Monday, July 23, 2007

Oh goodness

it took a longgggggg time to get something done... But better late then never they say. Who said that anyway? Oh I know, MOM! LOL
So here is a sneak peek of my latest projects. I had so much fun making these and they really did turn out so sweet. They are a original One of a kind and they are called "DING BATS" I just love the name and they are the sweetest of stick friends. Some have blue eyes and some have green. Would look wonderful stuck to your favorite witch or spookey Hallow's eve center piece.
I only have the five of them available. If you are interested just drop me a line at
Off to work I go. Have to get going on some new projects. Doll heads a calling saying they want bodies. So demanding that bunch in there.
Smiles, giggles and happy memories to you and yours,Pea


~Tonya said...

How very sweet are those little ~Ding Bats~!!

Love the name and they are just so neat.


Sam I Am said...

awwww fun these are!!!!! great job!! :)

Pea said...

what a sweet thing you are! Thank you so very much!

Pea said...

Thank you so much! I truely appreciate that!

Brenda said...

Poppin in to say hi! Love the dingy bats (reminds me of some people I know, haha!!)

Love your banner.. (I too was a lil redheaded seamstress!!) Thanks for sharing smiles..


lovetheprimlook said...
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lovetheprimlook said...

Pea, I love the bats !!!!I feel like one today LOL

Pea said...

Oh how cool is that.!!! Such pretty work you do as well.
I have been called a dink bat from time to time. LOL That is okay somedays I act like one.

Pea said...

well you can feel like a ding bat but we both know you are much cuter!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Love the bats Pea!! They are so cute and fun for fall!! :) I hope you are hanging in there since your son left.

Pea said...

Oh thank you hon. That is so sweet of you to say.
As far as Jake goes, I still haven't got to talk to him but I hope to soon. He has had problems with the calling cards they told him to get. They aren't working. :(
So what is a mom to do? Just wait and pray he will get to call soon.