Monday, May 28, 2012

Feast of Kings

 There is a little spot called Big Beef Creek. It runs into the Puget Sound. It is a little bridge that separates the two. For about a week I have been driving by going to or coming from the vets office. Each time it would be a low tide. The oyster beds are there and on a few occasions I counted 12 to 15 Bald Eagles. Having their daily feast of Kings.
 This is my favorite shot out of 110 pictures I took in about a hour. I just had to keep shooting it was so peaceful and aw striking. I couldn't help myself. Just a very peaceful happy solitude moment even though there were about 20 cars parked out there and everyone with cameras in hand. Some small pocket size, some cameras as big as a big and tall guys arms and some that looked like rocket launchers instead of a camera. LOL
 Just look at the wing span on his fellow. WOW!
 A grand view to behold here. I do love this Country and now you can see one of the reasons why.
 Those little dark brown spots you see are eagles. There were a total of 15 this beautiful, glorious day.
 You see the Eagle on the right. He or she is less then 2 yrs as it doesn't have the black color and white tail feathers yet.  Papa is hunting for small fish or baby eels perhaps.

here are two more young ones. The one in front is molting. Looks pretty rugged. Reminds me of a teenager with acne. They always look bad in the teenage years. LOL
Here is the shot with the most eagles in it. They were spread out all over the place and I just couldn't get them all in one shot.
here is the last shot I took on this day. It just showed me how funny life can be.
  A wild rose to plant it's self here among the weeds. Just goes to show you, that beauty can exist with the ugly. You just have to seek it out.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Empty Nest and shoes come first!

 LOL what a title huh? Well lets see. My dear Katers moved out a few days ago. I am okay with it. They have to fly away sometime. They are both working now and it was just time.  I do miss her a little bit but I won't tell her that. It would just give her a big head. LOL

 She was packing her car and the thing I found most funny is that out of all the things she decided needed to go first, even before her precious kitty is her SHOES! yes, folks this girl has a HUGE SHOE FETISH. Not just any shoes. She isn't a girly girl who has to have all the designer heels and such. Nope skater shoes. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words where here is the JAW DROPPING PROOF!

 All 250 pairs of them. That was not a typo 250 pairs of tennis shoes. Some pairs she has three of. One to wear, one to keep nice and 1 to sell later- MAYBE! She even keeps the original boxes well some of the boxes are worth more then the shoe inside too.? Don't get that but okay. She is a bargain shopper and she hasn't paid full price for any of these but one pair. They are super special and rare.
 She even had to take the seats out of this very large Jeep to fit them all! Seriously?All I can say is SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! LOL
 Finally I leave you with the bumper sticker that speaks of Katie. Right in the center for the world to see. LOL Cracks me up every time I see it.

A birthday card

 My Honey turned 50 on the 22nd of this month so I had to make him a card. I had colored, yes colored this image months ago with my copics. In fact this is the first image I ever colored with my copics I think? It is a Stampin Up stamp I had purchased just for this set for honey. He got a giggle out of it anyway and it is still sitting on his desk- awwwwwwwwwwwww!
 Some very old papers from Cosmo cricket and MME of course. See Tracy I matted each piece to make it pop. LOL Thanks teacher. LOL
 Here is a little view of the inside. I love how it turned out.
 This stamp is from MFT. It was perfect for this card. More of the cover papers inside & my message.
See you in the next post.

For a swap

 This is another canvas tile. I can't show you but a few peeks as it hasn't been sent out yet and so far this is the only project she hasn't seen. I can't give it all away. What fun would that be? So for now you and she will have to be happy with a few teasers. Yes, Tracy I know you hate these but it is the best I can do.* snicker*
 This is one of those vintage plastic cake toppers. It was blue and I painted it cream, then pearl and added gold Stickles to it. I cut off the base as it wouldn't fit and placed it onto a Tim Holtz washer. It fit onto the edge of the letter then. Can you guess what letter of the alphabet it is?

 This has to be my favorite shot of the three I took. You can barely make out what it says and you can clearly see the vintage sheet music in the back ground. I used a Tim Holtz book plate, some chain and a vintage jewelry finding. Can't show you much more. Can you see the lace peeking out under the wing?

 See there is lace and this wing. It is part of a die cut from Memory box. I adore this die as it is so intricate. Perfect for grunge paper. Lots of layers  to this wing, but you can see more of that later.
Ta ta for now.

More of Tumwater falls

 This was one of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen. It reminded me in spots of my beloved Glacier Park. My favorite place on this earth. I have even been to many great places including Paris, France and although it was beautiful in so many ways it does not compare in my heart, soul and beauty of Glacier.
 Tumwater park will forever remain a soft spot to my soul. What a wonderful weekend to remember.

This is a baby falls that had found its way along the rock wall that surrounds the parks path. This is why it reminds me of Glacier. You see these baby falls pop everywhere.

  This is a pretty shot too, another view of the falls from down the hill.

 Look at the power of the water in this shot! I took video of it as well. I haven't uploaded it yet but I will hopefully today. It is so loud and powerful you can barely hear me and I talk pretty loud. This shot is of the lower falls.
 Another shot from the lower falls. With the fallen tree in the middle.
 Not really sure why this was at the bottom of the falls. Maybe for some kind of work on the Brewery that is down stream further. Not sure but I thought it was pretty neat looking. I see they had it tied up on both sides of the river. LOL
 Spending the day with Cassi's family, Tyler and my honey was wonderful. The park and walk was a moment that will forever live in my heart but this picture took my breath away. Look at the pure joy on my son's face. I imagine I had that same look on my face when I found out I was pregnant, even though I was told I would never be a Mom. See this picture right here is proof of miracles!

Tumwater Falls Olympia Washington

 Last month honey and I had gone to see the kids( Tyler- youngest son and his bride- Cassi and baby bump :) in Olympia. They took us to Tumwater park. WOW talk about beautiful. It is stunning. Warning this post will be picture heavy.
 Since you rarely get to see what we look like I thought I would share this with you.
 That is the upper falls you see in the back drop.  I will share a full view picture of it.
Here is the middle falls
 Yes, there is even more. I told you picture heavy post.
 See how the little tree branch makes it's own little fountain? At first glance I thought it was a fish. I had to zoom in to see what it was.
 I adore this next shot. Probably my favorite from the whole trip. I love the crooked branches of the trees and the water. Blue skies. Just so pretty to me.
 I think I will continue with the rest of the shots on the next post.

Yes, another post. I told ya I have been busy!

 I had a custom order last month and this is what it was. What I refer to as my Artist Canvas Tiles. It says Lana on it A gift from one friend to another. I was so pleased with the out come I thought I would share it with you. I have another to show you later. soon I promise.
 There is also a key hanging below on this chain ^.
here is a close up of some of the details
 Along with the tag that went along with this.
 I made a video of the projects so if want to see that it is here.
Thanks so much for spending some time with me. More posts to come today.  :)

A tag and card for Miranda

 I send Miranda some goodies for her birthday- ut hum very late. I still sent them, and this was the tag and card I made for her.  I am working on a few more things for her but I am up to my elbows in work. I will explain in another post.

Tag and card to follow
The inside of card

 I love this stamp by Verve.
Now for the two sided card you will have to watch the video because I forgot to take pictures of it :(
 I have been very busy this month. More pictures and posts to come.

A few gifts for a friend

 I made these for a friend of mine and a wee bit behind in my posts. So there will be a few today.

 If you would like a detail of the products and techniques I used you should refer to my video  linked below. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Who Me?

MEEE? Behind? in postings you say? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm really? LOL
 okay, you got me guilty as charged. yes, but as usual life has thrown me another curve ball as I call them these days. Have been caring for a very sick baby. A sweet as they come yellow faced, four legged best friend by the name of Pilgrim.

 He injured his back about 3 weeks ago and has been suffering since. We go to the vet every other day for treatments from a laser.( 45 minute drive one way) He has arthritis and bladder stones as well. So they are trying all that they can to help relieve his pain. So far it isn't working too well. Many a day has passed that I thought I would have to make the hard call, then we go to the vet and he is feeling better. A roller coaster is what it is, of emotions, sleep and lack of it as well as pocketbook. Just hoping after all the special meds,prescription food  and treatments we find something that will make him feel better.

Lack of sleep can make me throw myself into a creative frenzy or funk. In this case we have about a half frenzy. LOL
just one picture of my mini album I made to show ya.
 I love how this page turned out. My favorite in the book. I have a full video on the piece and you can see it here.
 So that is a little taste of  what I have been up to. So much more to show you. I have made several projects and have taken a ton of pictures. Will try and get them loaded up here soon.

Have a great Wednesday. I have to day off from mom, and vets so I am gonna do some housework, pack a box of goodies up to go in the mail and maybe a card as well.