Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sneak Peek.. Works continued

Yah! I got one more piece to this set done. This will be the last peek till the set is complete. Do ya think you have it all figured out yet? I guess we will all have to be surprized. Me included-LOL. Not even I know what this set will look like complete. I do have a idea, but ya never know.
Meet Little Lib. She is Jr.'s big sister. She was born first but just couldn't decide what to wear. LOL I am sure all of us girls can relate to that! Features her little crown made from paper that looks like a page from the old Sears catalog from years ago. Trimmed in glass glitter. Every girl even a prim one needs a bit of bling.
So now I am off to finish this set. I hope I have you excited to see more.. I know I am.
Blessings to you and yours,Pea


Lorraine said...

Thanks for the sneek peek!! I LOVE your dollies!!! I'm a big fan!!

Sylvia Anderson said...

It's looking great so far Pea! Can't wait to see the completed set! I know what you mean....sometimes I have an idea about a piece, and then somewhere along the way, it changes into something else. Funny how that happens! :)

Pea said...

OH thank you dear! totally made my day. It is ALMOST done! YAH!

Pea said...

Sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it drives me bonkers! If it is a good fit then YAH if not then Nay. LOL
I love what I do though. Sometimes my art surprises me.

Pfatt Group said...

wuv them sweet and sweet and sweet. You just amaze me dear Pea!!!


Pea said...

OH my dear Mica,
What a doll you are.. Thank you so much...
Have you finished the cherry doll yet? I am dying to see her all done. She is totally awesome.