Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Time For Primitives AND WSOAPP Shoppe

I have added some wonderful new goodies to my A time for primitives shoppe as well as my WSOAPP shoppe. 4 items in total. You see the blue bird below is one of them. There are more pin keeps, a shaker and more.

Now I am off to make more goodies. I am working on a dolly for ebay and hope to list it on Monday. Till then my friends, don't forget to dream and be kind to yourself.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pretty Pin Keep

I just got this beauty done a little while ago and had to share with you all. It is a wool pin keep made from a Sassafras Hill Primitives pattern. I even stuffed it with wool. Weighted a little bit and used lots of vintage trims and old lace. It also has a hat pin made with glass beads. Very girlie and Shabby looking. But a bit fun too. Certainly useful and pretty. Scissors are not included. Those are my favorite pair.

She will be going on the A Time for Primitives website on the 1st. I have a few more items to get done for that including another bird pin keep. I have one more to do.
So back to work for me. I hope to share a few more things with you tomorrow.
Have a great day and stay warm. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it is cold out there.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I have always thought that I was blessed with good friends and family. I love people and so I try hard to treat everyone well.
I have made many friends here in the World Wide Web that I feel will be friends for life. I also have the most wonderful customers that a person could ask for.
One customer arranged with several of my friends to surprise me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Red Tulips and Dutch Iris's. Two of my favorite flowers.
I had to go and get my new Drivers License with the terrible picture, and came home to this big box on the porch. OMG is all I could say. I have the best friends. How very special I felt in this Big Old World.
Tears of joy flowed down my cheeks and my nose looked like I might be leading Santa's sleigh as I read the card attached.

Dear Pea,
We thought we'd get together and send you a little something to tell you how special you are and that we are happy that you were born this day.
Go out there and enjoy your day! Happy birthday Pea!!
- Hugs and smiles from your friends, Alba and Arnold, Pam Gracia( Soft in the Head), Tonya (Back Porch Pickins), Linda Greene( Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives) and Annie(Allegheny Annies-glitter your world)

What a joy to know that these wonderful Artisans think of me as a friend. I am honored and privileged to know them. More thankful for their generous gift than words could express.

When the Postman arrived yesterday with 2 packages, I thought what could this be? I received all my orders. A sweet little Valentines box arrived from my friend Alba. What a giving, caring friend she is. Thinking of me again. Just look at the wonderful goodies she made for me. Time and love went into that box.

Then last week when so much was going on with Mom, I felt the need for a angel. A angel was sent from the dear Kimmie of Prims by Kim . A wonderful gift for my Birthday. She now hangs in my studio and what a adorable painting she is. Kimmy has the finest crackle. Just darling. Thank you Kimmy and Alba for making my day so very special. Everyone made me feel special with birthday wishes. Thank you ALL!
Loves ya,Pea

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Whooo Hooo it is my birthday. I am a old woman now but heck age is a number not a expiration date.
I got to go town thursday and spend my loot. Today I have a date with my eldest son. Dinner and a movie. Going to see the new Underworld movie. I know I will end up in his lap.. LOl but it is a good lap. LOL Saturday with Dh and DD. They are cooking me dinner and doing the dishes. yeee haw! On Monday I get to see the youngest son, but I think he is gonna try and surprise me tomorrow... tee hee I am smarter then him and he can't sneak up on me.LOL poor baby.
Momma gave me a gift card to buy- you guess it more craft stuff! LOL So i added to things today I didn't have LOL
No, that isn't my cake. I WISH! That is a ace of Cakes cake from Charm city cakes. I love that show cause my favorite thing to eat is cake! I go to weddings for the cake! Seriously... I LOVE CAKE! I have the assets to prove it! I bought a raspberry cake for today and then for Sunday I am making my mom's lemon chiffon cake. My traditional birthday cake. Unless it was a barbie cake. LOL
Sooo that be all for now folks. I will chat with you all later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good News

Well me Mom is home now. They said that she just strained herself something terrible and it stressed out her heart. Over DOING it which what I told HER! but she won't listen to ME! LOL
Talked to a few good friends today and my best friend called. I feel much better now that I got it all out. Thank you! Just being so far away.
Changed my blog color twice and still not happy with it. Not one there that is perfect, well there is but it is Christmas. LOL so gotta hope they do some more designs soon.
Thank you all for your comments and prayers. Appreciated. Momma is resting and taking it easy for a few days.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh Boy!

I am reeling right now. Don't know if any of this will make sense as I am thinking at super sonic speed. I know my hands can't keep up.
Got a call this evening from my Mom's neighbor. She was taken to the hospital by a friend. Crying, migraine,chest pain, trouble breathing, arm aching and jaw as well. They are keeping her for a few days to run test. Talked to her and she sounds scared, helpless and out of control- WELL that makes TWO of us! LOL
She called a bit ago as I had talked to the nurse but he didn't know anything as had just came on shift,-figures. I wanted to know my usual ban of questions( my Dad and nephew have heart issues) so I know more then the average bear.
They had her call after the Doctor came in and all blood tests are normal. SO they are gonna do more tomorrow. A chemical stress test to be exact. It doesn't appear to be a heart attack. So that is good news. The doctor that took care of my daddy all those years, it is his son taking care of Momma. So that was very nice to hear as he is like family. I know she is in very good hands.
I hate being so very far away. I knew she was doing too much the last few weeks and I was right. Stubborn redhead. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Well have a good night everyone. I am gonna go get some rest. I am worn out emotionally and physically. A hot shower and bed for me.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Sanctuary, My studio

I am almost afraid to go in there now and make a mess but, I did. I cleaned it up right away though. grin. I just couldn't leave it a mess. It was fun and I just played a bit. I had to go to bed and crash. Just so tired. Too many late nights and not enough sleep.

When you walk to the door you will see three of my favorite dollies. Kitty by Karmen Troyer of Crows in the Holler. My Miss Sophia dolly by Tonya from Back Porch Pickins and the give away dolly I won by Miss Sylvia Anderson. The Sweet Pea sign is from a local artist.

Not to mention the shelves I need to paint so put my dollies on. smirk*

This little star was a gift from my friend Lex of North Star Primitives. It smells wonderful.

These stacking units came from Michaels and you can use Michaels coupon from online or a Joann's to get them. I got two at a time on sale for about 40 bucks. They are wonderful and plan on getting at least two more.
On top you will see my Ready Teddy and Go piece. cracks me up.A mad carrot and beside it the heart says" Bless your dear Heart" made from a girlfriend. Along with that is cupid's charm From Syliva Anderson.

In this picture you see the old sewing machine and the work table. A gift from my best friends step Mom. That thing has seen some years and damage. LOL The basket is where I keep it all handy. I don't like to move around much if I don't have to. LOL

This is my studio baby. This is Miss Boostie and she is looking at that box, like she just cleaned up the joint and she is bringing in more crap. LOL

T.V., DVD and the box for cable. Work table for cutting fabric and painting. You see my most used paints/glues in a pepsi crate for easy access. I love that. great idea from dear old Mom the queen of being organized.

A free basket to keep floral foam in for things while they dry and the pepsi crate.

Behind my chair is this shelf. I love this piece. Painted by a Local artist. It has my collection of pinkeeps, the painted box from Mindy of Pine Hollow Primitives, my Polka dot Pixie snowman a Christmas gift from a dear friend as well as the pinkeep from The daily Pincushion, and a wee snowman I won from Dawn of the Feathered Nest. There is a picture of my hubby there too which is a rare piece since he hates his photo taken. The triangle in the back ground my late Father made in High school.

My chalk board with uplifting thoughts and bulliton board with the sweetest picture of my folks I have ever seen. I had to put it there. Just felt right. Now I hope to be filling the bulliton board with ideas soon.

The two fabric cabinets, sewing drawers with handy items and in the middle books and stitchery patterns. Storage on top in cheap 1.00 photo boxes.

Happy thoughs sign from a local artist. Thank you Heather.

Last but not least is Mrs. Black, the Old Crow herself. From Pam of Soft in the Head. She is my studio Mascot. She sits high on the sterio dancing to the music and making sure I am doing it right. LOL

So there you have it. Nothing fancy just a bit of fun. Now I have to get busy. Clean room or not.
Have the most wonderful day and I would love to see where you all create. Any ideas on how to make it better, I welcome them.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A little encouragement goes a long way.

Well the rat hole is now clean and lovely again. Well humble at it is, it mine. Proud of it even if it isn't fancy but it is a work room for crying out loud. LOL It is soooo functional now. Thank goodness. I didn't get to paint or make new curtains for it but hey that will come in two years when I do this again. LOL

My room being clean has calmed me and also risen a new sense of self awareness. Who am I ? What do I really want? I want to create art, I want to learn to paint and want to improve my current skills. I want a style of my own, unique to me that just makes ya go ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love that! I want to teach, try new crafts and just discover myself/ art/ learning all over again.
My biggest problem is my additude about myself and my art. My family isn't always supportive in the verbal sense cause they don't get it. I don't hate them for it is just the way it is. Thank God I have some very good friends that do get it and they encourage me. I am not stating this for attention, I just feel that maybe some of you can relate.
I am very critical, over think things, and procrastinate getting things produced. I think I have great ideas but getting them to a finished product is the difficult part. I also always have something to throw a kink in my works and then I am down for the count so to speak.

So with that being said, I am going to TRY harder then EVER to turn over a new leaf. I am going to concentrate on the things I can do, learn, being possitive and keep going.
When cleaning my room I rediscovered my chalk board. Normally I write my deadlines on it. This time I decided to try something different. I wrote possitive thoughts on there instead. If I see that everyday for 21 days it will make a change. They say it takes 21 days to change a habit.
I thought I would share it. Maybe just maybe someone can relate and this will help them as well. I know I am basically rambling but ya never know when what comes out of your mouth( thoughts) can have a impact on someone's life. So this is my attempt to reach others just like me. If there is such a thing? LOL

I will finish loading up my pictures of my room later. Oh I can't wait to share that with you. I pulled some of the art I have from artists from ebay and wonderful gifts, so lots to peek at.
Have the most wonderful day and remember ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING>>>

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just a bit further

I am still working on the studio and I must say that it was worse then I had thought but it is coming along. Going through all the tubs and having stuff in too many places still has some tweaking and fine tuning to do but it will come. I have to break down and buy a few more tubbies. The small kind but deeper cause I have a lot of little things for dollies and they need to be stored for each holiday. This is the wool cabinet. It holds the wools and Sherpa for bears and what nots.

See my drawers? I collect these old singer drawers for holding goodies. These hold my trims and one holds the rubber stamps that I use for my tags. I keep looking for more but it seems lots of folks got the idea that these are wonderful. I have three more but they are all too big to fit there. I even have a little nester( bird) hanging out in there in the wool cabinet. She is still homeless so she is nesting in my box till she finds a new home. It is fun to open the cabinet and see her waiting there for my pins.

Now this is one side of the closet. Just tubbies of more Stuff. The other side has the big,huge tubbies for inventory and a box of christmas stuff. labels are my new favorite thing. I had most of them labeled but now all of them are. Should make creating hopefully a bit faster. Ha ha!

Last but not least is something that I had made. Another birdie pinkeep. I love the softness of this one. It has flown safely to it's new owner. I am so very happy it will have such a nice home. I will have another one up for sale in a few days. They are wool inside and out so perfect for your pins. Just something fun.

Have a lovely day and I hope to show you all the finished pics of the studio tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have been trying to clean my studio and it have been one thing after another. Yesterday was a blur with a migrain and today is a tiny bit better but not letting go like I would like. Just the change in weather sets them off. Some days I can't move or see and others are simply where I am sick on the couch and feel like I had a hit and run with a tree. LOL the tree won.

So here is my cotton fabrics cabinet. I got it all cleaned out and it looks so nice. Sold some fabric and others were donated but it is clean. I will show you more as I get there. Have a lonnnnnnnnnng ways to go. I am working on the closet now. I had a bunch of stuff( giggle). How do we get soo much stuff? How did I get it all in that little tiny room and my gosh no wonder I would never find what I am looking for. Grab and stash don't work really. LOL so I am getting my room re- organized, labeled and cleaned. Then maybe my brain/body can create once again.

Have a good day.


Saturday, January 10, 2009


I spent the greater part of the day going through fabric. Doing a bit of straightening. I can finally see my selection again. In one of two cabinets. Still have one more to go. Boy oh boy. I have so much here on the table that I know I will never be able to use it, so I have decided to have a sale and share the love of fabric. LOL

Fabric is so very expensive these days. If you use it you already know that. Some of this stuff I paid 12.00 a yard for. Yep, a wonderful extra thick flannel I bought for pillow cases. It has made all the cases I will ever make. I made over 100 of them for family and friends.

Whether you are old prim, shabby, whimsey or just folk art I have a little bit of everything. There are a ton of pictures so I will load them as time allows. If there is something that catches your fancy let me know. Prices start at 4.00 a yard. email me at Shipping cost will be actual shipping and I will send it the cheapest route unless you say otherwise.

Ultra thick, soft and yummy flannel described above. Green ( dark forest) and buttermilk color. WAS 12.00 a yard. The green measures~ 2.5 yards. $10.00 for the piece
Butter Milk flannel measures~1.5 yards $6.00 for the piece
Burg/black measures~2 yards ( regular weight)$2.00 for the piece

Cotton calico purchased as a set to make a quilt. Would be a pretty dolly dress as well.
I have 2 pieces of the floral with the lattice work.
1- measures 1 yard- $3.00
1- measures 1.25 yards $3.75
Coordinating floral 1 yard- $3.00
Cream crackle print~ 1 yard- $2.00
Tan~ 2- 1 yard pieces- $2.00 each

Mary Englebreit Out of Print fabric.
measures 2.25 yards -$6.75 for the piece
Would make a cute little jumper for a little girl.

Folkart angel print in tan/black.
measures~1.25 yards-$5.00

Sheep Folkart fabric. One of my favs. would be perfect with homespun for curtains.
measures~2.5 yards $10.00 for the piece

Okay well that is all for today. Will be adding more as time allows.
Happy creating my friends.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Big Birdy Pinkeep

I did manage to get this done. Been on the back burner since oh August and just now got it finished. I do love the old way it turned out and enjoyed making it a great deal. It is made from hand dyed wool, stuffed with wool. So it really is 100% wool inside and out. The pins will stay sharp and I did up the hat pin as well. It has some weighting material too. I will have a few more( in different colors) in the weeks to come available for new homes.

What a exciting I guess you could say day! Not in a good way exciting but all turned out in the end. Thought DD had a kidney infection. She couldn't hardly move poor thing. Wouldn't let me look at her back but said it hurt deep inside not just the muscle. So took her in the morning and her spine was all out of wack. The Doc rolled her around and there she was all better. LOL sound silly but you should have heard the sounds. OMG I hate that sounds of bones popping.

Then DH has a heart issue history. So he tells me his left arm and fingers tingle. I am thinking oh no you don't not again. He was in the hospital last year several times and scared me half to death.

Said he didn't feel good and color is off- MEN! So I went to call and make the appointment and they get the nurse on the phone, so then she makes the e.r. appointment. He goes and well girls he has carpal tunnel of the elbow. LOL So I am relieved but at the same time feel foolish for worrying. what is a mom to do?

So I think that I will sleep good tonight. LOL

Okay have to find some grub cause my tummy is calling my name...

Have a wonderful evening,Pea

Monday, January 5, 2009


WELL TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY!! I got to mail a few packages. Nothing big but girls after being trapped for over 20+ days it was coming out of a dark tunnel. I can't wait till I can get to town but it was nice to get a few of the much needed packages out. I still have a few girls and please be patient. I will try and have those out this week if the weather keeps melting this stupid snow. 4 ft my GosH that is enough.

I got a few presents too. YEh for me... I love this CD and the book well girls I love rocks and gemstones especially. I want to know everything I can about them. I know a lot now about a few different ones but still more to learn. I guess you could say I am a closet gemologist. LOL This is my third book and I have to order the big one for my birthday later this month. It has everything in it and is put out by the Smithsonian institute I started very young when I went digging for sapphires back home and I wear one all the time on my right hand that I dug up. Something new about me you probably didn't know or care to but there you have it. LOL

This is the Lenka CD. Love this CD! it is the best I have heard in awhile. You can listen to it at Barnes and nobles if you have one. I know they have it there. These were gifts from my Mom. Thanks Momma.
Well I must get back to creating. Lots of ideas running through my head and must get something finished. Deadlines coming soon. Have the most wonderful day.

what a lucky gal I am

I received another award today from Miss Jenny of Wonders of Whimsey. It was funny cause I kept looking for Pea pickers and it wasn't there. LOL Then it hit me. hee hee. I guess old habits die hard. tee hee. Thank you Jenny dear. How very nice.

So here it goes.

Fabulous Blog Award~

Jenny put 5 addictions, here are mine:
1. Fabric and girls I am in the running for the one who has most!
2. magazines and till recently had um- 175 uh yeh and I am getting rid of ALOT!
3. tea and chocolate. Love it all
4. learning new crafts. I want to be a know it all when I grow up! LOL Just kidding
5. being a good friend when ever and who ever possible
These are the five bloggers that I would like to nominate and who have touched my heart with kind words and deeds. Not mention the wonderful work they do.
1. prims by Kim
2.the smiling goat- Kim
3.Laura Ann
4. Mandy Aunt Manny's
5. Gina- cat nap primitives

Sunday, January 4, 2009

nice does matter!

Sue of rabbit Hollow Primitives gave me this lovely award. I am honored Sue thank you for making my New Year bright.

'This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes for self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propogated. Please give more attention to these writers!'
You are supposed to pass this award onto 8 fellow bloggers, to include the above text in their blog. So with the new friendships that I have formed. I have chosen these people:'This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes for self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propogated. Please give more attention to these writers!'
You are supposed to pass this award onto 8 fellow bloggers, to include the above text in their blog. So with the new friendships that I have formed. I have chosen these people:
So it goes to Mindy -Pine hollow Prims, Pam- Soft in the head, Linda-Meadowbrook Cabin, Dawn of feathered Nest, Doreen of Vermont Harvest, Candy of Howling Moon, Maggie -Cedar Hill, Jenny -Wonders of Whimsy

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Change can sometimes be difficult and other times, seems easy. In this case for me the change is bittersweet. I am letting go of my past by changing my business name and moving into what I feel will be exciting times for me. Letting go is the hardest part as there are so many promises and memories attached to the name Pea Picker's Primitives. My first adventure, my first dollar as a doll maker, being published, raising my kids, local shows, all happened under that name. There is a lot of history in that name for me. I hope to really push myself to the limits creatively with my new name and am very excited to get started.
So with a change in name comes many other little projects on the books. The journal is getting full already and we have only just begun.
First off I am having a E-PATTERN SALE. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE. LIMITED TIME ONLY.. use my pattern mart link to choose and email me at with payment and choice of patterns. THANKS SO MUCH!

I will be retiring many of my patterns as well. So If you WANT THEM get them now before they are no longer available. They will not be back.

Not to worry I will have a few new patterns under the new name but that will depend on what I come up with. LOL I am still snowed in so that should be easy.

I want to take this time to tell each of you THANK YOU! For sticking with me, through these changes and in years past. It is nice to know I have friends around me cheering me on to the next wish on the wings of my angel.