Thursday, August 28, 2008



Hello My friends,
I have returned from a very lovely and hard week at the same time. I had fun but it is all so bittersweet.

My father was putting on the tough act while I was there but I could tell it was a struggle. Mom was killing herself not wearing her cast and running around. I got very angry with her but she is 73 yrs old. What can a youngin say to someone that old and set in their own ways?
Here you will see my folks and daddy's garden. He planted this all himself by laying in the dirt to do it. That is how he gets his crop and weeds it. He lays in the dirt as he can't do it any other way. That is one stubburn man!!!

Look at his flowers. They are beautiful. This is where I grew up and I wouldn't change a thing. His sunflowers are just lovely and something that always makes me think of him. See the little bee?

Well I have alot of catching up to do and auctions projects to do. I did get some stitching done while I was home. I have to finish up the edges and put a back on it. I will show you all that in a day or two.
Have a good one. Hugs,Pea

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ol' Time Noise Makers

Hello everyone,
what a week. I tell ya if I get to sit for two minutes it will be something.
I have just listed a set of three noise makers on eBay.
I made these my version of a Back Porch Pickins pattern. Thank you my friend. What a joy they were to make.*SMIRK*

I feel like I could sleep for a week. I am rushing like a mad woman to take off in two days for sweet Home- Montana. Ya see my pa isn't well and then Ma had to go and trip over the dog. She be hobbling around like a crazy woman so I am off to give them a hand and leaving my bunch to do for themselves. OH boy I don't want to think about the house when I get back. Or anything else for that matter.
I will be checking my email and around here but it will be limited as Mom has dial up. I know, I know who still has that? A lady that barely knows how to send a email... So hopefully I can teach her a thing or two as well. Ha ha!
Be good ya' all and I will be back before ya know it!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


OHHHHHHHHHH I know but I couldn't resist making another one. I have one more planned and I think it will be out of my system. It is listed on eBay
I just love how these turn out. I am having so much fun with them.. I feel a bit naughty when I make the wicked side...A big goober huh? But ya know it is fun to be naughty now and then... LOL

I am afraid that will be it for a few days. I am toast girls. I have sewed and painted myself to a frazzle and I am wiped out. I don't know how some of you do this..?
Have a great week my friends. I am off to relax for a bit.

Monday, August 11, 2008


WICKED COMES THIS WAY! A bit of nice too. Teee hee.
OH I am Most proud of this piece. You have heard the phrase two heads are better then one? Well that is the inspiration for this piece. It is a witch make do placed on a Antique candle stick. I found it at one of my local haunts. Then I did two different faces on each side of the head. One is a sweet, pretty witch named Hocus. The wicked witch is Pocus.

This piece is listed on ebay for a week.

Other then finishing up this dolly was a pretty slow day. Just playing in the studio and will be in there all week. Will update soon!
Have a great week. Blessings,Pea

Friday, August 8, 2008

Gone Fishing...

My hubby and my youngest son Ty, set out last Sunday to go try and find me some trout for dinner. Do you see all the big ones they caught? LOL Yep, they got nada.. They did get this cool picture of the beaver damn though. It is off to the left of my son there in the pic. Goofy boy with a hat. LOL

This is at Mission Lake. Pretty little spot not far from us. Very peaceful. I think I might need to go catch my own supper. I am the fisherman in the family. or should I say fisherwoman... Maybe I can catch a good picture or two.
Blessings for a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Oh My! A blog give away is going to happen here on "Soft in the Head" on August 10th....Check back and see what the the Ol' Softee has up her sleeve!!!!

Soft in the head is having a give away... Let me tell ya I am already on that! LOl crossing everything now hoping I win...

You should be afraid

From the darkest shadows of the castle, her scent lingers. Her beauty over powering, her charm hypnotic. But be wary my friend for she is your FOE. She is none other then the Sorceress Morgana La Faye. Find her whole story and detailed pictures on ebay.

This beauty may be sweet looking but mark my words my friends she has a dark side.. LOL OH what fun this little gal was. Trying to make her pretty with a bit of up to something look... Worked on it for over 5 days none stop. Choosing just the right fabrics and trims. I have had this head with those eyes staring at me for about 2 months now and I couldn't stand it any longer. LOL
So now off to make something prim and funky. NOpe never do the same thing twice. Switch things around and tis my curse and my blessings. I don't get bored, cause I don't even know what I will do next. LOL Just what God gives me and nothing more.
Have a great day!