Sunday, October 23, 2011

My first Halloween MINI

I had to make one, it was screaming to get out. Had to do 7 pages instead of 6 just to be odd/ different. LOL
Wanted to put some things in there for the family. Not just adults or strictly kids but a blend of both. I am happy with the end result. I do really like a few elements. My favorites are the eyes through the mail box. LOL this cracks me up.

Love the foil for the leaves and the sticky cork acorn. Love the texture of it.
Especially the back. Oh that is my favorite part of all. I really like when I can take something that is specifically made for one thing and use it in my crafts. LOL Like discovering a relic. LMBO.

I put it in my etsy store and to my surprise it sold. YAY! My first scrapbooking sale. That was exciting.
here is the Video in case you wanted to see all the details.

Thanks for watching.
I have been going through things in the studio. It is becoming a nightmare. It is a bigger mess then when I started. It is the task for this week. Ya see my baby girl bought her first car.

TRACY~ she bought a red jeep! LOL I conned her into doing a goodwill run for me and well I have to get all this stuff ready to go. SOOOO that will be what I will be doing this week. I have to pay for gas for the next run. Ah I see you say. yes... LOL it happens.
Okay everyone have a great week. be back soon


Melissa said...

That is really cute! You did a great job!

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Just so darn CUTE!!
Congrats on your first scrappy sale :)

& many thanks for the tutorial!


Tracy said...

Awesome mini.
Your surprised it sold....I'm not ;)
As for the red jeep.....did I tell you I love your daughters taste, teehee.

PEA said...

Thank you Melissa. You are so sweet to say that.

PEA said...

Thank you Kindly Diane and you are welcome.

PEA said...

Thanks Tracy, and yes I am always surprised. It is fun living in a bubble. LOL
Yes I know you love the red jeep. Why I shared it with you. LOL I will try and get a picture of them together soon. LOL

Theanne and Baron said...

love your the scrapbook...couldn't get the video to stop buffering...but I know it's fantastic...and your daughter now has a red jeep...and here I didn't think you were old enough to have a daughter old enough to be driving!

PEA said...

Thank you so much Theanne. Sorry about the video. It stinks and I usually refresh it.
My daughter is the youngest and my eldest is 27. I started at 20, so I just told ya my age. GULP! LOL
Thanks for noticing my new picture. I will be taking a new one soon for Christmas. Or fall first I think.