Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Introducing Binky

Well after much work, um 24 heads folks. Yep, it seems that I was in head He++... I couldn't make a good round head to save my life. I thought I was gonna have to be committed to the old artist's home. LOL
Here she is a full size dolly and not just a head.. I have been making so many shakers lately that I hadn't made a full sized dolly since before Christmas. what is up with that? Don't know but making a doll sure felt good.
Back to Binky. She is just the sweetest of bunnies. She even comes with a old doll cookie cutter. I have her listed on ebay if you would like to take a full size peek and get her story.


Have the best of weeks with many happy memories.


BirchBerry Farms said...

Dearest pea----YUP----everytime I look at her I swear she gets cuter and cuter----if that is even possible!!!! Gosh she is DARLING!

OKAY you really had me on the blow dryer thing----I am thinking you should do helpful handy hints to git rid of the dang sniffles on your Blog---HUGE idea!!! OMG---I am still crackin' up---

Signature Vintage said...

I am so friggin jealous of your talent, always have been, always will be....never tried to hide my envy, lol. I emailed ya!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Love her Pea!!! She has the sweetest face, and I love the colors you used for her outfit!!! :)

Soft in the Head said...

Ahhhhh Pea! What an adorable creation! I love her....I sure wish I had that kind of talent, the face is precious! I LOVE BUNNIES! Pam

Pea said...

you crack me up! Thank you dear. So did ya do it? I bet ya chicken not! You should I am telling it works. I don't have time to be sick are crazy so if I can find something that gets me out of it, i am doing it. I even have DH and eldest son trying it and they say it works and men never say that..

Pea said...

Missy sue you are crazy.. Okay girl I know the talent you have and I can't do half of what you do. So I can sew, big whoop I can't do squat on the puter or do those beautiful painting of yours. I am pea green I tell ya. I wish I could paint. But God only gave me so much to work with. Otherwise my brain would explode.. LOL it is a small brain and can only hold so much ya know... LOL
Thank you my friend I will call ya tomorrow. hopes you be home.

Pea said...

thank you my friend. I just love the fabric from that quilt shoppe. LOL I think she is cute but there she sits.. Probably end up in the tubby with the rest of my stuff. thanks again my dear

Pea said...

don't say that. You are very talented. Your work has the awwwwwwww & giggle factor. I love your stuff. Your stack of patterns in my room is proof. I always have a piece or two of your stuff for my shows and they always sell right away, soooo that is the proof that your very creative and talented.
Thank you my friend for your wonderful comments but I know you are talented so we won't say that kinda stuff again. ya hear? LOL

BirchBerry Farms said...

NOPE---I'm using the CHICKEN for soup---I will try it though---sounds reasonable enough---besides that, you are talkin to someone that gets a couple of Captains in her and there's no tellin WHAT could happen---totally not responsible after that happens---so what if I am missing an eyebrow---I'm in my 40's--not too worried about people 'lookin' at me---obviously---Alright---I'm Blowin'!!!! heeheeheeLOL

Sharon Stevens said...

Hey Pea..I LOVE your bunnies..I just tagged you, please abide by the rules :-)
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Terri said...

Pea, Binky is pure gorgeous!!!!

Pea said...

you are a hoot! now don't you feel better. besides I am older then you! LOL

Pea said...

Thank you kindly Terri!

Prim and Proper Folks said...

Oh Pea...Binky is WONDERFUL! I just love to see your latest creations...you are such a talented lady!!! :-) Hugs---Susan

Plain-n-Simple! said...

#1 Pea,
Your Binky is just huggable and squeezable!! How precious!!!!! Her name just fits too!!!!! Darling!!!!

Pea said...

awwwwwwww susan,
thank you my dear. I always love to look at what new you have made as well. I will never be that good but I can dream.

Pea said...

oh how very sweet of you to say. Might i just add that someday i would like to make a sculpted dolly. Gosh that dolly there in your picture is something to spy for sure.