Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3 new patterns HALLOWEEN PATTERNS!

 I have three new  Halloween patterns. As I am sure you know I love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays. My creativity seems to be at its best when I am creating for Halloween. I don't know maybe cause anything goes, spooky, sweet, whimsical, just down right scary or creepy. Any and all. I hope to do a few small piece this month but time is running out and I am going in circles. Running about at warp speed preparing for the baby shower for my DIL, grandson this weekend.
 so here is the first pattern. My Mummy Publishes in Celebrate365 magazine
here is the link for his purchase

Next is my favorite doll of all time. My Peter,peter pumpkin eater. He is so quirky I just love his up to something grin! he was publishes in Prims magazine last year. Making his momma very proud.
here is his link

and Last but not least is my Grumplin! She is a bit more wicked then the others but still so fun. I loved how she turned out so unique. Bit ol' hump and all.
here is her link for purchase. If you prefer you can also purchase them on the side here on my blog just click on my ETSY banner and it will take you there.

well lots to do before the weekend so best get to it. Sewing some baby blankets tonight and then hitting the hay early.


Tracy said...

You hitting the hay early...I will believe it when I hear about it, teehee.
I love all your sewn characters, you put such life into them. Love each and every one.
Enjoy your weekend :)

PEA said...

I did hit the hay early. I would love to be in bed right now but I need laundry to be washed so that is what I am doing. LOL
Thanks my friend