Monday, April 28, 2008


Well I worked a bit this weekend, very busy at that. But I just have to whip the back piece on and girls it is done. I am so very happy with it and to know that it is almost done. Dollies are soo calling my name. LOL
well got to cook dinner so I can play. Finish this up. YEH.
Have a wonderful day.


Jenny said...

It's looking good. Is all that hand stitched...Lot o work! I always gotta remember to stop leaning my head forward when I hand stitch.

Have a good one,


Pea said...

Yep, Jenny every inch! Stitched by my hands. Just pins, thread and needle put it together. Kinda tough and yep lot o work but so rewarding.
That leaning will get ya.

Victorian Lady said...

SO Pretty! You have a great deal of patience! I still have embroidery kits from when I was little that I haven't there is no hope for me! :)


Pea said...

This and fishing are the things I am most patient with. Daddy is only patient fishing and Mom with sewing. LOL
Oh some folks do it and others can not, but I bet there is something that you can do that I can not. Jenny can knit and I just can't. Painting NOT I am so messy cause I hate to paint. that is why I am not good at it I guess.