Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Americana Star Quilt and Bowl filler

Still just as busy as yesterday. I think I am really on a roll. I might have to pass out sometime this week but till then day lights a wasting. LOL

I have just listed this Original Designed quilt and bowl filler on ebay with my Pomm ebay group. There is a lot of hand work in that group like in the old days so I thought since this was stitched entirely by hand that it should fit right in there. The bowl filler was made on machine but the banner and all the other work was done by hand. This little quilt measure 19 x 19 and would be wonderful on a dinning room table with a old dough bowl on it. I am offering free shipping on this piece as well.
The link is below, so you can see all the detail pictures.

Have a very blessed and relaxing day. Off to work we go.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What a busy holiday I had. I have been sorting, straightening and loading lots of goodies into my etsy. I have a LOT more to put on there.

Here is a list of just a few things I have available.
wool thread and trims, more patterns, My mischief maker pumpkin, americana bunny 6 pc set,vintage jello molds, 1934 Herseys cookbook, Vintage apron and splatterware mugs.

I have old photos, more threads, vintage trims, post cards and lots more to list. As well as a few old frames and paintings. Watch often as I get things done I will be listing them over the next few weeks. Many items are one only so you don't want to miss out. I have priced these items to move out and will combine shipping first class when ever possible.

Have a wonderful week. I have to go clean up my room so I can make a dolly or two or three?! Hope I can keep up with my brain. LOL

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Eagle has Landed... LOL

What I mean is that I finally got this piece done. WHEW! It made from wool and was fun to make. I have it listed on ebay and you can see all the details there. It is so much nicer in person. Love to use wool for my creations.

What a busy weekend I have had.
Run, run, and running.
Today I spent the day playing catch up in the garden- first time all year. The grass was 12 inches tall in some places. All that rain makes it grow. So we got that mowed and I got over one half of one of the flower beds weeded. Will finish that up tomorrow hopefully no rain to stop me. Laundry and ya know the ususal house wife stuff. Got the eagle done and took me over a hour to list it. Hubby just wanted to chat. I loves him dearly but why are they always chatty when you are working? LOL
So now back to halloween. Gonna be fun.
Have a blessed week. Pop in to say "hello" if you have a minute.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mischief Maker and Midnight Prowler

I love halloween and couldn't wait to Jump in and make something for it.
I saw the pattern for this cat in a book I have and had to make it. Then I decided that a pumpkin was in order as well. OH what fun these are.
They are really pretty big. Around 18 inches tall each and 30 inches around.
I have listed the Mischief Maker Pumpkin Man on ebay, it ends on Tuesday Evening.

The Cat is going to be featured on Pfatt tonight at Midnight.

HAVE THE MOST WONDERFUL MOTHER'S DAY!!! Even if your babies are the 4 legged kind. LOL