Monday, August 6, 2007

~Jack~B~Grinnin~& Bing the Bat~

Oh I am so tickled with this little set. It took me long enough. This little head has been staring at me since the end of MAY! MY G.F. has been bugging me to get it done but it just wouldn't come to life. I wasn't in the right mind to get it done till now. I am glad that I waited. Am so happy with the way they turned out.
I listed them last night on ebay. Look to the right for my eBay link.

Off to work on another dolly. I need to stop goofing off this year and get to work!
Have a great week


Rabbit Hill Creations said...

How cute is Jack! did such a great job girlfriend, as always.

Pea said...

OH what a sweetie you are.
Thank you so very much!

Atticbabys said...

Oh Jack is WONDERFUL Pea!!!! I love him!
Seems we both had bats on the brain, lol!

Smiles, Nan

lovetheprimlook said...

Pea, he is wonderful!!! Is there a pattern in the makes ? Great job!!!

Soft in the Head said...

I just love your new set...Have special it is. And of course it has my favorite little guy, the dingbat! I can't get enough of those! Pam

Pea said...

Oh thank you hon. How sweet. Yep, I had bats on the brain. I have been called a ding bat from time to time. LOL I loved your fuzzy little bat.

Pea said...

I am still thinking on the pattern thing. Aweful late for a halloween pattern don't ya think? LOL Okay you better twist my arm cause this won't be a easy one. Keep bugging me about it and I just might.
Anyone else agree?

Pea said...

thanks again Pam.
What a sweet thing you are.

Neenee said...

I just love this set - it's awesome!

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