Thursday, August 9, 2007

Presenting "Cornelia"

Cornelia says" Too many sweets just make ya sweeter!"

That is my story and I am sticking to it. Oh this dolly cracks me up. Everytime I look at her I think of the song by Queen- Fat bottom girls. LOL
She has such a sweet face on her. I have placed her for SALE on my PFATT marketplace site that opens tomorrow. She is 9 inches tall and almost 14 inches long. I used a pattern by Kentucky primitives for the body. The rest is just special Pea touches.

Well no rest for the wicked. I must be up to something awful. LOL I have to go make 3 more dollies and a few other goodies. Wish me luck and sleep sometime this week.


lovetheprimlook said...

Pea, she is wonderful !!! You did an excellent job :) I love her face. I think you still have a bit of time for a Halloween pattern :)


Pea said...

Oh thank you dearly my friend. You just want it for your collection huh? LOl I knew you were gonna say that.
Okay well we will see if in between all these deadlines that I can't get one written out. Yikes! wish me luck.

~Tonya said...

She is just too darn cute!! Ya done GOOD Pea.

I love your Jack B Grinnin too.


Pea said...

Thank you so much. So did ya have a good birthday?
Bet your dolly is sold already!

Prim and Proper Folks said...

OMGosh Pea!! Cornelia is absolutely beautiful! Great work, as always. You are one busy gal these days, aren't you? I admire your ability to juggle so many projects and produce great quality work! Hugs to you, my friend...Susan

Atticbabys said...

Cornelia and Jack make quite a good-lookin'couple! Very NICE Pea!
I've tagged you for being soooo nice!
Please visit my blog and retreive the banner and send to at least 5, no more than 7 others!


Pea said...

What a sweetie you are. I have been going non stop for weeks. Just don't peek at the house! LOL I haven't cooked or cleaned in a week. Get to do that tomorrow. Have 5 more projects to do this weekend.

Pea said...

nan! OMG you are a sweetie. Thank you so very much. Two nice awards in one day. Can't beat that.
thank you.

Cookie said...

Bleary eyed and hugging my morning cup of joe at 5am today, I perked right up when I saw this precious jewel! She is so just the sweetest thing ever - I love everything about her, Pea!

Pea said...

Cookie, I saw your blog for the first time today I just simply love that pumpkin cutie! Her face is so adorable. real charmer that one!
Thank you for your comments. You got me giggling. I was just heading to bed when you grabbed your joe. LOL
Thank you again Cookie, I look forward to getting to know you better.

Anonymous said...