Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What a busy holiday I had. I have been sorting, straightening and loading lots of goodies into my etsy. I have a LOT more to put on there.


Here is a list of just a few things I have available.
wool thread and trims, more patterns, My mischief maker pumpkin, americana bunny 6 pc set,vintage jello molds, 1934 Herseys cookbook, Vintage apron and splatterware mugs.

I have old photos, more threads, vintage trims, post cards and lots more to list. As well as a few old frames and paintings. Watch often as I get things done I will be listing them over the next few weeks. Many items are one only so you don't want to miss out. I have priced these items to move out and will combine shipping first class when ever possible.

Have a wonderful week. I have to go clean up my room so I can make a dolly or two or three?! Hope I can keep up with my brain. LOL


Doreen said...

OH...wonderful things Pea!! I especially love the cards and thread in the bottom picture..very pretty.


Jenny said...

Hi Pea,

It is sooo good to be back to normal. My house is a mess and it is quiet! LMAO. No, seriously, I can finally get back to making my doll. For a tiny while at least. I got an interior design project for about a week, then I can make some dollies again! I am excited. At least I can make some money somehow. :)

I like all your goods. Send me an email sometime. I'd love to start chatting again soon.


Ps. your friend Alba was the one who bought Blair.....how cute is that?!

~Tonya said...

Wow you sure have been a busy little beaver!

Love the new offernings and wish you luck on good sales.

I have been weeding through all my things as well...not doll supplies thou :)


Pea said...

Thank you Doreen. Those are my favorite too. Just fun things ya know.

Pea said...

Life is getting to be normal here as well with DH back to work. He was off and that throws a wrench in all my plans. LOL.

OH I will send you a email. I have missed our chats. First thing next week. This week is jam packed for me and you'se be a working girl.. I wish I had something else to fall on. I would hire ya in a N.Y. minute if I was rich enough to fly ya out here. LOL

Alba is a sweet friend and a dear customer. She told me about it. Said she couldn't resist that cutie going for that price. She is a true gem.
She was so excited to see we knew each other. LOL funny.
Have a good one my friend and take pics for us to see please?

Pea said...

That is busy as a Pea LOL or you I should say. I am surprised you don't sleep standing up right. LOL
One week I am on a roll and will probably take me two weeks to recover. LOL
Have the best one my friend.

Anonymous said...