Friday, October 28, 2011

Last minute card

 I made this card last minute for Halloween but I really like the way it turned out.  The funny thing is I HATE spiders. Or Shelobs as I call them. LOL

here is another shot of it.

Then the money shot LOL as Tracy calls it. LOL

On to my day. CLEANING. boo hiss! I hate it but it must be done. I have a TON of projects on the table to get done this weekend and I want to hit the stores tomorrow for some new music, a few organizing items and then home to create like a mad woman. LOL I did manage to get quite a bit done today. I haven't done the deep cleaning in awhile as I haven't been feeling well for some time now. I am trying to some things non drug related and I think they actually might be working. YAY!
I am clearing things out and preparing for the dreaded carpet steam cleaning I do before the holidays. One of my least favorite things but with dogs I hate all the hair. So steam cleaning helps to freshen the air around here as well as the carpets. Even though I vacuum it can still linger of puppy around here. Some sprays help but not long lasting. So steam cleaning is the only cure. LOL
Okay. so what did productive thing did you do today?
make it a good weekend

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My first Halloween MINI

I had to make one, it was screaming to get out. Had to do 7 pages instead of 6 just to be odd/ different. LOL
Wanted to put some things in there for the family. Not just adults or strictly kids but a blend of both. I am happy with the end result. I do really like a few elements. My favorites are the eyes through the mail box. LOL this cracks me up.

Love the foil for the leaves and the sticky cork acorn. Love the texture of it.
Especially the back. Oh that is my favorite part of all. I really like when I can take something that is specifically made for one thing and use it in my crafts. LOL Like discovering a relic. LMBO.

I put it in my etsy store and to my surprise it sold. YAY! My first scrapbooking sale. That was exciting.
here is the Video in case you wanted to see all the details.

Thanks for watching.
I have been going through things in the studio. It is becoming a nightmare. It is a bigger mess then when I started. It is the task for this week. Ya see my baby girl bought her first car.

TRACY~ she bought a red jeep! LOL I conned her into doing a goodwill run for me and well I have to get all this stuff ready to go. SOOOO that will be what I will be doing this week. I have to pay for gas for the next run. Ah I see you say. yes... LOL it happens.
Okay everyone have a great week. be back soon

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Phantom of the Opera Cigar box and Photo mini

Have a new piece listed on TDIPT page and this is it. This wooden box, and mini, mini photo keeper. I really love how this turned out and there is a lot of detail and work in this little box.
Here is the Link
Be sure to email me if you should have any questions. Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Penny Farthing Mini Album Kit

Have you ever been so excited for a package you can't hold the excitement? Know that it will arrive soon and can't wait to get your hands on it?
This is one of those packages I can't wait for.
Theresa of Enchantments has made a new mini Album die kit I can't wait to get my hands on.
Here is the LINK (CLICK HERE)
It is to DIE FOR! ha ha.
I can see the mini done is a 100 ways. So many pieces to go with it. So many choices. Versatile, yes it is. Christmas, baby, home, and a wedding book too.
Not only that but she has had MULBERRY flowers made exclusively for the store and instead of waiting 10 to 22 days for your order you can get them in 5 days. yes, 5 days. Probably less!! I get my packages in about 3 to 4 days from her. Just look at these lovely colors. Every flower and color for all your scrapbook layouts, altered projects and more.

So go and all the wonderful goodies out. They just had the GRAND opening of the NEW HUGE STORE!!! If you are in the neighborhood of Rockport Texas go take a peek and come back here to report your loot ;)
Have a creative week

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A birthday card

Hello Everyone,
Made this card for a friends birthday and even though I am late I think she will like it.
I used my Distress inks to color the image and a paintbrush. I like the effect it gives. It is fun but takes a ton of time :( She is worth it I think.
For the little snail( my favorite part I cut out the image in patterned paper and crackle accented it. I love how it turned out. A little vintage flower and pearl stamens colored with glimmer mist. Simple and sweet.
Will have a video share for you soon. Working on some patterns this weekend. Back to work I go.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Card

Just a quick post. I made this card with some new paper I got from MME. I love MME and it is my favorite of all time. ( My Mind's Eye) in case you didn't know.
A dollar.five stamp from Michael's and a bit of sticky ribbon.
Made for a friend. I see now that I sent it all the things I could or should have changed but too late now. Oh well next time right. Except no more of that paper sheet:( I love it so. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Oh well can't keep hoarding everything. This year i am using it. LOL well some of it* wink*
Have a great weekend. I will be working like a mad woman.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I have been Published.

IN PRIM'S Magazine! I am thrilled. It came out just a few days ago. One of my FAVORITE dolls is featured in this magazine with my fellow TDIPT girls.
Do you remember Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater? Well here he is and all glory* WINK*
This is truly a honor. I did this as a promise to My God Mother Sylvia. She passed away from colon cancer this past march. The day I got the magazine I felt her smile at me. Along with our Sue. I can't describe the feeling but it was a bittersweet moment I will never forget.
Thank you for sharing my moment!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I received my Design team package!!! YAY!

Hello Everyone,
I am so very happy as I received my design team package from Enchantment scrapbooking and more the other day. It is wonderful. Wait until you see all the goodies she sent to me. Papers, trims yards and yards, stamps, flowers just a over flow of goodness. I took a video as I knew otherwise it would never all show up in pictures. Not to mention this wonderful Vintage car kit. It is so neat. I have put paper on it but that is as far as I have gotten so far. I have many orders to take care of first. The great thing is Theresa is ever so patient and no pressure. I love that about this. FUN< FUN is the focus.

Hopefully the video is showing up above.
 Have a great week. Be back with new projects soon.