Monday, February 28, 2011


This is just how Mom and I feel today. Broken. We left the doctors office in tears. It seems I was right. I hate when I am right when it revolves around unpleasantness.
Mom's Aortic Valve is very tight and simply worn out. She is loosing quite a bit of oxygen. It is only going to get worse and the only fix for this is Open heart Surgery. Mom has chosen not to have the surgery at her age. She watched Daddy suffer after his triple bypass and knows instead of getting better he got worse. She doen't want to go through that. She is having memory issues as well. So this was a huge blow to her.
At least this explained the episode that Mom had back in June of last year that was unsolved. I just hope that she doesn't feel pain. The doctor wants her to think about it. If you knew my Mother or me for that matter, we don't change our minds often. If we say that is it, then that is it. I will continue to hold onto what little hope I can muster up. Either way it is borrowed time.

Yesterday was so very hard for her. It would have been her 45th wedding anniversary for her and Daddy. I miss him so much it isn't even funny. We both do.
I will be busy the rest of this week. Hope it helps to take my mind off things. I will be back in a few days.
Thank you for all the prayers.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

NOT the day for THIS!

Yep, very inconvenient to say the least. Tomorrow is Mom's appointment with the cardiologist and she has to see him as it looks like there is a valve that is very loose and causing loss of oxygen. Boy oh Boy I am worried about her and this is not helping my stress level one tiny bit. Just look at the size of those flakes. It is still coming down. Right now about 1 inch but it is still snowing like buckets.
Say a little prayer for us if you would please. That all goes well and I can actually get out of here. I will keep ya posted.

On a happy note to reduce my stress level I am working on a little something for a online friend. She is a living doll and always so willing to share. I do hope she likes this and can I just say that I am as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. LOL I have so much to do on this but I am enjoying it.

Well that is it for now. I will try and post tomorrow, we shall see.

Friday, February 25, 2011

LOOK! what the stork brought me~ post two

We had twins! ( see pictures) ha ha, I couldn't help myself. I thought it was funny;)
Today was the ~BIG~ delivery day. Of appliances that is. We were supposed to have the other twins delivered first( tee hee- washer and dryer) but with the weather aka snow they wouldn't deliver. So we try again on Tuesday for them.
I had to rearrange the entire kitchen. I now have a glass top and the coffee mugs were above the stove. Being the cluts I am Momma suggested that I move them. Good thinking, but where? It took me all day on Thursday to try to reconfigure and I am still not happy with it. As time goes on I will figure it out. Or call Mom to the rescue.

I am thrilled with them. We purchased, well Daddy did the week he died a new dishwasher. Good thing we replaced the fridge though. It seems the motor was getting too hot and left burn marks on the floor.:( It could have caused a fire. OH MY!:0 I had cleaned under then and vacuumed out the motor not that long ago. I do that about every 4 months or so. Just cause of the dog hair that gets under there. Pilgrim sheds like a dog. LOL Maybe cause he is one.
So today was cleaning out the stove drawer and emptying out the fridge. I had them all cleaned and pulled out when they got here. I cooked dinner and broke in the new stove. LOVe it.

I really like the freezer on the bottom but do know there is a little bit less room. With Katie not here most of the time and before we know it, it will be just the two of us that is okay. I know I don't need to buy one thing for the freezer though. When I go shopping on Wednesday with mom it will be other stuff.

Be sure to visit post one. I had to do two posts to catch up. How do you like that MISS TRACY? Just for you...;)
Hope to show you new goodies soon.
have a wonderful weekend

A room with a winter view~Post one

Today we will have 2 posts as I have some catching up to do. This was the view out side of my studio yesterday. Isn't it pretty. Yep, from the inside it is pretty. Out there driving in it not so much. This was the super slick stuff and even though there was very little of it, caused some bad luck for some folks. Thankfully it was not us.
I did house mouse type of stuff all day yesterday and not one bit of creating:( Had to prepare for the big delivery.:)

This is getting old I tell ya. I have to be able to get into the studio. I am hoping to this weekend. It will be nice and I can't wait.
Since I can't show you what I created I thought I would show you another picture of my creative space. Here is one pretty little spot. A print by Diane Duda and a rack I use to hang things while they dry.

I am behind on a blog award. Sweet Schell Belle over at Schells craft corner
She said the sweetest things about me. Girl I really do appreciate it.:) Thank you so much.

Well I am still here. Trying to keep warm. I won't complain too much as I know some of you have WAY worse then I. Girls for this next of the woods it is darn cold. In the teens doesn't happen very often.
Please keep warm where ever you are and if you see spring tell her to stop by my house. LOL

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do Over

Yesterday just stank big time. We woke up around 8:30 am to the power being out. Do you know that it didn't come back on until 12:00 am this morning. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. I do understand it was caused by a traffic accident took out two poles though so I hope they are okay. Just frustrating.
So I went to work on my piece of furniture and am happy I finished it. Just in time too as we are supposed to be getting white sh!t or I mean stuff tomorrow. LOL naughty Pea. 2 to 6 inches of it. I bet us meaning out in the boonies get 6 inches to 12 they predicted for other areas. Good thing I am staying home tomorrow.

So with the power out I decided to organize my cling stamps. I stamped each one on a piece of card stock for the cover and placed them by sets into CD cases. I then organized them into CD boxes or the drawers of my new cabinet based on themes. Holiday,kids, etc. With the exception of a few I did by company as they are my most favorite designers. I did this in between the coats of spray paint for the CD cabinet. I was able to get all of them but a few sets into CDs. I have to rob a few more from my music but I have a folder to put them in just haven't done it yet.

The hot pink piece is something that my Mom found. It was warped and still is~ but on big clearance and I needed a bright color to accent. Low and behold this little print I had purchased is what inspired my room over 2 yrs ago. I didn't realize the pink in it or wanting the hot pink until after I sprayed this little cabinet. When I purchased the print/painting I said I want my room fun and whimsical like this little print. Funny huh? I was shopping with Mom who is a color expert. I told her I wanted a punch of color to accent and pop. I had no intention on hot pink in the beginning. Subconsciously I think I chose the pink. Well that and a little help from a surprise gift from mom. More on that later.;) All in good time my friends.

Tomorrow I have to move out the washer/dryer and clean back under there. YUCK! More on that later;)
Have a great day.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

before and after

I have had a few projects that I have been putting off for a long time. This little dresser that you see was one of them.
It was stained and rather in sad shape. It needed a bit of sprucing up. I purchased it from friend a few years ago for $15.00. It is wonderful for the storage but a girl wants things to be pretty, am I right? LOL
So three cans of spray paint and a set of new drawer pulls on clearance for $9.00. Grand total spent for the sprucing was $21.00. Not too shabby. I love it now.

Hubby called the other day while I was in town and asked me for a date. I was shocked and delighted. When I asked him where we were going he was very vague. I think he wanted to surprise me. He took me junking. Oh I delighted in this as it was always so much fun to hunt for treasures. We used to go every couple of weeks and haven't been to our normal haunts in over a year. Sadly our favorite spots are long gone. Only two places left and they aren't the best. I did manage to find a few treasures though. I can only show you one now. It is getting a bit of sprucing as we speak.

Both of these pieces are for storage in the new studio.
I paid 15.00 for this new piece and it will be wonderful for all my cling stamps in CD/DVD cases. Well the overflow of stamps in CD cases anyway. LOL You'll see.

I have a few more projects to complete before I can give you a peek. I thought these smaller projects would have been done 3 weeks ago. Rainy/damp weather has been the hold up. I don't have a garage and so a large box and my back porch is my painting booth. It is covered but rain still gets in most days. I actually had the last drawer on the first piece sprayed and I was most excited to have it done. While drying the rain/wind shifted and rain on wet spray paint makes a lovely crackle. I had to start over. Two days later it was complete. I shouldn't complain though as some of you girls are fighting bitter cold and snow. I have the bitter cold but no snow.
I am off to spray one more coat on this new piece before heading for bed.
Have a wonderful Holiday Monday.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A sweet award

Tracy over at Tracy's Treasures came me this sweet award. I am not usually good at these things but I have a few minutes this evening.( Rare occasion)
she said she hopes it encourages me to blog more. I am trying Tracy.:) Thank you.

You are supposed to list 8 things about yourself.
Um I will try.
1. I giggle a lot and say um when I am nervous.
2. only redhead in my family with blue eyes- all the other redheads have brown eyes.
3. the name Phillane means Friend to Mankind- I try but that is a lot to live up to.
4. creating is hard on a manicure but I do both anyway.:) Won't give up either
5. My 3 beautiful Children: Jacob, Tyler and Katelyn are my greatest source of joy.
6.I am NOT a morning person
7. have note pads in everyroom and in my purse too. I am always writing ideas down for the next creation.
8.I am blessed

So now on to the folks that get this blog award.
1.Sonia of dark ravens nest she is a doll of a gal and I love her attitude.
2. Jingle of Just Jingle- she is a hoot!
3. Flora of Bone head studio's. Love this gal.
4. Schell, don't know her very well but a very sweet paper creator.
5. Linda of Meadowbrook Cabin- she always finds time to stop in and say hello. Very sweet gal.
6. Theanne, someone who is new to me as well. Always takes time to leave me encouragement and it touches my heart.
7. Cindy at Cynthia Lee designs
busy gal but sweet as they come
8. Okay I am lost here so I guess I will give it back to tracy again. I know she won't post it again but like I said don't do these things very often.

On to my day.
Kinda a boring day really. Took Mom grocery shopping. Did pretty good but ended up with a horrible Headache while there. I had to help her in the cleaning supply row. I avoid it. Well was over by something smelly and got the headache. It hit and I was sick to my stomach, dizzy and had to lean on the cart. I have a strong sense of smell. Then a gal walked past with tons of perfume on. Oh boy that did it. Migraine. I told Mom we need to hurry. I have to get home before I go down for the count. we hurried along. I ran to the coffee isle to try and smell some beans. That does help to clean the smells out of your nose. Don't know why it works but it does.
I made it home okay but was not feeling very nice when I got here.

Made dinner. Something I haven't had since I was a kid. It was so good too. Monte Kristo Sandwiches. Take bread and butter one side of one slice. Add turkey, ham and swiss cheese. Dip in pancake batter. Brown like a pancake and as soon as brown add a little oil to the pan and finish cooking. YUmmmm is all I can say. I had forgotten all about them. Pretty quick and super easy and I want out of the kitchen quickly so this works for me.
The dishes are calling my name again so best get to it and go to bed. I have to be creative tomorrow. I hope to post something I did tomorrow.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Don't know where it went but I am a day behind again. OH Lord help me how does this happen and so often?
I don't have my cancer card done for the week yet. I have been helping mom this week already. We went to the Doctor today to get her checked out. She has been in a lot of pain lately. Her arthritis is pretty bad. So they are sending her to a specialist.
Also gonna do a echo cardiogram on her. Doc doesn't like the sound of her valve.
We did get her handicapped paperwork though. So she can park close to where she needs to go. So that was good.:)

I came home to chocolate from my honey. I swear he is trying to keep me fat.;) It isn't gonna work honey. Sorry but that wedding is only 7 months away and I am NOT going to be a fat Mother of the Groom. LOL

The winter storms have hit. 60 MPH winds. No snow but surely need heavy wind breakers and webbed feet. I leave you with a picture of a Beautiful Sunny Day in Hawaii. My best friend took this shot. Isn't it stunning? Sure beats the rain, wind and thunder/lightning we had this evening. I'd go there!
Have a great week.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Simple things can be the best

They can bring you such joy and you don't even realize most days.
Today was a wonderful day. I got to spend helping a friend and yet I think she ended up helping me more then I helped her.
My Friend Mel has a a 19 yr old daughter that has a spinal tumor. It has grown through her spinal cord and is causing all kinds of problems. Pain is the biggest.
Mel decided to have a fund raiser to help raise money for a trip to see a great Doctor in Maryland at the Mayo clinic. No one else will attempt this surgery. We are praying for a miracle.
Today we set up the tables, made signs and such with the cricket. It was so much fun. I learned a lot from Mel. The funny thing is she has never been the crafty type and now she is creating away. LOL I love IT!
Tomorrow is the big event. Spaghetti dinner, and a auction. My Mom was ever so kind as to donate 3 paintings. That made me feel good. They take a lot of time.
I will be taking my camera and filling you all in. I am number one spaghetti server. LOL
I leave you with a happy picture. One of my Daddy's sunflowers. They were sometimes as big around as a small garbage can lid. He loved birds and yellow. I am going to try and have a few of these this year. They don't like the rain but we shall see.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Yes, Yes one of my favorite movies but not the Pretty in Pink I am chatting about today.
Today I am referring to this card. I took some inspiration from this magazine.

Designer Windy L Robinson's pretty roses in pink card on page 135. I loved the rolled roses but haven't mastered them yet, so i went with what I knew I could do instead. Three rows of roses in graduating colors. I added a bit of shimmer and I really like how it turned out.
This will be going to a lovely lady in Arizona with breast cancer. Poor dear.

The inside is finished on this one as well. I wanted to send the message of hope. I hope she likes Pink.

I have a few cloth projects coming soon. I know you all probably thought that I have given up on fabric huh? Nope, just taking a little longer break then planned. Ya know I am trying not to sweat the small stuff these days. Just trying hard to do what I can and go to bed knowing I did what I could.
Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

what a happy weekend

My boy Tyler

Tyler and Cassie

Hello Everyone,
My kids Ty and Cassie came to my rescue. They swept me and my scrap booking goodies and took me to Olympia for a two day fest of paper,shopping and dinner fun. We had a load of laughs, wonderful Italian food, plenty of coffee and tea. Just plain fun. Then if that didn't seem like enough spoiling. They arranged for a massage for me today. OMG, I didn't know all those knots were in there.
Cassie's Kitty~ Moiya

I even got to spend some time with 2 of my Grand kitties. They are so cute. Moiya is the black kitty and the black/white kitty is Ziggy star dust. Very picky kitties about whom they place affection and I am glad I am in the group. tee hee Both kitties are rescues. They are pretty good kitties.
Tyler's Kitty

So that was my weekend. A grand weekend it was. I hope the rest of the week goes this well.
Thank you all for the prayers and love.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm sorry

I know I was supposed to update my blog yesterday but I just didn't feel up to it. I received some bad news. The friend I started the cards for cancer for is not expected to make it through the weekend. She is such a lovely lady and it saddens me so to think of her no longer a phone call away. Her family is my other family. She is the Mom to my best friend ever! My Sue, My wind beneath my wings. They will both be my angels now.

On my property we often find heart shaped rocks. I find them everywhere. I found one when we looked at this property and I felt that it was a sign of a happy place. I always seem to find them when I am a bit sad and I found this one the other day. Funny how that is. I just thought it neat and thought I would share.
I have to scoot. Get the house cleaned up~ UCK! I have to get it done before leaving tomorrow morning. I am going to spend some time with my Youngest son Ty and his fiance Cassi. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will be back on Sunday evening.
Until then have a good one:)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blue skies

I don't know about you but I don't take the sunshine for granted. Especially since we have on average 298 days of rain a year. Yes, that is true.
We had some sunshine today and I couldn't wait to go outside for a little walk. Just a short one down the hill to get a few pictures. I took this of the clouds. Isn't it cool? To me it looked like puffs of stuffing and reminded me I should be in the studio making dollies. LOL What a horrible mind it is. Giggle*

I did get my cancer card done for the week. Whoo hoo. I have a very busy week so I wanted that done and out of the way. That is something I don't want to skip. I know these folks are not counting on them but looking forward to happy mail is different. I don't want to let them down. After all I have walked a mile in their shoes and know all too well how a simple card can bring a smile.

on to my card.
On occasion I make things that don't work for the current project. I just stash them away for later. The stamped and embossed image was one of those stashes. I added a bit of glimmer mist-some homemade and I love it now. I wanted to keep this card unisex-ish. LOL I know more geared towards a gal but I think because of the simpleness of it, a guy might be okay with it. Well I hope so anyway as a couple is getting this. No, they both don't have cancer but they are suffering together with his cancer. So it is going to be shipped off tomorrow.

Off to make some dollies. I have to finish up a few pieces of furniture before I can share pictures of the studio.
See ya on Thursday- God willing and the creek don't rise as Momma always says. LOL