Friday, May 21, 2010


Now that is a good question. I recently visited a blog with a very interesting question. I always love a challenging question makes the rusty gears grind into working a little faster. LOL
Crescendo asks us how ART has saved us?
For me that is a many parts answer. I started creating at a very young age. My Mother got me hooked so that I would be busy when the weather was not so nice. I loved playing with all kinds of buttons, wood, fabrics, paper and threads. Ceramics and the list goes on.
As a teenager I loved home ec and made a shirt or two although still to this day hate making or mending clothing.
As a adult it saved me money from buying things that I knew I could create for less. LOL
But personally how did it save me? Well that is a whole new ball of wax. It saved me from insanity when my children were young. It helped remind me that I matter too. As Mother's we are often unselfish beings. We clean, cook and care for our families with such pride and dedication that we often are the forgotten ones. That isn't saying that being a wife/mother is a bad thing it is just that we seldom do things without someone elses needs or wants being first. Often times when we even treat ourselves to a simple coffee a cloud of guilt will consume us. Oh, I should have bought the kids a treat instead of me. Yes, this really has been my thoughts.

Creating is the one selfish thing I do. I do buy supplies for me, and I do create as much for the joy as the need. It makes me who I am. It keeps me centered in the big old world of loads of laundry, caring for a loving family and shuffling dollars to make cents. I don't ask the family if I can create, I simply tell them that I am going to. Then I do it. Art give me a identity beyond being just the kids Mom and Mr. Peabody's wife. It reminds me of who ME is...
Now tell me your story. I would love to know.
Have a wonderful day. I am off to finish painting the new studio. YEAH!


Plain-n-Simple! said...

I've forgotten about the joy involved, and am reminded every now and again. There is so much joy in creating, and you are so right, it does remind us that we matter as well. Gosh Pea, there you go again forcing me to think about WHY? I think art has saved me by giving me an avenue to express myself, because sometime i think what i have to say goes in one ear and out the other for my family. They think i am well, JUST a doll maker?? Not that i talk to my dolls mind you....hehe but you get the idea...
Many Hugs to you O' Pea One Kanobe

Sonia ;) said...

Oh PEA.....You are so right...Im gonna think about this question buddy and type it on my blog tomorrow....Love ya Mrs. Peabody....wasnt there a cartoon with a Mr. peabody?


PEA said...

Hee hee Jackie, thinking is good for ya my friend. Love your answer. It is neat to see different peoples perspectives on things like this.
You KNOW you chat with dollies, the question is do they answer ya back? LOL
Have a good one dear.

PEA said...

I can't wait to hear your answer.

Don't know about that cartoon thing. Doesn't ring a bell but I could just not been paying attention.

Sarah said...

Hi Pea....I was visiting Sonia this morning and reading her post about herself..that was started by of course I had to come on by and read yours and say howdy.
Wonderful question and an equally wonderful understand what you wrote here! I have 5 kiddos from 29 on down to 6...I still stay sane with my artwork..I become a very cranky Mama without it! Wonderful post!
Namaste, Sarah

PEA said...

thank you so much for popping in and saying hello. Glad to hear I am not the only one. I know I have only three kiddos and can't imagine the work in 5:0?
I hope you have a wonderful week and now I will pop on over to your blog.
Thanks again.

Tracy said...

I have always been creative. My mom was NOT, LOL.
She even gave away her sewing machine because she didn't use it.
We didn't have much growing up. So I would make things with paper groceries bags and crayons. I would save up my allowence to buy wool or other crafty things. So it gave me a creative escape from my family home life, when I was young.
Now I have to do it to keep sane. As I have so many ideas in my brain, it would explode if I didn't create LOL.

PEA said...

Thanks Tracy,
It sounds like we are a bit alike in that respect. LOL
Have a wonderful week.

~Tonya said...

Hi Pea,

I dropped by that site and so many wonderful things written.

Art for me - has done so many things, other then just saving me! It does save me from the everyday "hum-drum" of life. It allows me to get "lost" without ever leaving home.

It is my "outlet" when I am frustrated. It is always there and changes with me, as I change.

It is something to look forward too. It allows me to be me and does not care what I wear, what I look like, how old I am and how much money I have.

Art stretches my Imagination and makes me smile, when I am creating or when I have finished something. I could go on and on, but will leave you with that for now.

Basically ART has saved me from insanity! If there were no art, Tonya would be a very "unhappy camper" that no one would want to be around. That is the truth.

Hugs to you,

PEA said...

Hi Tonya,
Just zipping in to tell you thank you for telling me your story. I really enjoyed it and related on several levels.
I see that you are creating and we all know this is a good thing for any of us Moms.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Cobbler Cottage said...

Hi Pea, nice to meet you. Thanks for signing on to follow my humble blog. This is such a great question. You know for many years I thought it was a curse, this NEED to create.... But have found through meeting other artists, as yourself what a true blessing it really is. I see so many people who are unhappy, and knowing them, can see that expressing themselves through some creative form could truly transform them. Being able to do so, as I have found, really flows over into every corner of your life. Yes, the ability to express one's feeling artistically is truly a life saving blessing!