Friday, August 8, 2008

Gone Fishing...

My hubby and my youngest son Ty, set out last Sunday to go try and find me some trout for dinner. Do you see all the big ones they caught? LOL Yep, they got nada.. They did get this cool picture of the beaver damn though. It is off to the left of my son there in the pic. Goofy boy with a hat. LOL

This is at Mission Lake. Pretty little spot not far from us. Very peaceful. I think I might need to go catch my own supper. I am the fisherman in the family. or should I say fisherwoman... Maybe I can catch a good picture or two.
Blessings for a wonderful weekend.


~Tonya said...

LOve the fishing pictures. A day fishing is always nice...some bonding too.

You will have to go out and catch your own Pea. LOL

Good thing you don't have to wait for them to catch ya supper.


Pea said...

You got that right my dear! LOL
Now ya know what two of my clan looks like. LOL

Terry and Jackie said...

You know it is never because they aren't good's just that the fish weren't biting. Thank goodness for take-out!
Nice blog with super dollies!
I will be sure to drop by again.
Jackie at The Door

Pea said...

Thank you Jackie, for stopping by.
The fish were biting like mad. My hubby has no luck for such things. Some folks do and some don't. It is okay they had a good time paddling around the lake. Tee hee.
Thanks again for lovely comments. You can stop by as often as you wish.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

You go do the fishin' while they clean the kitchen! :> )

Pea said...

I like that! I like that alot.
I will tell my boys. tee hee