Thursday, February 26, 2009

for the love of PETE!

Girls, I have been living in my car for the last 5 days and I am just about ready to move the pillows and blankets in there. That would be one way to get some sleep.
My Gosh, the "child" the only one left Thank Goodness has had me running here and there, yonder and back. Now it is 17 miles to town and 17 miles back. so guess how many times I have had to fill up the car? If someone guess right I will give them a e-pattern. How about that?
Gas is about $2.18 here for reg. unleaded. I can't use that of course so it costs me about 2.30 a gallon.
DD decided that since it is her senior year she wanted to play sports. So golf it is. The other sports that were available cost 500.00 in equipment so that was out of our budget sadly. But they can't have it, do it all ya know.
Thanks to a friend for hunting for me, I got the clubs at a steal, bought the balls and t's yesterday. Along with her meds and physical. Oh let us not forget the bee sting kits- yes very important but grand total for yesterday was about 300.00 bucks and that was before lunch and gas.. LOL In the tank girls. No naughty thinking aloud. LOL

Now I know that I said I would show some goodies, but I have surprised their new owners so I must wait a few more days before they arrive as I know she sneaks on here once in a while.
I have WIPs on the table and working like a mad woman when I am not driving.
Hope to show them soon.
So beside the running for DD I was also going to the bank here for my mom. She said to pick up a check for her. Well I have been to the bank since Sunday everyday. I called to let her know that it still was not here. LOW and behold it wasn't a check but a money gram. GOod lord now I feel stupid for getting tickie with the gal on the other side of the counter. So tomorrow- you guessed it, I have to go back to town. UGH get that and then run a few more errands. I wanted and needed to stay home. I may have to skip church this weekend and just stay home and work. That might be nice to sleep in too. I have witnesses I have been getting up early. Okay anything before 11 is early for me. But early like in 8:30 or 9 am. That is something for me to brag about since I am a night owl. I have been known to stay up till 7 am and then sleep for 5 hours and get up and do it again.
Alright then off and running. I am actually yawning and running out of steam. Will have to hit the hat soon but need another coat of paint on something first.
Have a wonderful day.

P.S. my girl friend Kris took this picture of a local town last fall. Pretty huh?
It is cold here and snowed so I thought we could use a little sunshine. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Down Memory lane

As a child, I was lucky enough to have a Mother that sewed and loved doing so.
My Mother made a lot of clothes for me as a child and young woman. She even made some designer clothing for me when I was pregnant with my kids.
Every Easter and Christmas without fail My Mother sewed a red dress for me. I am a red head and hated to wear red and still do but it is my favorite color. My Daddy liked red. So he picked the color, I picked the fabrics and Mom made the pattern then the dress. She started sewing at the age of 10 for herself when she got her first job. She did laundry and babysat for the neighbors to buy fabric.

One year Momma made me this dress. Butterflies are my thing. Always have been. So she made this dress for me for Christmas. Out of all the things she has made me and there are 100's of outfits this was my favorite. The funny thing is I hated dresses except at Christmas. My dolly had a matching outfit but I don't know where that went. She saved this dress and the bottom skirt was turned into a coming home outfit for my eldest son when he was born.
I came across this picture the other day and all those wonderful memories came flooding back. I know I was a goofey looking kid but I am showing you this picture despite that fact.
I never have sewn for my kids. Oh little things but no clothing. I never enjoyed making clothes for people. I often tease my Mother and tell her that dolls don't complain if the arms are too tight.. LOL

I was curious if any of you doll makers/artists have a story to tell about your favorite outfit?

I had a very busy day today and am just dog tired. So off to bed I go my friends.
I hope to show you some goodies tomorrow. We shall see how much I can get done if I get some rest.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Terrible Pea

Oh what a week I tell ya. Dh was so very ill. He is doing better but the doctors only medicated the problem instead of dealing with it. I just won't even go there with ya'll. I was trying to work- yeh right, and I simply forgot to share my goodies from the Love tokens swap you all. Just in case you missed that part of it.
made me these wonderful goodies. Wrapped so nicely, and behold a sweet little lady box, note pad and glittered heart and a cupcake candle. Everyone knows how I love cake. I love all my goodies and Tonya does such nice work. Thank you my friend for swapping with me.

I also got my prize from Angie.
she had a give away and I guessed right so I won a set of her wonderful lights. OMG don't ya know they are birthday cake scented! LOL I am in heaven I tell ya. I think I will hang them up in my studio. It will smell like cake and I will never want to leave. LOL Then maybe I will get something done. Thank you Angie, I love them. I will have to add the picture tomorrow. It is late and I don't have batteries charged for the camera.

well off to read my book. It is due tomorrow. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

ALMost got a dolly!

Tonya and I were matched up for a valentines swap. I was most excited yesterday when I returned from town to find her box. I couldn't get it open fast enough. All so carefully packaged. I got it open and here is a card addressed to Jenny.
ut-OH! I knew that Jenny was getting a package as well, a sweet little Daisy dolly.
I called Tonya afraid to open the package any further thinking it was for Jenny. She said open it. I did and there was the sweetest of Dollies. Oh how I wanted to keep her but Tonya threatened me with bodily harm. LOL Then Jenny would be flying out here to kick my butt too! But I did get to see her and all the tiny little details that went into her.
Soo for a moment she was mine! Ya know love something and set it free, it will come back to you! Ha ha wishing thinking. BUT I do have something to LOOK forward too! a wonderful swap package. I can't wait to see the goodies.

Tonya did how ever get her package( knuckle head) LOL. I made her a pin keep with a tiny kitty on it.

It turned out so cute and she is always showing us pictures of her furr babies. That was my inspiration. I made it so she can have it out year round if she likes. I think this swap was fun and maybe join another one in the future.
Have a PURR-FECT valentines day my friends. I will be creating this evening. Hope to have pictures soon.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh Naugty, naughty kitty! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Oh I could just spit nails at the moment. I am very mad at what is a seemingly sweet face- my Bootsie. I keep my studio closet closed cause she likes to get in there and knocks stuff down. If that is all she had done I would be upset but would get over it in a few minutes. Nope, not that easy.

I keep my nice tissue in my closet. Ya know the kind we use for something special. Like the stuff I got for the valentines swap. I had it all in there. Matching tissue, tags and etc. Well Boots got in there to and made a nest out of it. But not just one sheet mind you. A entire stack of about 12 different tissues with 10 to 20 sheets each. It is all ripped and shredded. She even ate some of it. Not to mention my bag collection. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Just look at the mess she made. Not even big enough to cut and use half. So I saved what I could and that ended up being about 5 sheets.

I am keeping the other for scrap booking stuff. Now I will have to replace my tissue collection for those special things. I even had Mom's tissue in there for Mother's Day. A pretty blue/brown.

Durn cat anyway. She knows I am mad at her. She keeps trying to suck up. Maybe tomorrow it will work.

Hope your day was better then mine. SOrry just had to vent.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I will miss her!

Oh sometimes we create things that really makes us smile or giggle. This is one of those dollies.

I have been enjoying her and greatly enjoyed making miss Flora the Fairy FRog Mother. But she is spreading her wings and flying to Texas to live with a new dear one in need of many wishes granted. Right after I get her to MAKE IT STOP SNOWING!!! LOL
This was made from a Soft in the Head pattern. I just added my own twist to a wonderful pattern. Thank you Pam for sharing it with us.

Now I must get to work. Trying to finish up my list of creation in the studio. The chatter boxes in there are starting to gang up on me. Oh dear, Oh my what will I do? LOL

Have a wonderful day my pretties. I will be back soon.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just a scary moment

Have you ever done something that you didn't want to do but knew you had to? Something that made you shake in your boots? Afraid that others would judge you and make you self conscious?

I did one of the things today that made me feel just that way. I got up at my church and spoke to the whole congregation. I was shaking so badly that I could barely stand or hold the microphone. I must say that it was easier when I was a kid in debate and drama. I had a lot less nervousness and didn't care so much what people thought.

In the end I did it and did better then I thought I would do. I did my part and they better not ask me to do that again for awhile. LOL

Now I must get back to work. I have to get ready for class tomorrow. My gosh, my life is so busy lately. DD is keeping me hopping with all the senior stuff, helping out others, church, my home work and then the ususal wife stuff. I need some good sleep.

IN the picture above you will see my lady Bug shaker for Pfatt this month. I think she turned out sweet. I am working on some new ones this week. Stay tuned and have a wonderful Monday.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just a few of my favorite pictures- except one

Some really big fish they caught!

Miss Bootsie

A good friend I once had.

Just a pretty girl

Kinda a James Dean Look

Okay. so I love Nerds! What can I say?

*GULP*Okay it is me, don't like it but it is what it is. Now that is all the sharing you are gonna get! For now anyway.LOL
Have a good one.

Tag you are it!

Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy tagged me with this unique tag. I don't really like the ones where you have to tell about yourself. I mean does anybody really want to know about me anyway? I don't think so. LOL

This is from July 4th last year. This is my youngest child Katie playing her music. She plays by ear and has taught herself to play. My Katie Rocks! LOL Plays about 2 hours or more every single day. Right now she is teaching herself to play the mandolin. I bought her that for Christmas.

This one is different. It is simply a picture. Interesting to see pictures. so here are the rules.
I am to upload the FOURTH photo from my FOURTH folder on my computer and tag FOUR others.

Renae of Birch Berry Farms
Mo of Wings and Paws Primitives
Renae of Raggedy Blessings
JenW of Purty Girl Primitives

Okay back to work for me. I thought that I would have something done for ebay today and it don't look done to me. LOL So I must get the stuff done. Deadlines and a order to complete. Blessings to all.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Now that I made Everyone cry and really didn't mean to. Maybe I can make you snicker*? Just look at that stupid hat! That makes me laugh.
I have three wonderful children. Each one unique in their own special way. Each one has special talents and I am most proud of them as all us Mom's are.
I would like to tell you a little about the "HAM" in the family. That would be goofy, lovable, Tyler. Our Middle son. He is the ARTIST or one of two children that carry the artist gene. LOL
Tyler has held a pencil since he was just about three years old. A very busy little boy. Always into something and never sat still for long until you gave him paper and crayon. He has never stopped and draws about 2 hours every single day.
This artwork you see here is one of his creations. I have his permission to share it with you.

Just look at all the details. This is a character drawing of a dwarf that looks like his brother in the face. LOL It is funny because Jake is quite a bit taller then this. Several inches taller then Tyler.
When talking to Ty I thought that this took hours and Ty tells me that it took about a hour to draw this. WOW! I wish I could draw but I can not. The people in my family that can are my Hubby, my Mom, my MIL and my Brother. My Father I am told could as well. NO fair that I can not but them are the breaks.

Tyler has always been the goofey, funny, smarty pants in the family. He broke his arm, shoulder and shoulder blade in 5 places, standing on a basket ball trying to impress a girl. LOL It worked though. He made her laugh.
Just look at his Senior picture. Yep, this went into his annual. OMG is what my Mother said. But this is Tyler. No one will ever forget that picture.

So this is just another peek into my life and those around me. This is my giggle maker. Alot like his Dad, Mr.Peabody and a bit like me- poor baby. LOL I will share more about the rest of the pod later.
Have a wonderful day and share the crayons will ya?

Monday, February 2, 2009


People have often asked or wondered who I am referring to when I speak about the" Wind beneath my wings"?

Sue was her name and she was my best friend and chosen sister. Her family became mine, mine hers. Sue and I crafted together for many years. We created many gifts for family and things for local sales. We were two peas in a pod. Like most best friends it was her always urging me to give this business a go. I would say" No, I make a little but not enough to call it a business". Sue was Irish/ Italian and well if ya know that combo then you also know the word NO is not a option. Still I kept putting it off. A thousand excuses to why. A new puppy and baby. Three kids now, no time etc. All good excuses in my eyes, but Sue kept pushing me.

Sue was diagnosed with colon/cervical cancer at the age of 25 and was told that she has 3 to 6 months to live. She passed away 3 years later at age 28. Her last words to me, was for me to promise her that I would be published and to start my business. To never give up as she would always be there watching me. Not to use the scissors to cut wire. LOL She used to sharpen my scissors for me. To go and be happy.

Her passing left a whole in my heart so large that I thought it would never heal. When I lost her I lost part of me. I couldn't even create for many months. Time does heal all wounds. Even the bigger ones.

Sue knew that I loved art and what I did with a bit of cloth brought me and others joy. She would have loved my new business name and I am sure she giggles at some of the characters that come from that cloth. Not a single creation leaves the studio for it's new home without my mark. A little swirl under my name. Something that Sue did often when writing.

So this is my Angel. The driving force that got me started and that promise I hold to this day. I did everything she asked of me. Even when I didn't want to. How can you say no to the Wind beneath your wings?

So if your best friend is telling you something. Listen. It could change your life.

Have a wonderful week and Thank you for being a part of my journey.