glitz spritz works on both colors black and white. OMG the sparkle in these is out of this world. Best thing about these is that they won't smear and rub off. They have a sealer built in. None of them will.
They will ship international too gals.

Still on the mend. Momma is still plugging away. Trying to run around the building. I hope she can come home soon:D
Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Song bird

Saw this sweet bird in my willow tree the other day. Just a singing away. I quietly crept back in the house and grabbed the camera. To my delight he was still there singing his pretty song when I returned. Look at the bird seed belly on this boy? Like a pot belly on a bird. LOL
I zoomed in about 14% to get this shot of him. I love it when nature gives me a picture like this. They are far and few between but I do so appreciate them.

On to my day or days I should say. LOL A few days ago my best friend Kris and her boyfriend came by for a visit. They are here visiting family. They flew in from Arizona.
Justin has never been to this area so he came to sight see and meet Kris's boys. She has 4 sons, 1 step daughter and a grandson that is cuter then puppies. He is a living, breathing dreamer. We hung out, had coffee and just caught up. She leads a very busy life, so I don't get to chat with her much. Not nearly enough anyway. Life does go on and when we can catch up it makes it all the more special. No one knows you like your BFF!

This is Kris. My sweet,beautiful friend!
I woke up this morning and couldn't help but smile. I had stretched and slowly woke up. All of a sudden there were three fluffy tails wagging and patiently smiling at me:) I have my two dogs who greet me each morning with wags and kisses. Then along with those two I have my mom's dog Brynn that I am watching for her, join in on the morning waking mommy festivities. LOL 2 black labs and yellow old Pilgrim. Looks like Dominoes first thing in the morning. LOL
They are all happy, loving dogs and so even on a bad morning it makes me smile. After I feed them I have to go feed the very verbal kitties. They meow and purr until they are fed. What would I do without the smiles these fur babies bring? Be lonely around here that is for sure.

Didn't do much of anything today. Went to the post office to mail out a order, got some packages and came home for a very short nap.( 10 minutes) Cooked hubby dinner- well more like I started it and he had to finish it. Raw skin and hot ovens don't go so well together. yeh, go figure. I hurt like a Dickin's today but I know it is healing and can't wait until it does. I might have a video for you all soon. Nope not what you might expect but will be a treat I promise you. Something I am very proud of. Got any guesses? LOL
We have reached our two hundred followers(THANK YOU ALL!) and will be having a give away just as soon as Momma is out of the hospital. That will be cause for a celebration! Thanks for being patient.
have a good one