Saturday, December 29, 2012

Paper Addiction

Addiction is the continued use of a mood altering substance or behavior despite adverse dependency consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to.
 Yes, tis true I have this disease and ya know I am really okay with it. There are worse things right? LOL

 Here is what my heart is beating at faster rate for at the moment. UGH!
 Working on the house. Be back soon. Be sure to check out Prima blog for your chance to win yummies.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and Many blessings for a very Happy New Year!

Friday, November 23, 2012

CC designs Christmas

 I managed to make a few cards for Christmas for a few very special people. Some for family and a few special friends who are like family. I haven't decided who all they are yet, but we will see who hits the "nice" list. LOL Just kidding. Don't beat me up, my humor is hanging by a thread;) I got the idea for these cards from Jo From PaperDrama on Youtube.  She makes the cutest cards:) Thanks Jo!
 All of these were stamped on Gina K paper Layer weight 80 lb. With Memento black ink.

The materials vary from card to card. I will try to go in order. They all have the CC Designs Elf Lucy stamp. Each one was copic colored and cut out.
skin-colors all the same for each face-E0000, E000, E00,R20,BV00
Clothing-R37,R59 C0,C1,C3
The first card- top left was cut out with my Nestabilities by Spellbinders Oval small
Red bazzill card base.
 Papertrey inks White linen Vellum for the back ground. Ran it through the Tim Holtz Snow Flurries embossing folder
Pearls. Michael's colored with a copic
Sentiment from Recollections dollar bin
 Silver "Stickles" was used on the bells
 Glass glitter in super fine clear around the oval
Bethany Lowe tinsel around the outside edge

Card Number 2-  My Favorite.
 Card stock- The paper company- Seaglass Metallic
 PTI White Linen Vellum( used on all) with T.H. Flurries embossing folder
Repeat of Seaglass paper for the MFT Decorative Doily Duo (Diecut)
 SpellBinders- classic circle- small
Stickles-Star Dust
Sentiment-Bo Bunny "Father Christmas Set" Stamped on scraps
Snowflake- pearl button- Michael's crafts
Copic colors
skin-colors all the same for each face-E0000, E000, E00,R20,BV00
Hair -E33,E35,E37
clothing-B0000, B000,B00, B02

 Card Number 3
Full stamping
Card base- The paper Company - Red Cardinal Metallic
 PTI White Linen Vellum( used on all) with T.H. Flurries embossing folder
skin-colors all the same for each face-E0000, E000, E00,R20,BV00
Clothing-R37,R59 C0,C1,C3
Silver accents- Gel pen - Jelly Roll-Gun metal
Sentiments- red paper border the Red cardinal Metallic
Sentiment stamp from Bo Bunny"Father Christmas Set"
Snowflake buttons- Michaels

Card Number 4 and 5 are the same card and I accidentally loaded it twice:(
-Bazzill -coconut cream Card base
-Recollections-Metallic sapphire blue
 Papertrey inks White linen Vellum for the back ground. Ran it through the Tim Holtz Snow Flurries embossing folder
Spellbinders- circle- small for image circle
MFT Decorative Doily Duo (Diecut)- repeat of Recollections paper
Queen for the day -blue pearls
The paper company-Sentiment from the snowflake collection
MFT border die- icicle border coated in delta white paint
Texture on edge of image- Delta sparkle snowtex
Martha Stewart- snowflake punch- on PTI Vellum Linen white
Recollections- snowflake- bling
Copic colors
skin-colors all the same for each face-E0000, E000, E00,R20,BV00
Hair-E30 E31,E55
Clothing- C0,C1,C3,C4,B93,B95,B97
Ranger distress "Stickles" in Silver on the bells

Card Number 6
The green one for my Dear Katie and James
Card base- Bazzill-palo Verde Metallic
Papertrey inks White linen Vellum for the back ground. Ran it through the Tim Holtz Snow Flurries embossing folder
 Spellbinders Classic Oval large and Scalloped Oval Large
Sentiment- on scraps-The paper company-Sentiment from the snowflake collection

Copic colors
skin-colors all the same for each face-E0000, E000, E00,R20,BV00
Clothing- C0,C1,C3, G20, YG03, YG25 these are the best match but what I had.
Beaded snowflakes- Jolee's Boutique

 So that is my cards. I have a few more done I will have to snap pictures of. I have been going in circles with Mom over the past few weeks. It is hard trying to decide the rest of someone's life. Especially when none of us asked for these circumstances. I just pray i can make good choices for us all. Even though my heart wants different things then my head knows within in reason would not be good for any of us.
 Blessings to you all

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A change in scenery

 Mom has left Harborview hospital and is now in a rehab center. She knows it is a nursing home and thinks I am trying to take her home from her. So not the case but the doctor ordered more care from her but did not need  a ICU unit.
 She is doing well physically. Has more balance, can eat, stand,sit, potty on her own. Her depth perception is off so I don't know if she will be able to drive again. Will have to wait and see. But she didn't have her glasses either so that may help.  Still a little foggy upstairs but she had a stroke a week ago tomorrow so doing really well. Better then most get handed. I will go see her tomorrow and see if she still hates me. Probably but for now she needs to stay there. She may come to my home at some point. It will be a wait and see. God I miss Daddy:(
 Off to do some sitting and relaxing. I so need that.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A new Revolving door

Just when you think you have a plan, those plans are changed in a blink of a eye.
 My sweet Mom had a stroke. She was found 3 days after the stroke in the floor of her bedroom. Can you say GUILT! OMG yes, I feel so much. I don't talk to mom everyday, I don't see her everyday. She is pretty independent and does mostly for herself.
 So I had all these plans of defunking my home, life, body.... Yea, famous last words as now there is that new revolving door that will have me swinging.
 Mom is such a strong woman. Not only butt kicking wise but also emotionally, willfully so. She has managed to pull out every restraint, IV, cath, Tube, heart monitor, blood pressure, mitts, etc that is known to nurse and aid. Even with a sailors knot. OH for the LOVE OF PETE! She is a freaking Houdini. We are trying to keep her in bed, safe from any more harm. Especially since she is still unstable balance and mind.
 Her body has missed any damage but sadly her mind has not been so lucky. The remarkable thing is she might be better off then first thought. My Mother tied a bow today all on her own without coaching Just 5 days after a stroke. This is huge but still has a very long road ahead of her. As do I, the soul caregiver. Her best advocate for her and her well being. It is something that is very hard for me to do, but I take it on like a good coat. Holding it close to my heart and wearing it with a grin or a frown depending on who or what is in my way. God all help you if you are in my way.
 So I don't know when or where we will be next post but I will try and keep this up to date.
 Call your mom's and check on them:)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Home Improvement.

 For most people this phrase means to Upgrade or improve on their homes. For me it has a much deeper meaning. Home as in the whole ball of wax=US! House, heart, body, mind and soul.
 It is something that I have been trying to work on for well over a year now. It isn't a task to be taken on by the weary  but that is exactly why I took it on.
  You see I was feeling since my children left home that I lacked purpose. I had been retired and given my golden watch,my thank you for your service you are no longer needed:(
 It was a feeling of emptiness I can not convey into words but the closest word that comes to mind is totally LOST. Like a drive down a country road that hits a detour and you have no idea where you are going? Yea, that feeling. Almost a panic but not quite.
 I don't know if a single other soul on the planet understands what I am trying to say but this is the closest I can come to explaining it for me.

 So the task at hand is to redefine who I am. Besides a Wife to my wonderful, loving husband. Mother to three beautiful, smart, and amazing kids, Grandmother to one little fox. A friend to as many as possible. After all friends enrich our lives and are the extensions of our families.
 Yet the question still remains? WHO am I? Or better yet, who do I want to become? A better me, That is a much easier question to answer but the solutions are so much work, I mean WORK! UGH
 Okay, so we know what we want to do. It is improve. Much like the house you start with the places that need repair most, right?  The foundation.. That for me meant the soul. I have a direction for that. I just need to practice what I sometimes preach to my Children.
That was easy right? ha ha.. It is a constant redefining moment to moment for me.  I hope I never stop discovering this part of my life and my faith.

Second would be House, I was told once if your life is in chaos look around you! Start from the ground up. Well when your life in in chaos your home often reflects that. I am a disorganized pack rat. I am not dirty but the clutter has taken over. I love to collect pretty things and don't have the room for them.  So the purging has begun.
 When I was helping my Mom recover from open heart surgery I was recovering myself from a serious infection that nearly took  my thumb and my life. A triple deadly cocktail of super germs.  The stress was simply too much for me. I shopped and often bought many items including every magazine on the market I swear.
 I am happy to say i have gotten rid of all those magazines except about 75 of my personal collection. I think that is more then enough for me to enjoy. All stacked neatly and tucked away. The pile I gave away was 15 paper grocery sacks full. In one of those months while mom and I were healing, I had purchased 16 magazines:( I did read them all though.

 I have been working on little things here and there to get rid of all the extra stuff we have and have no need or want of. Improving on what we do have by a deep cleaning here or there, maybe a little paint and rearrangement.
An empty back door closet was the first of my projects. I took everything out and started over. It isn't exactly the same way as Hubs has been in there( :{ but it is still in pretty good shape.
 I will have to snap a picture of the completed closet cause it looks like I deleted that set of pics when I cleaned out the pc a few weeks ago. Still have a lot to do but working on it slowly like everything else.
 To be honest I would rather be slow at this process and get it right, then rush through it and get it wrong. The good thing is no one can define the right or wrong in this for me but ME!
have a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

He's HERE! My first Grandchild

 Henry Michael
 born 2:42 pm October 15th 2012
weight- 6 lbs 14 oz
height 19.5 inches long
hair strawberry blonde and very wavy

 Here is the little charmer himself. Already stealing the hearts of many. Including MINE!
  This is him and his Daddy.
I have been told Henry or Fox as I refer to him does not look like his dad but has all his facial expressions and sleeps like him. LOL My son look so content here. More so then I have seen him in years. His dream came true. What a wonderful Father he is already.

Henry and His Mom. 2 peas in a pod looks like to me ;)
 he is already changing so much. Here is his one week photo. I will show the 2 week as soon as it is posted. LOL

 Thank you for sharing my joy.

Friday, October 12, 2012

My Second Lay out ever and waiting on baby

 I did this layout of my Son Tyler who will be a father by Monday. This will be my son's first and our first grandchild. He is not cooperating very well I must say. A bit of a chip of the old block I would say. LOL all little boys are that way I think at times.

 The details in this layout took me forever! All those branches, leaves, acorns yea like 3 hours to do just those. I am not good at layouts at all! Like I said this is only my second one ever so I know I can improve. I have already so there is hope. Thank goodness. LOL

The supply list is a big one but for those that want to know here it is.
Papers are from  Bo Bunny Camps a lot, firewood & stripe and sentiment
Back ground paper is Bazzill in black
Kraft paper for all- branches, leaves, acorns-Paper Reflections
Tree paper is the paper company- spring green
I used a tattered angels Stamp for the green tree from the "chillin" set
Tim Holtz, embossing folder- wood grain, Distress ink, walnut,Embossing powders in - tea dye, walnut, peel paint, alterations die, bird and branch
Versamark embossing ink
Joann's paper- coffee- stump tops  and bark roll for base of stumps
Lindy's stamp gang colors in  Autumn Maple Crimson,Marigold yellow orange,Gator Gumbo Olive,Saxifrage Olive copper, Ponderosa Pine Olive, Bayou Boogie Gold, Green with Envy Green

 Here is a little detail shot for you.
 See what a ham my son is? I am sure there will be lots of poses like this from both of the boys soon enough. LOL
 Thanks for stopping by I appreciate comments as well.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3 new patterns HALLOWEEN PATTERNS!

 I have three new  Halloween patterns. As I am sure you know I love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays. My creativity seems to be at its best when I am creating for Halloween. I don't know maybe cause anything goes, spooky, sweet, whimsical, just down right scary or creepy. Any and all. I hope to do a few small piece this month but time is running out and I am going in circles. Running about at warp speed preparing for the baby shower for my DIL, grandson this weekend.
 so here is the first pattern. My Mummy Publishes in Celebrate365 magazine
here is the link for his purchase

Next is my favorite doll of all time. My Peter,peter pumpkin eater. He is so quirky I just love his up to something grin! he was publishes in Prims magazine last year. Making his momma very proud.
here is his link

and Last but not least is my Grumplin! She is a bit more wicked then the others but still so fun. I loved how she turned out so unique. Bit ol' hump and all.
here is her link for purchase. If you prefer you can also purchase them on the side here on my blog just click on my ETSY banner and it will take you there.

well lots to do before the weekend so best get to it. Sewing some baby blankets tonight and then hitting the hay early.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I cracked the Eiffel Tower

 Hello Everyone,
 I thought that might get your attention! LOL

 I have been busy. In wasn't kidding. I did about 8 projects in a week which for me that is a lot! LOL Including write a new pattern but we will get to that later.

 Here is the first project. a tag for a dear friend. Inspired by the Prima designer Anna Debrowska! She is wonderful and I love her style. The two part tag is all I borrowed.
Used the pink paisley London Market papers and ephemera pack for the eiffel tag and teacup. The spoon is prima from the printery paper. I really love how this one turned out.
here is some detail.
For the crackle I used one step crackle by Delta. I love this stuff.
 Here is the low down on supplies
chip board- medium weight
Pink Paisley- London Market papers, ephemera tea cup, eiffel tower tag, spool tops 

Prima- clock, velvet trinkets( beads on bottom tag),lace- on top tag, and say it in pearls bling
Rose applique- gift from Juliana
Crafters workshop- stencil- mini chicken wire reversed
Wild orchid crafts- rose
Dusty Attics- through LSG- dress form
Melissa Frances-crystal stick pin, resin shabby butterfly
Recollections- corner pieces
Tim Holtz, spinners- on clock
 Michael's -chain
Epson- printer for bottom tag
Mircron-005 pen for "beautiful" written on paper from collection
Delta, ceramcoat paint-white( on corners) & one step crackle- on eiffel tag
Karla001-etsy- pearl trim on bottom tag
 Here is the second half of the tag. I really love how this all came together.

For the second part of this is a picture frame. I wish I had taken a before shot. It was so ugly. It was beat up, dirty and with broken hinges in a bright gold. I coated it with Gesso-2 coats, spray painted it with rustoleum paint and added prima tea time papers to it. I love how it turned out and it matches the dress form I made her last month perfectly.
so that is what I have been up to. I can't show you everything tonight. I have to hit the hay. It us 2 am and this gals get up and go has retired for the night.
many blessings,Pea

Monday, August 27, 2012

bad pictures

 I was in a rush as usual. and took the pictures, mailed off the cards and didn't check the pictures. BLAH! OMG they are awful:( So I am gonna just have to deal with it and show them anyway.  Even though the pictures do not show how pretty these cards are they are going to special ladies who deserve a smile.
 This is a tag that I created to hold a charm as a thank you gift.
 It was something fun I haven't done in a while. I love the fabscraps paper in the back ground. Using what I have lately instead of hoarding has been very freeing and totally fun.
 Next is a card I copic colored with a magnolia image.
again fabscraps paper, the butterflies were cut out with my stamping up die and the rose and sentiment are MFT! Super cute blues and browns. A bit of fiber I haven't used in forever for the accent on the flower.
 the inside is the same beige stripe and a sentiment banner. Simple. I wish my pictures would have turned out! Just not my day today I guess.
The second one is also the little stamp I gave Tracy for her birthday. I couldn't wait to color this one. Hello, little butterfly is the name. Super cute isn't she? I did this one is blues with the same papers from the fabscraps collections. Love this paper.
I also added some bo bunny paper and some MME to this backdrop as well as some cheese cloth. The flowers are WOC sweet little ones. Got the layout for this from a sketch. I really liked the end result. The inside is pretty much the same as the one above.
Just the papers are polka dot and the sentiment is the same.
 Now for another tag and a piece of jewelry I made for someone sweet.
the tag is meant to hold the necklace. I got the kit a while ago as a gift. I put all the charms and a few more along with extra chain on the kit. I think it turned out great.
 Fabscraps paper and a flower.
 So that is it for now. I will have way more to show tomorrow. Gotta redo a video I took today. My computer says it doesn't have enough memory left to hold the file? Don't know about that but gonna have to figure a bunch of stuff out. Not what I like to do- technical stuff.
 Have a great day

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

From the bottom of the Barrel

 I love to pull from the bottom of the barrel. It is such a challenge sometimes. As you can see by my room I have a LOT of stuff to play with. I have hoarded little things all my life. I have vowed that will no longer be the case. I will use anything and everything that works for my projects.
 So far I have been true to my statement. The card and box are perfect examples of this. I made these for one of my you tube supporters and a new sweet friend.
Most everything you see here my friend Theresa~ from sent to me. here is the list of supplies
4 x 4 paper mache box
 Enchantments-Mini mulberry roses in black and white,
Recollections-burlap & bling swirls
Creative Imaginations paper-I.O.D
Karla001- Rina bling
Tim Holtz- spinners, brads,film strip & walnut distress ink
Making Memories- letter brad(U) and key hole, stamp- friend
Simple Stories- graceful card
Maya Road- game number piece
Michael's- the chipboard butterfly- 1.50 bin

 I love how the box turned out, My favorite part is the film strip over the word graceful. I hope she likes it too.
Now for the card
4.5 x 5 inch card
Card base is Recollections-kraft, Burlap,bling flourishes, letter, number stickers and small black lace trim
Creative Imaginations-I.O.D. papers
Joann's ETC- black trim on left, muslin for bow
Enchantmentsscrapbooking,com- mini red roses
Vintage buttons, vellum saying
 Tim Holtz, spinner, corner piece, metal leaf and brads
Prima, locket from Vintage trinkets by Marion Smith
 KaiserCraft- number stamp on bow

 Inside the card it says You're the best. Cut from the paper.

Thank you for stopping by, see you with more projects soon

Monday, August 13, 2012

room tour

 Just a very short picture only video of my craft studio. I love it. This is technically the before as there are changes going on. #1 change, the pink is going bye bye. I don't really care for pink but pale, pale pink and this does not suit me at all. My mom gave the me the rose pillow and towel to cover my seat- kitty  has claws. But it just doesn't feel right so out it goes. I want to take somethings out and add a few new ones. the layout will probably for the most part stay. Just a few changes. Hope by Christmas it will be done. LOL

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More gifts

 I am wayyyyyyyyyyyyy behind on thank you, birthday, etc gifts. I have been creating like a mad woman but still have a long list. It is getting there.
 Here is the card that I created. Used my G45 Le romantic paper finally! LOL Well 2 sheets anyway.
a bit of burlap, a recollections bird charm, new and love it. and 2 Spellbinders dies. A wee bit of rina bling and MFT corner die and recollections paper. Lace and spray from wreath I have had 10 yrs. yes, using lots of stuff I have had. It feels so good too.
 Here is the inside

The spellbinders die again and I don't remember who that stamp is from? Drats.
 I also made another baby canvas tile.
 My favorite shot here. I used burlap and painted it with gesso. Then cut out with Tim Holtz mini die.
of course added the baby staples and the body is chain MY FAVORITE! I love that idea.
 another view peeking through with another view
a Michaels dollar bin stamp under that pretty paper. a Tim Holtz ticket, old sheet music and a punched out part from stamping up punch. Martha stewart crackle paint for texture.
more chain held by recollections brads, sticker letters by ATD had forever. Tim Holtz charm and Bazzil boarder cut sprayed with lindy stamp gang crows nest copper.
 So that is my latest project. Off to edit video. Have a great weekend

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A new funky tag

 I have been creating lots, but mainly kinda funky mixed media stuff lately. It can be so much fun. Remember when you were a kid and you were told to color outside the lines? No care was needed? I loved those days of art when you could just create what your heart and soul decided to create. This is what I have been doing lately.
Not fussy, not clean by any means just plain use what ever and lay it down. So freeing. The out come isn't always my favorite but ya know it is teaching me a lot about myself in the process. I am okay using colors that I have never cared for in combination with colors I do love. I have a lot of supplies and am going to use what I have to create with. So lots of projects. Just play. Some thought out carefully and some just going with the flow.

 I made a tutorial of this tag but really having issues loading it. I have to speed it up have been so busy I need to do more research to be able to do this. It is very time consuming. I haven't had much time lately. Mom and doctors have kept me away from my studio and my home. Good thing I don't have a job outside of the home. I would never sleep. LOL

here is another view of this tag
 I think I am gonna just relax this evening. I am so very tired and my brain is mush. Lots to do tomorrow.
 Have a great week

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What I didn't do

 Have you ever had one of those days that you got so much done that it feels like there isn't anything you didn't do? It was one of those type of days for me.  Got a couple base coats on a canvas, ran to the dump and got rid of all of the cardboard. still have at least 2 more runs to make:( I recycle a lot. I was there 45 minutes.

 Then I came home, spray painted 2 magazine holders. Trimmed and potted a plant. Wrapped a couple packages and got those to the post office, took pictures, did the dishes, ran to the store, laundry, paid bills and the list really does go on. LOL Just one of those super busy type days.
 Last night I finished up this tag. I love the tone of this one.
okay here is the color version.
it was inspired by a pinterst image from well that was the link on the pic. I have not checked it but I wanted to give credit. It was such a stunning picture/tag I had to do it.
 Have to hit the hay early as taking Mom to the doctors again tomorrow. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

a few projects.

 First off I made another photo/memo holder. I love how this turned out. Couldn't have made this if I didn't hoard a tart mold. *wink*
here is another view
 For our Christmas in July celebration over at here is the link HERE!

Next up would be my dressform Tree topper. Inspired by Miranda edney and Charlene Gibson as well as the cage was inspired by a antique I saw a few weekends ago.
I love the simplicity of her. I think she could go into any decor and any style of tree. I kept her very fuss free so that she would maintain her vintage appeal.

Here is another view of her.
 My last piece to share today is a canvas tile. I made this as a challenge for Limor's july video challenge. You can check that out HERE!
here is another view of this piece
These pieces were tons of fun. I am working on a couple more. I will be posting them soon. If you want more details of these pieces. I have videos up of all three. Here is the link for the tile.
thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Monday.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sunshine is more work!

 Have you ever noticed that when the sun is out there is more work for you to do? Well here anyway since Sunshine with no rain is a luxury. LOL with a average rain fall of 298 days a year that doesn't leave us many sunny days. We hit the Motherload this week. So far 3 days in the 80's and I am loving it. Wait... more work. Yes, cause the lawn is 12 inches high, and the weeds are even higher. So mowing, weeding and don't feel like I have touched it yet. Then painting. We have been waiting to paint and now we finally have the sunshine to do it. Quite the task but will be so happy when it is done. I am painting some furniture and a few other things.Lots of painting projects the list is a full page. Just hoping the sun holds out and no rain or all our work will be ruined.
 I leave you with a pretty picture. One of my favorites. Just one of those pictures that makes me happy.
 See you with more project peeks soon.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


 YAY! I finished it. I have been working on and off on this mini for months now. I just don't think when I am doing them and when I start to think about it I get blocked. So for a person to not think about crafting and just do it, no stress can be involved! HA HA! Stress is my first name, middle and somewhere in the last 2. LOL I just have a lot of other influences that can make my life more stressed then it should be. So it took me a bit longer then it should have or I wanted it to.
 I used all prima papers for the album. I used Nature Garden, Printery and Almanac. I love how they all flowed together for this. There are girly pages, distressed pages and just fun pages. The cover is super girly but I love that.
 I did a video if you would like to see that? The link is here
thanks for stopping by! Have a happy and safe 4th! remember our troops.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Creative Dream Sign

 DO you have creative dreams? Craft in your sleep? I have had many dreams/ideas that I had to wake up and write down. That hasn't happened in  a long time but I still keep a pad of paper and pen beside my bed just in case ;)
 I imagine that many people have creative dreams in one form or another. Juliana is one of those people I assumed does so I created this sign just for her. I knew I wanted to make her a sign while I was waiting for other things to dry. You will see those as time goes on.
 Ah the butterfly, my favorite part ya know! LOL Double layered with a chip board one as the base. I painted it cream and pink. Stamped it with a music note stamp. Then I painted over that here and there. I did the grungeboard letters the same way. I love how it all came together.

 many items from the hoard vault were used on this piece. The trim with bells and glass beads. One of my favorites. I think I used all but 4 or 5 inches. Maybe just enough to use on a card perhaps.
 Shabby is not my style but I felt good knowing I could pull it off if I had to. LOL  The Prima paper was the star of the show for this piece though. Made it so easy.

That is all for now. Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend! Remember our troops in your thoughts.

Remember my sneak peek?

 Remember I teased you with just a wee peek of this pretty? Well I wanted to share that I created something but the person I made this for watches my blog. So I couldn't. She received her package on Tuesday and so now I can show you more.
 yes, this is a cupcake ballerina. I repainted her, used some stickles. Cut off the base and added a Tim Holtz washer to place her on the letter.
 A Tim Holtz book plate and a butterfly wing. Along with some old sheet music and a wee bit of lace.
 Now for the full view.

 I really love how this piece turned out!  Thanks to everyone for stopping by.