Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jeepers Creepers

They say inspiration can come out of anything, from anywhere. They are not kidding! LOL

 So true for this piece in particular. You see I scare easily and my better half is a quiet, sneaky, prankster. HE LOVES to scare me and I am shall we say, JUmpy. Especially since I have a little bit of hearing loss. Another factor is I am afraid of spiders. The little freaks creep me out. Well most of them. There are a few that don't. The inspiration for this piece came from all of those things. With a twist or two of course. My husband does not look like a skeleton. LOL
 However he loves seeing me jump when I see him with a fake spider! Now you throw in a guy who hunches over when he is sneaking up on you, has a big cheesy grim and there you have it. LOL
 This is one of those pieces that was a challenge. Trying to get the look I wanted, I kept working at it and it all came together.  I am a ginger kid so a challenge is something I am stubborn enough to  keep working at. I do not give up easily, although I have a box I refer to as the doll crypt, full of doll body parts that just didn't work for the project I am working on. In fact this head was one of those pieces that had been too small for another project. HA!
 You can find all his details here as he was for my Early works post.

 So what is next on the agenda. Well a clean house would be good. LOL Actually isn't too bad but enough to bug me. So best get to it. Have a great week