Tuesday, June 30, 2009


With so much going on and the list keeps adding I have done the only thing I know how with so much heaviness on my mind. Thrown myself into my studio- head first. LOL

The problem is when you throw yourself head first into something you usually end up with a bruise. Well I got a migraine instead. Sooo I took the heavy meds that leave me feeling icky from the after effects and we won't go there, but the good news is the headache is gone. Yeh! This was one of those that had me in tears and walking like I was hit by a truck. Alas it is over and we can safely and gently move on.

I did manage to get one piece done and have the second with just a few touched to finish and it will be complete. Only about 30 more to go. So many things started and so little time.

This is Hera the Witch, she is so much fun. I really like how she turned out. She has personality that is for sure. Best step lightly. LOL She is the second piece in my Hallowed Haunting Collection.

Where or how does it escape me? I haven't been able to figure that one out. Well Mom called about 30 times today. This and that and well just needed to hear my voice I think. I wish I was closer so I could help her with everything. One day soon I hope.

We won't have word on Alex's tests till later this week I believe. I hope the wait isn't too long. The waiting is the hardest part of it all. The unknown can drag on like a slow fire. Just burning the surface and leaving embers unattended. They seem to drudge up all kinds of thoughts and most of which we should not think. We humans tend to lean towards the worst instead of raising our eyes to the heights of the heavens with hope and love on our lips and minds. This is what I am trying to remain focused on at the moment. There is still hope until stated otherwise. This is what I plan on hanging onto. That and the support and prayers of all my friends and family.
Thank you for being part of my journey and Alex's as well. He is a amazing human being and I wish I could be more like him.


~Tonya said...

I am so sorry that you threw yourself into your studio so hard, that you got a headache! You shouldn't do that :P J/K

I am glad that your headache is now gone. It is 3:15 am here right now and I am sure I will have a headache tomorrow HA! I am just a glutten for punishment! I did finish my dollie and she and Humphrey are adorable! I am pleased as punch!

On the other-hand your Hera is ADORABLE!! Love her and I am sure she will be snatched up in not time flat!

I love the way you wrote in the post....you wrote with such depth. So, your brain must not be too bruised! Ain't I just a smart@ss tonight (ha! today).

Boy, am I gonna feel this in the morning.

Toodles Pea! I must hit the hay and I will hit it hard. Waaaaaay tooooo many late nights for me.


I hope your Mom is doing okay. She must be lonesome for you.

Sonia ;) said...

Hera is awesome lady..I have high hopes for Alex, but true humans tend to go for the worst (maybe to guard the feelings of disappointment). Headaches (migraines) are not fun. Your Mom misses ya, my Mom is missing me too while is visiting my brothers. I am miss her (just not some of the drama from the mama). As I said before hang on tight you friends are here for you.

Sonia xoxoxo

HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Big Hugs Pea..and prayers for Alex.
Tonya's right..Your writing is beautiful and heart felt!

Phillane E'lee said...

Oh you are funny! yep, like a rock! LOL J.K.
Glutten for punishment, well I guess we are a like huh? LOL That seems to be a bad habit with me lately.

Ah, thank you on my Hera. No takers yet, but I still have hope.

smart@ss, noooo, not you! ut-huh. LOL yep, I call them like I see them... LOL
I like to write anymore. Don't know why or where it is coming from just hope I don't bore anyone to sleep.

I will be up late as I had another headache- durn pollen anyhow. So off to work I go.

Phillane E'lee said...

Thank you sweetie. We are all holding onto hope and we believe in miracles so that is what we are waiting for. Thank you sweetie and I know just how you feel! drama! LOL
Have a great week.

Phillane E'lee said...

Thank you Candy, so very sweet of you to say. I do try. Just trying to get what my heart wants to say out so I can move on to the tasks at hand.
Have a wonderful week enjoying family.