Saturday, November 6, 2010

It was magical

Today was a wonderful day. A honor,exciting and tearful. Every Mother looks forward to many things but seeing her daughter try on wedding dresses is one of those moments that can not be described. It was not my daughter but my future daughter in law. None the less it was a moment that I did not expect to take me away, fill me with joy and tears all at the same moment. Then again I do love this girl dearly. She is the best of us, brings out the best in my son and I know they will be happy together with out a shadow of a doubt.

We spent the day ironing out details and still have many to do. But we are getting there. This is not her dress or veil but still very pretty. I have to hunt for a blue dress. Maybe after I loose another 10 lbs I will like a blue dress or two better. LOL At least I have 9 months to work on it.


Sonia ;) said...

Sorry no texting over the weekend...Hubby took me out all weekend. Wow what a moment for you, seems all magical huh...I need to lose 10 pds too...we should have a contest lol...

xoxoxoxox Love ya Pea

Tracy said...

Ohh Pea congrats to your son. How special to be there with your future DIL to watch her choose her dress.
Well you can do a lb a month.
I have been trying (well not really that hard teehee) to loose 10 lbs over the summer, well that didn't happen. What is with that number LOL.

PEA said...

Well Good for him Sonja! How nice to hear.. It is okay you got to have some fun.
Contest? Oh goodness..
Love ya too

PEA said...

your time is coming x 3. Boy will you be a weepy girl just like I was. So very emotional!
It was so very sweet and I love that she thought enough of me to include me in a very special Mother/daughter moment.
a lb a month sounds like it might be do-able. Thanks for the great idea.