Saturday, February 21, 2009

Terrible Pea

Oh what a week I tell ya. Dh was so very ill. He is doing better but the doctors only medicated the problem instead of dealing with it. I just won't even go there with ya'll. I was trying to work- yeh right, and I simply forgot to share my goodies from the Love tokens swap you all. Just in case you missed that part of it.
made me these wonderful goodies. Wrapped so nicely, and behold a sweet little lady box, note pad and glittered heart and a cupcake candle. Everyone knows how I love cake. I love all my goodies and Tonya does such nice work. Thank you my friend for swapping with me.

I also got my prize from Angie.
she had a give away and I guessed right so I won a set of her wonderful lights. OMG don't ya know they are birthday cake scented! LOL I am in heaven I tell ya. I think I will hang them up in my studio. It will smell like cake and I will never want to leave. LOL Then maybe I will get something done. Thank you Angie, I love them. I will have to add the picture tomorrow. It is late and I don't have batteries charged for the camera.

well off to read my book. It is due tomorrow. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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~Tonya said...

You are most Welcome Pea. I am only sorry for the mix up and that is arrived a bit late.

Thank you for being such a good sport about it.

I am glad you like your goodies and yes, I knew you liked cake.