Sunday, October 24, 2010

Arizona page three

This picture makes me giggle. Same little house but look at the cactus. It has eyes and one eyebrow. LOL Like some one played a prank and shaved the other off. Just what it made me think of.

This is the doggie door. There were several at each end of the house with trap doors inside for the dogs. She said most days they propped them up and let the dogs come and go as they pleased. At night they remained closed to keep the critters at bay. One dog in, one dog out to watch the herds.

In this picture you see in far left corner the lady who grew up here and behind the well is her grand daughters. The step on the well was created for her because she was so short to reach the water.

Last from the old homestead is the Indian holographs.
The lady said that a old Cherokee Indian lived across the road from the house in his tepee. He was their helping hand on the property.

So tomorrow I will edit the pics from the old rangers station and the top of south Mountain. Until then have a wonderful evening.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Arizona page two

This pic is the ceiling of a little building in ruins at the base of South Mountain. Below you will see the building. It was part of the business belonging to the family I spoke of yesterday. So much history there I was loving every minute and word spoke from this lovely woman. A few more pics of her lovely home from yesterday as well.



Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back from Arizona page one

WOW! what wonderful days I had in Phoenix, AZ. I went to visit my Best friend, her son Alex and her new Beau Justin. Only gone 8 days. One whole day for travel. Didn't seem like a long enough stay.;) I could have easily stayed longer with them. So relaxing. They are wonderful hosts and made me feel very at home. A wee bit on the hot side for this easy to burn gal, but lots of sunblock came in handy.

This is my Best friend Kristeen. Isn't she a pretty thing? I just love this gal like a sister. This pic was taken on top of South Mountain. What a interesting place. I will describe more of that with pics in a day or two.

The house you see above was at the base of South Mountain in a place called Scorpion Gulch. What a pretty little place it must have been at one time. While there I over heard a woman chatting with 2 young girls about the house's history. Come to find out it belonged to her Grandparents and she lived there and took care of them until they passed when she was a young adult. Her grandfather had built the home stone by stone and it was a very rich home for the area back then. She told us many stories in a short time about the home and the rooms. Very interesting to hear this. There was still the feeling of love and peace in that run down old house. You could feel it. Have you ever felt that in a old home when you visited?

Well my home is in need oof some TLC yet. Have the laundry caught up. 3 mountains when I returned but the place was pretty clean. I was surprised. Happy to say the least.
Now to get the rusty gears oiled and working again. Oh my brain is still mush from vacation. Gotta find the jumper cables. LOL
Have a good one.