Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Americana Star Quilt and Bowl filler

Still just as busy as yesterday. I think I am really on a roll. I might have to pass out sometime this week but till then day lights a wasting. LOL

I have just listed this Original Designed quilt and bowl filler on ebay with my Pomm ebay group. There is a lot of hand work in that group like in the old days so I thought since this was stitched entirely by hand that it should fit right in there. The bowl filler was made on machine but the banner and all the other work was done by hand. This little quilt measure 19 x 19 and would be wonderful on a dinning room table with a old dough bowl on it. I am offering free shipping on this piece as well.
The link is below, so you can see all the detail pictures.

Have a very blessed and relaxing day. Off to work we go.


Jenny said...

HI Pea,

I like your quilt. Guess what I just bought today...A kit to make my first penny rug! LMAO Plus, I bought a kit to do a hook rug. I know what else...LOL I hope you are doing great. HUgs,


Pea said...

Oh Jenny YOu could have sent yourself into trouble. They are both addicting I am telling you. Then more supplies and more wool and so on. LOL
Penny rugs for me are the worst.
Thank you sweetie. I guess no one likes my quilt and if they could see it in person then they would know how really neat it is. Oh well I guess I am keeping it.
Have a good one.

~Tonya said...

I think your quilt is neat! I hope it sells for you. You sure have been busy Pea.

Oh and Jenny, I have yet to try a penny rug....someday. Always wanted to hook a rug too. Have FUN. I have heard that is is addicting.

I hope you have a great weekend Pea.


Pea said...

Hi Ya T~,
Thank you my friend. I am praying it will but then I am not in charge. LOL
Rug hooking is fun. Hard to get started but fun once ya do.
I am off to make some dollies. Busier then ever if you can believe that. LOL

BirchBerry Farms said...

Well hi Sweet Pea---I missed ya and thought I would pop in and say heh---always love to see what my bud is doin across the ways---hope all is well still with your Pa---been thinkin about cha lately! X's & O's

Pea said...

Thank you Renee,
I have been busy that is for sure.
Pop isn't so well. He is just getting worse as days go by. It is simply old age and worn out body from all the hard working years he has done. Thank you for thinking of him and me though.