Monday, March 22, 2010

a spring swap

Hello Everyone,
see I wasn't gone for too long. I know been kinda silent. Still hunting up that Mojo but it will return. Hopefully sometime soon.

This past week the TDIPT gals have been celebrating spring with a swap. I was lucky enough to get Susie. You may remember I had Susie for the fall swap and it was a great one. This one is just as wonderful.
Just look at this wonderful loot~ I feel like I was queened for the day.

Then there is my big piece. OMG just look at the painting on this gourd bird house. Sweet Susie knows I can't paint, so she does it for me when we swap. I had a few happy tears for the hummingbirds. My Dad loved hummingbirds so. All birds really, especially hummingbirds. He looked forward to seeing our local male with the orange throat every year. I can't wait till it gets really nice and I can hang this outside. In the meantime I have a hook in here so I can enjoy it.

One more view.

I have one more item to show you. Since my mojo is missing I usually create things that don't take any real thinking. So I create collage art to get everything flowing again naturally. It works most times. I made this piece for a friend of mine. She had seen another one of my collage pieces and wanted one. So this was a just for no reason gift. Fun to make.

Sorry for the crappy picture. I wanted to get one shot in a hurry, before I scurried out the door to deliver it.
My favorite part was a happy accident. The be yourself part in upper right hand corner. I had placed the pieces down. When it was dry, I was inspecting it, taking it all in. I noticed that I had placed a bee next to the yourself and did this with no thought to it. How funny is that? I was quite literally in cut and paste mode. LOL
I just grab bunches of papers and stuff. Place it all in a pile and start putting it down. I think I need to do another one this week.
Might have to go pull out some papers.

Friday, March 12, 2010

No, I am not dead!

Yes, I know some of you probably thought something terrible must have happened. I am not injured or dead although I was having health issues and they were stress related. Then to make things a little happier(ha ha) my internet went out for 3 weeks. Boy, oh boy that was not fun at all. When it worked it was worse then dial up. Do you remember those days? It took my stubborn self a while to be talked into speedy internet and now that I have it I love it. So that was not fun at all.
I am happy to report that I am back. Now I must find my Mojo. It has gone and went with the wind I guess. I can't find it anywhere. I think mainly cause I need some sleep. Burning at least a dozen candles at one on both ends kinda sucks the ever lovin life out of ya. Not to mention your brain becomes a big pile of goo.

So today I am going to bed a bit earlier get some much needed rest after today's fun.
I like to wish my eldest Son a Happy 26th Birthday. Jacob, we are very proud of you. Happy birthday and I hope it was all you hoped and wished for.

Have a great weekend everyone. I hope to be back soon. Until we meet again may you be blessed.