Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tag you are it!

Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy tagged me with this unique tag. I don't really like the ones where you have to tell about yourself. I mean does anybody really want to know about me anyway? I don't think so. LOL

This is from July 4th last year. This is my youngest child Katie playing her music. She plays by ear and has taught herself to play. My Katie Rocks! LOL Plays about 2 hours or more every single day. Right now she is teaching herself to play the mandolin. I bought her that for Christmas.

This one is different. It is simply a picture. Interesting to see pictures. so here are the rules.
I am to upload the FOURTH photo from my FOURTH folder on my computer and tag FOUR others.

Renae of Birch Berry Farms
Mo of Wings and Paws Primitives
Renae of Raggedy Blessings
JenW of Purty Girl Primitives

Okay back to work for me. I thought that I would have something done for ebay today and it don't look done to me. LOL So I must get the stuff done. Deadlines and a order to complete. Blessings to all.


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

What a talented family!! I'm really enjoying reading your blog.

Phillane E'lee said...

How nice! Thank you Laurie. I am posting more often as I said to myself I would. I hope I am not boring anyone? I am not a very interesting or wordy person. Progress can not be made unless one tries, so try I must.
Have a wonderful week.

My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Hi Pea , I will post my pic in a couple days :) I am headed out of town very early in the morning going to see my baby get sworn in.

you are so not boring hon. I love reading your blog when I get the chance to .You just keep those words coming :)

When I seen that hat on your son I had to laugh my hubby has one just like it he wears fishing and we give him a hard time about it but he loves that thing and I don't think it would be the same if he wasn't wearing it .

Have a good evening

Phillane E'lee said...

Thanks Renae,
Thank the child for me. Honorable work for certain.
Ahhh it is good that I haven't bored ya to death yet. LOL

Love that stupid hat. He is the hat boy. Loves his hats. Have a safe and happy trip.

Wings and Paws Primitives said...

hehehehe!!! You are so funny...what if it is a naked picture in my fourth folder? LOL !!! Well, I doubt it somehow but, hehehehe would be hysterical! Anywho... I will get on it babe... you know how much people love being tagged...that might be the hardest part.. LOL! Thanks Sweet Pea.... Hugs, Mo

PS....sure am glad I beat Birchberry in here... I bet she would be thinking the same thing...OR actually, her 4th folder is probably that crazy monkey of hers!! LOL

Phillane E'lee said...

You are too funny girl. Naked pictures you naught one you!
Oh okay well I might have to out the shades on before I go peek at your blog.
Have a wonderful week.

Cookie said...

this was a fun one to follow along with, Pea!


Phillane E'lee said...

Thanks Cookie. I enjoyed this one as well.