Friday, June 1, 2007

TA DA! Whew ... It is all done finally!!!

Well Folks it is done. Good Lord this one took a long time. I am most pleased with the final outcome. I think it is just so neat.
There ended up being a total of NINE pieces in this set. That includes Sam's Flag.
There is Sam the Poppa of the group. Little Sam Jr. and of course Miss Lib. Let us not forget the family Pet eagle-Washington. They each have bells in their hands. This is for the history lesson that Sam is giving the youngins. When they hear the words: Freedom, Liberty, or Happiness they ring those bells.
This set will be listed on Ebay on Sunday. Watch for it there.
Thank you to my friends for their help and support during the making of this piece. YOu know WHO you are!


Sylvia Anderson said...

What a fabulouse set Pea!!! Love all of the pieces, and details, and you really did put a lot of time into this one! I sure hope it sells for big $$$ for you! :)

Stacey said...

Hi Pea~
So glad to see you here! Love your beginnings and I can't wait to watch you grow on here. It's addicting to be sure! I love the dolls!

ktrass2001 said...

How neat, I just love it. What talent!! Karen T.

Pea said...

Oh thank you my dear friend. Momma needs a new dryer. Mine quit last week. So I am hoping to get at least the reserve price. That will help some.
Will add your site to the links this week.

Pea said...

Hi ya girl. Been awhile since we chatted. Ever get a gusset figured out?
Thank you very much. will add yours to the list too.

Pea said...

thank you very much Karen. How sweet of you to say.

~Tonya said...

Looks WONDERFUL, Pea! It looks so many hours invested in this piece. I hope you can meet your reserve and beyond.

It will help for that new dryer. :)


Pea said...

Thanks so much Tonya! YOu my dear friend are a God Send!

Pfatt Group said...

You know you outdid yourself on this one Pea. It is just wonderful!!!!XOXO MIca

Pea said...

thanks sugar... I did work really hard on this set. Now if I can just get more bids.... Lots of watchers though. thanks again hon

Atticbabys said...

hi Pea! Arent you just the cutest redhead? Loved reading your blog & checking out your wonderful work! Thanks for the comment on my blog too! Keep in touch. (Oh btw, yes the doll you inquired of is going to be a redhead if I ever get her finished that is! :-) Nan

Anonymous said...